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The bluebird of happiness just can't figure these people out.

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So commonplace it doesn't make the news

Christians in Pak flee Sangla following threats from fanatics

Lahore: The Christian community in Pakistan's Sangla Hill has started fleeing the area following threats from religious organizations who threatened to demonstrate against their colleagues, arrested on charges of burning down churches and pastoral residences in the area.

The provincial police had arrested 88 people after a mob attacked and burned down four churches, a Christian school and two pastor residences on November 12.........

The culture war of assimilation continues

Man 'threatened to blow up train'

The court heard that passengers were allegedly frightened
A man who allegedly threatened to blow up a train from Glasgow on Friday has appeared before a court in Paisley.

The sheriff heard that Mohammed Hakeem, who is 42, was arrested further down the line at Port Glasgow.

Probably just came from "prayers" at his local mosque.

A step in the cultural war of assimilation

The culture of death must not be allowed to flourish in the West. The West is in a cultural war of assimilation like no other. This is a brave first step, the first of many IMO.

Germans to put Muslims through loyalty test
By Kate Connolly in Berlin

Muslims intent on becoming German citizens will have to undergo a rigorous cultural test to gauge their views on subjects ranging from bigamy to homosexuality.

Believed to be the first test of its kind in Europe, the southern state of Baden-Württemberg has created the two-hour oral exam to test the loyalty of Muslims towards Germany.

It is to be taken on top of the standard test for foreigners wishing to become German citizens, which includes language proficiency skills and general knowledge.


The 30 questions, which have been set by a special commission, range from sexual equality to school sports and are meant to trigger a more detailed discussion between the applicants and officials.


But now they will be quizzed on their attitudes to homosexuality and western clothing for young women, and whether husbands should be allowed to beat their wives.

Other questions covering topics such as bigamy and whether parents should allow their children to participate in school sports have been called "trick questions", meant to catch people off guard.

The state interior ministry said the test would be used to filter out Muslims who were unsuited for life in Germany. Those who answered "correctly" but later acted against expected behaviour, such as wife-beating, could have their citizenship removed.

Critics say that the test is biased and discriminatory and that if Muslims are obliged to take it, so should all applicants for citizenship.


"It covers everything from sexual equality, violence, school sports and religious freedom," he said. "How the applicants stand on the question of the attacks of September 11 will also be a key question."

Holland announced yesterday that it was introducing ceremonies for new immigrants as part of efforts to reduce racial tensions and to integrate immigrant communities.

The government is worried that immigrants who do not move outside their ethnic or religious groups hamper integration and stoke fears of militancy. New Dutch citizens will also have to take an "oath of allegiance".

Is this a product of a culture brainwashing it's young???

Muslim in 'personal attack' on Home Depot
Crashes through store with Quran, Palestinian flag in trunk

Was this man incensed to rage from being brainwashed at his mosque? Was he the product of lifelong teachings of hatred? The culture of death MUST be assimilated. They are cranking out millions of hate filled, future ticking time bombs as we speak.

With a copy of the Quran and a Palestinian flag in his trunk, a Jordanian-turned-U.S. citizen crashed his car into a Home Depot in Arizona where he formerly worked, igniting an explosive blaze in the stores' paint section and causing $1 million in damage.


Warrayat, a student at Arizona State University in Mesa, had his car radio blasting with Arabic music to drown out the yells of employee he might encounter, the paper said.


When police arrived, however, he struggled with officers and refused to cooperate when asked if he understood his Miranda rights.

Warrayat replied in a foreign language and when asked if he understood English, said, "Do you speak Arabic?"


He also said he was mad at the United States for proposing a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border and wanted to make the country "more free."


Friends described Warrayat as deeply religious, with a Quran hanging from his rearview mirror; and in police statements, the 24-year-old referred to his religion often, the paper reported.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Genesis 12:3

"And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed."

God herein has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People.

History has proven beyond reasonable doubt that throughout history, the nations that have blessed the Jewish people have had the blessing of God

the nations that have cursed the Jewish people have experienced the curse of God.

Churchill in 1899

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men."

"Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science - the science against which it had vainly struggled - the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."

From The River War, Churchill, 1899.

If Islam has not assimilated any from the late 1800's, it is time for them to do so now.

Islamist planned to blow himself up at a children's party

Islamist planned to blow himself up at a children's party

What kind of culture would condone this???

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent and The Associated Press

The Islamic Jihad militant group claimed responsibility Friday for a suicide bombing in the West Bank that killed one soldier and two other Palestinians.

Islamic Jihad activists in the West Bank village of Atil, near Tul Karm, announced on loudspeakers that their bomber, Sohieb Ibrahim Yassin, 19, carried out Thursday's attack.

Army sources said the suicide bomber who killed an Israel Defense Forces officer and two Palestinians at an army checkpoint near Tul Karm Thursday was apparently planning to blow himself up at one of the many children's events taking place in Tel Aviv during this week's Hanukkah holiday.

Had the bomber not been stopped at the checkpoint, the attack would have been far more deadly, said the sources.

A culture that is moving backwards to the abyss

Fury in Malaysia over Islamic bill on polygamy, divorce

KUALA LUMPUR - A rebellion is stirring in Malaysia over new legislation which critics say undermines the rights of Muslim women by making it easier for men to take multiple wives and claim property after divorce.


“Now I learn that if my husband were to marry another, he has the right to my property to support his new lifestyle!” wrote one outraged reader of the New Straits Times.

“Another provision makes it easier for men to obtain divorce ... it is hard to imagine how much easier it can be, given the current situation where men can divorce their wives for no reason and even via SMS,” said another.

Malaysian Muslim men are allowed four wives under Islamic law, but under the new amendments they no longer have to prove they are financially capable of treating all their wives equally before taking on another.

On taking a new wife, men can now seize property belonging to existing wives, and they are also given new rights to claim assets after a divorce, as well as less obligation to pay compensation and maintenance...........

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cultural exploitation of the helpless while hiding behind religion

Cultural exploitation of the helpless while hiding behind religion:

Bahraini Women's Rights Activist Ghada Jamshir Attacks Islamic Clerics for Fatwas Authorizing Sexual Abuse of Children
Bravo, Ghada Jamshir. She speaks out against, among other things, mut'ah -- temporary marriages -- a thinly-disguised system of prostition among Shi'ites which I discuss in Islam Unveiled. From MEMRITV, with thanks to Sr. Soph:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Bahraini women's rights activist Ghada Jamshir , which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on December 21, 2005.
Interviewer: What do you have against the Shari'a courts?

Ghada Jamshir: I have a lot against them. What they have done to the Bahraini women is not a trivial matter. For years women have been going into these courts, only to be oppressed and treated unjustly. We have reached the point that we say: enough. We have reached the breaking point.


Ghada Jamshir: Does the Islamic Shari'a authorize mut'ah marriages? Does the Islamic Shari'a authorize mut'ah according to the following classification: "Pleasure from sexual contact with her thighs." They have: "Pleasure from sexual touching." "pleasure from sexual contact with her breasts." "Pleasure from a little girl." Do you know what "pleasure from a little girl" means? It means that they derive sexual pleasure from a girl aged two, three, or four.

Interviewer: Let's not go into details...

Ghada Jamshir: Let me tell you what "Pleasure from sexual contact with her thighs" means...

Interviewer: Don't give me the details...

Ghada Jamshir: This is a violation of children's rights! This constitutes sexual assault of the girl. What does "pleasure from sexual contact with her thighs" mean? It means deriving sexual pleasure from an infant. How old is an infant? One year, a year and a half, a few months?

Is it conceivable for a grown man to have sex with an infant girl? And you people tell me that the Islamic Sharia authorizes this? Forget about the mut'ah. Let's talk about misyar. What do misyar marriages mean? You said that I'm a Sunni and that's why I'm attacking the Shiites. No!

Interviewer: Some people claim that.

Ghada Jamshir: No, no. What does the misyar marriage mean? A man marries a woman from another town, and goes to her once a month. He "visits" her. He calls her his "wife."

Interviewer: Not necessarily once a month. He might go there every day.

Ghada Jamshir: Brother Turki, this kind of marriage, this kind of behavior, diminishes the woman's honor as a human being
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Antisocial effects of polygamy on the culture

French minister says polygamy to blame for riots

French minister says POLYGAMY to blame for riots
FTimes By Martin Arnold in Paris

France’s employment minister on Tuesday fingered polygamy as one reason for the rioting in the country.

Gérard Larcher said multiple marriages among immigrants was one reason for the racial discrimination which ethnic minorities faced in the job market. Overly large polygamous families sometimes led to anti-social behaviour among youths who lacked a father figure, making employers wary of hiring ethnic minorities, he explained.


Why do Moslems Underachieve?

To make false claims of achievement is the sign of a false teaching. The truth will set them free.

by Thierry Gattuso

Muslims make up 22% of the World’s population, according to the United Nations' Arab Human Development Report: "Half of Arab women cannot read; One in five Arabs live on less than $2 per day; Only 1 percent of the Arab population has a personal computer, and only half of 1 percent use the Internet; Fifteen percent of the Arab workforce is unemployed; 60% of Muslims are illiterate”. Only two Muslims have won the Nobel prize in a scientific field - Dr. Abdus Salam, in 1979 for Physics and Dr. Ahmed Zewail, in 1992 for Chemistry. Dr Salam a native of Pakistan , is not considered to be a Muslim in his home country as he follows the Ahmadiyyas sect of Islam.

Only 600 universities service a Muslim population of 1.2 billion in 57 countries. Half the universities concentrate on teaching Islamic education and science. India has 8,407 universities for 1 billion people and the United States has 5,758 for 280 million people. The combined annual GDP (purchasing power parity basis) of the 57 Muslim countries is under $2 trillion. The US produces goods and services worth $10.4 trillion; China $5.7 trillion, Japan $3.5 trillion, India $3 trillion and Germany $2.1 trillion. The oil rich states Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Kuwait and Qatar collectively produce goods and services worth $430 billion; Thailand alone produces goods and services worth $429 billion.

Underachievement by Muslims was not always the case claim Muslims and point to a glorious and illustrious time when the Arab Muslim empire was the most advanced and enlightened in the world. Many discoveries were made in the period 750 – 1250 AD according to Muslims. Critical analysis of this period shows that many of the advancements and discoveries we falsely attribute to Muslims were actually made by the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean area, or by the ancient Chinese and Indian civilisations.

Muslims believe, that glass mirrors, were first developed by Muslim Spain in the 11th century. Around 1290 Venetians learned how to produce glass from the Spanish Muslims. The Romans invented the glass mirror around the 1st century. Research by Reinuad and Fave, indicates that Muslims chemists were the first to develop the formula for gunpowder and later produced firearms. The Chinese knew the formula for gunpowder and used it for military purposes during the Sung dynasty of the 12th century. Muslims boast that they laid the foundations for modern mathematics and two of its main branches, geometry and trigonometry. The Muslim contribution was merely to collect and combine the work done by the Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Persians and Romans. The Indian civilisation gave us the concept of zero and modern numbers. Brahmagupta, an Indian mathematician, (598 – 665 AD) can be accredited with the initial work on algebra and negative numbers. The trigonometry terms sine and cosine have there origin in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India .

The underachievement and underperformance by Muslims is acute in the 57 Islamic countries. Muslims claim that they are recovering from a long period of colonisation and de colonisation and the effects of the removal of the Palestinian people from Arab lands. How about the achievements of Muslims who live and work in the West? Well the truth is not that much better than their cousins in Muslim countries.

The United Kingdom census of 2001 for the first time looked at the nation’s religious background. The findings showed that Muslims make up 2.8% of the UK population. Hindus 1%, Sikhs 0.6, Buddhists and Jews both make up 0.5% of the UK population. 31% of Muslims of working age have no qualifications, the highest of any religious group. As in many countries owing your own home is a major achievement and financial responsibility. 82% of Sikhs followed by 78% of Jews own their own home in the UK . Only 52% of Muslims own their own home, the lowest of any religious group. 14% of Muslims are unemployed, compared to 8% of Sikhs and 6% of Hindus. The underachievement of Muslims is even more bleak when you examine where most Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist in the UK come from. 75% of Muslims, 97% of Hindus, 98 % of Sikhs and 69% of Buddhists in the UK are from or have ancestral links to South Asia . Therefore any cultural factors can be largely ruled out when comparing the achievement of Muslims with people from other religious groups. Muslims complain that they have to overcome language difficulties and face discrimination in the UK and state this as a factor in there poor performance. Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs face the same language and discrimination issues as Muslims, yet their achievements and performance is much better than Muslims.

The underachievement of Muslims should come as no surprise to those of us who understand the true nature of Islam. Everything a Muslim needs to know is in the Koran, Hadith or Sunnah. Muslims are not encouraged to seek knowledge and better themselves. Muslims are against progress, modernity and science. Those that control Islam do not want to see Muslims educated as an educated Muslim will apply commonsense and logic to the Koran and see it for what its is, a collection of distorted Bible and Torah stories and in print the mind of a 7th century Bedouin bandit leader.

millions fewer muslims because of terrorism???

2 million fewer potential jihadis



Moscow, November 1, Interfax - The number of ethnic Muslims in Russia who adopted Christianity is 2 million, while the number of the Orthodox who have been converted to Islam is only 2,5 thousand, stated Roman Silantyev, executive secretary of the Inter-religious Council in Russia.


‘The assimilation of ethnic and religious minorities is an inevitable process in any society. In Russia it is accelerated due to extremist activities’, the Islamic researcher believes.

For instance, he says, as a result of what happened in Beslan, the proportion of Muslims in North Ossetia has decreased at least by 30%, while in Beslan itself, where Muslims had comprised from 30 to 40% of the population, their number has decreased at least by half.

‘As even Muslim sources confirm, after each terrorist action, thousands and may be even dozens of thousands of ethnic Muslims adopt baptism’, Silantyev stated.

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Definition of a demagogue

A demagogue is someone to be recognized as such and demagoguery is something to be fought against.

The way for an honest person to protect against demagoguery is:

1 Check out both sides for the facts
2 In the case of discrepancies of facts, look for independent sources
3 Make sure your sources are reliable sources
4 Be intellectually honest
5 Be emotionally honest

Variant(s): or dem·a·gog /'de-m&-"gäg/
Function: noun

a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

A leader of the rabble; one who attempts to control the multitude by specious or deceitful arts; an unprincipled and factious mob orator or political leader.

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'Fiancee' actually a man

Another reason why the burka should be banned

'Fiancee' actually a man

Veil ... man or woman - could you tell? / file AN Egyptian man discovered on his wedding day that his fiancee of three years was a man who had been concealing his identity behind a veil.

The 26-year-old groom-to-be, Tamer Shehata, was notified by a female guest attending his wedding that his would-be wife was a man in women's clothing.
When Mr Shehata confronted his fiancee, he broke down and revealed that he was actually an 18-year-old man called Ahmed Abo Zeid.

Mr Abo Zeid confessed that he had tried several times to undergo a sex change but had failed to secure doctors' approval.

Mr Abo Zeid, whose face was obscured to Mr Shehata by a niqab or burka (face veil) said he had intended to tell after they were married, and had hoped to convince Mr Shehata to consummate the marriage.

My ancestors from Iowa. They would have been against islamofascism

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Why the west MUST have laws passed banning polygamy

The breakdown of the nuclear family is the hell of polygamy A lot of cutsey jokes are being cracked about a deadly problem for a healthy society. Polygamy is all about powerful, older males preying upon young and vulnerable while hiding behind religion.

Sect's 'Lost Boys' struggle to find a placeAn Arizona-based polygamist sect has expelled more than 400 teen boys to leave more brides for older men

BY JAIMEE ROSEArizona Republic

On an icy evening before Christmas, two teenage boys pulled their Christmas tree from its slick new box and stared in wonder.
They fluffed the branches and puzzled over ornament placement — how exactly does this work? Are you supposed to follow a pattern or just stick them on? They knew they wanted piles of lights, and the boys laughed as they chased each other around the tree, spiraling light onto the dark branches.
"This is, like, my first real, actual Christmas," says Johnny Jessop. He is 16 years old.
Jessop grew up in Colorado City, Ariz., in a polygamous home with 39 moms and more than 300 brothers and sisters, but no Christmas. The holiday is not observed in his religion-ruled town, where the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has orphaned more than 400 teenagers like Jessop in order to leave young women for marriage to the older men. The men believe they need three wives to get to heaven.
Shunned by their families and forbidden to return home, the "Lost Boys," as they are known, are left to fumble darkly through a world they can't comprehend. With no money and often only eighth-grade educations, many end up homeless or in jail. But a lucky few have found their way to a Salt Lake City support network of mentors who are sending them to school, finding them jobs, giving them homes and asking these boys, for the first time, what they'd like for Christmas.
In the apartment shared by five of the Lost Boys, since the day they put the tree up, the Christmas tree lights have never been turned off.
The tree "fills up space, fills a hole," Jessop says.
The first time Jessop saw Christmas lights, they were on TV.
When you first leave Colorado City, they say, you sit on borrowed sofas in small towns across southern Utah, in the home of whoever has let you in, and stare at the TV screen, uploading American culture.
In the twin communities of Colorado City and Hildale, Utah, TV is banned by FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs, who is in hiding and wanted by the FBI. He was indicted on sexual misconduct charges for arranging the marriages of underage girls. He is also being sued by a group of the Lost Boys, who say he forced them out to reduce competition for wives.

Also against the rules in Colorado City: kissing girls, having a dog, swimming, listening to secular music, celebrating worldly holidays, wearing short-sleeve shirts, talking to people outside their faith and being outside after dark.
The boys go to work in construction at age 8, handing their paychecks over to their fathers. By age 14, they're operating heavy machinery. Education is administered through a religious sieve: no history classes and no biology instruction; and for most, schooling ends after the eighth grade
. The only book they read is the Book of Mormon, although the FLDS and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not associated; the FLDS split from the mainstream Mormon church more than a century ago over the practice of polygamy.
When a boy reaches his 20s, if he's followed all the rules, he might be allowed to marry, but he won't choose the girl.

"You get a call on the phone," says Brad Zitting, 21, and it's the prophet. " 'Be in my office in one hour.' He marries you right there, work clothes and everything." Then, you're sent off to consummate the marriage, whether you like her or not.
"You know what the worst thing is?" says Zitting, who was exiled for kissing. "The worst thing is when you have the hots for this girl, you're just like uhhhhn. And then she marries your dad."
But in recent years, as a young teen, it is far more common that you'd have a message from Jeffs that goes like this:
" 'Warren wants you out,"' recalls Jessop, banished one week into eighth grade as punishment for visiting a friend's house outside of Colorado City. "I went up to my mom's room, and she was crying. All she said was 'Why?' "

This Christmas, Lost Boy Sam Icke is buying just one gift. He's having a plaque engraved for a man who has everything, and has given Icke and the other Lost Boys everything in return.
Dan Fischer is white-haired, with kind eyes and a dignified air.
He grew up in polygamy, and once had two wives himself.
He is the eldest of 36 children, and his own father was expelled from the faith, his mother reassigned in marriage to another man. For years, he has been watching this exodus of broken-hearted boys.
Fischer, 56, started the Diversity Foundation to help the boys, and has donated more than $2 million to help them.
He finds them work at Ultradent, the dental-supply manufacturing company he owns in the Salt Lake suburbs.
He sends the boys and young men to college to illuminate their minds, gets them into therapy to correct what was there before. In return, he asks that they go to school, keep a job, return phone calls, and learn, above all, to see their lives in a new light.

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The Death of Samira Munir - Accident, Murder or Suicide?

by Norwegian Islam-critic Prithivi from Antipsykopatisk Senter, and was posted at the forum of Faith Freedom International:

The Death of Samira Munir - Accident, Murder or Suicide?

Of Pakistani origin, Samira Munir proclaimed herself to be a muslim. She was not, however, your average muslim woman, not by a long shot. For those familiar with Irshad Manji, the Canadian author who wrote the book The Trouble With Islam and runs the website Muslim Refusenik Samira Munir can probably be best described as a Norwegian counterpart or equivalent of Irshad Manji. Samira spoke relentlessly and very courageously for the rights of women in the muslim immigrant community in Norway, how they were faced with threats of forced marriages, so called honour-killings and female sexual mutilation. She also warned Norwegian politicians of dire consequences of their neglect and indifference. As a matter of fact she entered politics herself. she was elected to the municipal assembly in Oslo as a representative for The Conservatives. As one would expect she received no support whatsoever in her struggle for the rights of muslim immigrant women.......................blockquote>

Brainwashing males to kill their female relatives

Pakistani Man Kills Daughter for Marrying - Click to read entire story:

MULTAN, Pakistan - A father angry that his eldest daughter married for love slit her throat as she slept, a remote village in eastern Pakistan, police said Saturday. Nazir Ahmad, a laborer in his 40s, feared the younger girls, aged 4 to 12, would follow in their 25-year-old sister's footsteps, police officer Shahzad Gul said.

What kind of human being would slit the throats of HIS OWN DAUGHTERS!!!

What kind of religion would encourage this???

Why the women of Islam must be liberated, starting with those in the West.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Drugged out zombie insurgents?

Ethnic rape tied to the headscarf

Epidemic of ethnic rape throughout the free world

The Epidemic of Ethnic Rape
By Sharon Lapkin

In Australia, Norway and Sweden there is a distinct race-based crime in which Islamic men are raping Western women for ethnic reasons. We know this because the rapists have openly declared their sectarian motivations.

A number of teenaged Australian girls were subjected to hours of sexual degradation during a spate of gang rapes in Sydney that occurred between 1998 and 2002. And the perpetrators of these assaults framed the rationale for their actions in explicitly ethnic terms. The young victims were informed that they were “sluts” and “Aussie pigs” while they were being hunted down and abused.

In the NSW Supreme Court in December 2005, a visiting Pakistani rapist testified that his victims had no right to say no because they were not wearing a headscarf.


A few months earlier, in Copenhagen, Islamic mufti and scholar, Shahid Mehdi created uproar when – like his peer in Australia – he stated that women who did not wear a headscarf were asking to be raped.


In Norway and Sweden, journalist Fjordman informs us of a rape epidemic. Police Inspector Gunnar Larsen stated that the steady increase of rape-cases and the link to ethnicity are clear, unmistakable trends. Two out of three persecutions for rape in Oslo are immigrants with a non-Western background and eighty per cent of the victims are Norwegian women.
In Sweden, according to translator for Jihad Watch, Ali Dashti, “ Gang rapes, usually involving Muslim immigrant males and native Swedish girls, have become commonplace.” A few weeks ago she said, “5 Kurds brutally raped a 13-year-old Swedish girl.”

Unfortunately, Western women are not the only victims in this epidemic. In Indonesia, in 1998, human rights groups documented the testimony of over 100 Chinese women who were gang raped during the riots that preceded the fall of President Suharto. Many of them were told: “You must be raped because you are Chinese and non-Muslim”.

Despite being told over and over by Islamic scholars, and witnessing massive influxes of Islamic crime, Western countries continue to believe in the reality of assimilation and moral relativism.

In Australia, Lebanese Christians have assimilated and become a respected part of our community. The Premier of Victoria is a Lebanese Christian as is the Governor Of New South Wales. However, Lebanese Muslims have encountered serious problems because of their refusal to accept our right to live our way of life. Nothing so clearly demonstrates that it is not an issue of race — but of culture.

The internet is the Mullah's worst enemy.

The internet is the Mullah's worst enemy. Free flow of information will ultimately set the people free.

They can't ordered their brainwashed zombies to bomb or butcher the internet.

Mullahs Versus the Bloggers
Iran va Jahan by Ben Macintyre

The explosive growth of youthful, irreverent online diaries has alarmed Iran's hardline Government

THE MUSIC OF Eric Clapton was banned in Iran this week. Broadcasters were ordered to cease playing “decadent” western songs and stick to “fine Iranian music”. Not content with denying the Holocaust, Israel’s right to exist, and advertising hoardings featuring David Beckham, Iran’s hardline President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has now denied his people the chance to listen to Layla — cruel and unusual punishment indeed.

But if Iran, under the repressive rule of the ultraconservatives, is silencing the sound of Western pop, in another area of its culture, a wild cacophony of voices has erupted. The blogosphere is exploding. In Iran there are now more than 100,000 active blogs or weblogs, individual online diaries covering every conceivable subject, from pets to politics. Farsi is the 28th most spoken language in the world, but it now ties with French as the second most used language in the blogosphere. This is the place Iranians call “Weblogistan”: a land of noisy and irreverent free speech.

The collision between these two sides of Iran — hardline versus online — represents the latest, and most important, battle over freedom of speech. The outcome will dictate not only the shape of Iran, but also the future of the internet as a political tool, heralding a new species of protest that is entirely irrepressible.

The growth in Iranian blogging is part of a worldwide surge. In 1999, there were some 50 bloggers on the web; in January there were about 5.4 million; today, according to the blog search engine Technorati, there are more than 23 million.

There are reasons why Iran should be especially fertile ground for blogging. More than 90 per cent of the country is literate, and 70 per cent of the country’s citizens are under 30. Computer ownership is relatively high and internet cafés abound. The first Iranian blog was born in November 2001, when Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian journalist, posted instructions on how to build a simple weblog in under ten minutes. As Nasrin Alavi (a pseudonym) demonstrates in her new book, We Are Iran: the Persian Blogs, these diary sites cover the gamut: angry, sad, humorous and brave. Like all blogs they can also be self-indulgent, inaccurate, inarticulate and boring. Internet usage is growing faster in Iran than anywhere in the Muslim Middle East, and there are now more blogs in Farsi than in German, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Chinese. Apparently, since the rise of the blogs, graffiti have almost entirely vanished from the walls of Tehran’s public toilets.

With almost all Iran’s reformist newspapers closed down and many editors imprisoned, blogs offer an opportunity for dissent, discussion and dissemination of ideas that is not available in any other forum. There is wistful yearning in many Iranian blogs, and a persistent vein of anger: “I keep a weblog so that I can breath in this suffocating air,” writes one blogger. “I write so as not be lost in despair.” Blogs by Muslim women are particularly moving in their bitter portrayal of life behind the veil.

The Iranian State has done its utmost to smother the nascent Iranian blogosphere. In 2003 the Government began to take direct action against bloggers — more than 20 have been arrested, on charges ranging from “morality violations” to insulting leaders of the Islamic Republic. One blogger was sentenced to 14 years in prison for “spying and aiding foreign counter-revolutionaries”; in October, Omid Sheikhan was sentenced to a year’s jail and 124 lashes for a weblog featuring satirical political cartoons.

The regime has also reportedly brought in powerful software programs to filter the net and block access to provocative blogs. But the Government remains profoundly alarmed by a tool it cannot control. Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi, the head of the Iranian judiciary, recently described the internet as a “Trojan Horse carrying enemy soldiers in its belly”. Many of Iran’s religious leaders recall how an earlier revolution was fuelled by new technology, when cassette tapes and videotapes of sermons by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini were smuggled into the country, undermining the Shah and hastening his downfall.

Decentralised, informal and versatile, blogs offer a potential for secrecy, anonymity and evasion unthinkable in a hierarchical, paper-based information system. A blogger may be arrested, but once his words are out there and replicable, they are effectively immortal and invulnerable. The bloggers have proved so wily and hard to censor that the Government has even considered removing Iran from the internet entirely, by creating a national intranet that would seal off Iranians from the contaminating freedom of the world wide web.

If the Iranian Government succeeds in crushing the blogs, other intolerant regimes will take heart; but if the Iranian blogosphere continues to expand, nascent networks of free thought will follow elsewhere. Already US policymakers are exploring ways of nurturing home-grown Arabic language blogs in the Middle East to spread democratic ideals and increase pressure for change.

It is less the political content of the blogs that terrifies Iran’s Government than the mere existence of this space outside its control, where Iranians are free to say whatever they wish to one another. Here in Weblogistan they can tell jokes, flirt, mock their leaders and share music files, unencumbered by mullahs’ fiats or state decrees.

For a reader from the West, the blogs offer a vision of Iran, far from the chanting crowds, hidden women and ranting mullahs of popular imagery. As much as President Ahmadinejad may seek to turn back the clock and battle “Westoxification”, at the blog level this is a modern country. “My blog is a blank page,” writes one young Iranian blogger. “Sometimes I stretch out on this page in the nude . . . now and again I hide behind it. Occasionally I dance on it.” That may not sound like a call to arms, but in a country where the music is dying it may be the harbinger of revolution.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Allah's revenge?

god's revenge or man's control?

Tsunami was God's revenge for your wicked ways, women told

Religious extremists are using last year’s storm to oppress the survivors

MARLUDDIN JALIL, a Sharia judge who has ordered the punishment of women for not wearing headscarves, was uncompromising: “The tsunami was because of the sins of the people of Aceh.”

Thundering into a microphone at a gathering of wives, he made clear where he felt the fault lay: “The Holy Koran says that if women are good, then a country is good.”

A year after the disaster which many see as a divine punishment, emboldened Islamic hardliners are doing their best to eradicate sin — and women are their prime targets.

With reconstruction slow, irrational fears of a second tsunami high, and nearly 500,000 still homeless along 500 miles of coastline, the stern message falls on fertile ground. A Sharia police force modelled on Saudi moral enforcers enthusiastically seeks out female wrong doers for public humiliation.
The Wilayatul Hisbah, which loosely translates as “Control Team”, has arrested women, lopped off their hair, and paraded them in tears through the streets while broadcasting their sins over a megaphone.

More than 100 gamblers and drinkers — men and women — have been caned in public and some clerics are calling for thieves’ hands to be amputated.

The Islamic law introduced without popular enthusiasm in 2002 has been implemented rigorously since the tsunami, especially in towns such as Lhokseumawe, where Fatimah Syam, of Indonesian Women for Legal Justice, knows of 20 women who have fallen foul of it.

She said: “They seek out women without headscarves or unmarried girls meeting boys in private and parade them through the streets in an open car. I’ve seen the police laughing and boasting, and the girls in tears. The Sharia police say the tsunami happened because women ignored religion. We never heard of this parading..

the Islamic head scarf for women that is being promoted by radical Islamic groups worldwide: Islamic headgear is not essential. The hijab is not mentioned in the Qu'ran, or in any hadith; in fact, it was invented in the 1970s by an Iranian mullah named Mussa Sadr:

In an interview in 1975 in Beirut, Sadr told this writer that the hijab he had invented was inspired by the headgear of Lebanese Catholic nuns, itself inspired by that of Christian women in classical Western paintings. (A casual visit to the National Gallery in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, or the Louvres in Paris, would reveal the original of the neo-Islamist hijab in numerous paintings depicting Virgin Mary and other female figures from the Old and New Testament.)

Sadr's idea was that, by wearing the headgear, Shiite women would be clearly marked out, and thus spared sexual harassment, and rape, by Yasser Arafat's Palestinian gunmen who at the time controlled southern Lebanon.

Sadr's neo-hijab made its first appearance in Iran in 1977 as a symbol of Islamist-Marxist opposition to the Shah's regime. When the mullahs seized power in Tehran in 1979, the number of women wearing the hijab exploded into tens of thousands.

In 1981, Abol-Hassan Bani-Sadr, the first president of the Islamic Republic, announced that "scientific research had shown that women's hair emitted rays that drove men insane" (sic). To protect the public, the new Islamist regime passed a law in 1982 making the hijab mandatory for females aged above six, regardless of religious faith. Violating the hijab code was made punishable by 100 lashes of the cane and six months imprisonment.

By the mid-1980s a form of hijab never seen in Islam before the 1970s had become standard gear for millions of women all over the world, including Europe and America.
And why are militant Islamic front groups like CAIR working overtime to promote the wearing of the hijab, especially in schools and in public jobs?

The garb is designed to promote gender Apartheid. It covers the woman's ears so that she does not hear things properly. Styled like a hood, it prevents the woman from having full vision of her surroundings. It also underlines the concept of woman as object, all wrapped up and marked out.

Muslim women, like women in all societies, had covered their head with a variety of gears over the centuries. These had such names as lachak, chador, rusari, rubandeh, chaqchur, maqne'a, and picheh among others.

All had tribal, ethnic and generally folkloric origins and were never associated with religion. (In Senegal, Muslim women wear a colourful headgear against the sun, while working in the fields, but go topless.)

Muslim women could easily check the fraudulent nature of the neo-Islamist hijab by leafing through their family albums. They will not find the picture of a single female ancestor of theirs who wore the cursed headgear now marketed as an absolute "must" of Islam.

This fake Islamic hijab is nothing but a political prop, a weapon of visual terrorism. It is the symbol of a totalitarian ideology inspired more by Nazism and Communism than by Islam. It is as symbolic of Islam as the Mao uniform was of Chinese civilisation. It is used as a means of exerting pressure on Muslim women who do not wear it because they do not share the sick ideology behind it. It is a sign of support for extremists who wish to impose their creed, first on Muslims, and then on the entire world through psychological pressure, violence, terror, and, ultimately, war. The tragedy is that many of those who wear it are not aware of its implications. They do so because they have been brainwashed into believing that a woman cannot be a "good Muslim" without covering her head with the Sadr-designed hijab.

Burka ban is critical to assimilation

A ban on the burka is critical to assimilating those who are being taught to kill. Moderate muslims would be relieved.

The radical element would find their rigid power structure threatened.

In the short run, there will be raging, whining, victimhood and phony claims of racism, but in the long run, the radicals will find their power shrinking.

Unassimilated enclaves will continue to be a breeding ground for the hatred and murder that spawn terrorism.

A ban on the burka, with the resulting liberty of girls, will go far towards assimilation.

Terrorism will either spiral out of control, or shrink to nothing.

Terrorism will never stay at the same level.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Netherlands considers burqa ban

Netherlands considers burqa ban

The burqa, worn here by Afghan women, covers the entire body
The Dutch immigration minister says she will look into the legality of banning the burqa, the robes worn by some Muslim women to cover their bodies.
Rita Verdonk made the pledge after a majority in parliament said it would support such a ban.

The proposal was put forward by independent politician Geert Wilders.

"That women should walk the streets in a totally unrecognisable manner is an insult to everyone who believes in equal rights," he said.

"This law is a comfort to moderate Muslims and will contribute to integration in the Netherlands," he added in a statement.

His proposal is supported by two of the parties in the governing centre-right coalition, as well as the opposition right-wing party founded by the late Pim Fortuyn.

Mrs Verdonk did not say when she might complete her investigation.

If the Netherlands does decide to ban the burqa, it will be the first European country to do so.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Importance of cultural control to extremism

Importance of cultural control to extremism

Western Music Banned By Iranian President
Reuters by Nasser Karimi

Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has banned Western music from Iran's radio and TV stations, reviving one of the harshest cultural decrees from the early days of 1979 Islamic Revolution. ..............

But the official IRAN Persian daily reported Monday that Ahmadinejad, as head of Iran's Supreme Cultural Revolutionary Council, ordered the enactment of an October ruling by the council to ban Western music.

"Blocking indecent and Western music from the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting is required," according to a statement on the council's official Web site.


Music was outlawed as un-Islamic by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini soon after the revolution. ..... Some public concerts reappeared in the late 1980s.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Giuliani: U.S. in Peril without Patriot Act


Sunday, Dec. 18, 2005 11:13 a.m. EST
Giuliani: U.S. in Peril without Patriot Act

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has come out swinging against the Democratic-led filibuster that prevented a reauthorization vote on the USA Patriot Act.

In an op-ed column in the New York Times, Giuliani said the Senate action "represents a grave potential threat to the nation's security. ... Americans must use every legal and constitutional tool in their arsenal to fight terrorism and protect their lives and liberties.

"The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, made clear that the old rules no longer work. The terrorists who attacked us seek to kill innocent men, women and children of all races and creeds. They seek to destroy our liberties. They willingly kill themselves in their effort to bring death and suffering to as many innocents as they can, here in this country or anywhere in the world where freedom has a foothold."

Giuliani, who was the city's mayor during the 9/11 attacks and aftermath, continued:

Story Continues Below

"The central provisions of the Patriot Act allow law enforcement and the intelligence community to share information. This might seem elementary, but for years law enforcement had been stymied by a legal wall that prevented agencies from sharing information. For four years now, inter-agency collaboration, made possible by the Patriot Act, has played an important role in preventing another day like Sept. 11. The act's provisions helped make possible the investigations in Lackawanna, N.Y., and Portland, Ore., in which 12 people were ultimately convicted for attempts to aid Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
"So what happened in Washington? The House voted on Wednesday to renew the act; it stalled in the Senate. If the Senate fails to approve the extension, the government will be forced to revert in many ways to our pre-Sept. 11 methods. Sixteen provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire on Dec. 31, including the key information-sharing ones.

"It is simply false to claim, as some of its critics do, that this bill does not respond to concerns about civil liberties. The four-year extension of the Patriot Act, as passed by the House, would not only reauthorize the expiring provisions - allowing our Joint Terrorism Task Force, National Counterterrorism Center and Terrorist Screening Center to continue their work uninterrupted - it would also make a number of common-sense clarifications and add dozens of additional civil liberties safeguards.

"Concerns have been raised about the so-called library records provision; the bill adds safeguards. The same is true for roving wiretaps, 'sneak and peek' searches and access to counsel and courts, as well as many others concerns raised by groups like the American Library Association and the American Civil Liberties Union.

"Given these improvements, there is simply no compelling argument for going backward in the fight against terrorism. Perhaps a reminder is in order. The bipartisan 9/11 commission described a vivid example of how the old ways hurt us. In the summer of 2001, an FBI agent investigating two individuals we now know were hijackers on Sept. 11 asked to share information with another team of agents. This request was refused because of the wall. The agent's response was tragically prescient: 'Someday, someone will die - and wall or not - the public will not understand why we were not more effective.'

"How quickly we forget."

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Culture of murder

Murder 'infidels', Mukhlas urges
Sian Powell Jakarta correspondent
December 19, 2005
BALI bombings commander Mukhlas has written a fanatical call-to-arms from his death-row prison cell, exhorting Muslims to kill Westerners.

Published on a website on the orders of notorious terror chief Noordin Mohammed Top, the polemic demonstrates the undiminished fervour of Mukhlas, who has been sentenced to death for commanding the Bali bomb blasts in 2002 that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

"You who still have a shred of faith in your hearts, have you forgotten that to kill infidels and the enemies of Islam is a deed that has a reward above no other," says the 60-page polemic written in Indonesian by "Sheikh Mukhlas", posted on the website, which has since been shut down by Indonesian police.

"Aren't you aware that the model for us all, the Prophet Mohammed and the four rightful caliphs, undertook to murder infidels as one of their primary activities, and that the Prophet waged jihad operations 77 times in the first 10 years as head of the Muslim community in Medina?"

Raising males to murder their female relatives

The diabolical raising of males to murder their female relatives extends to the horrors of murdering all who disagree:

Family, honor, killing-murdered for dating the wrong man. main suspects, 2 uncles. Surprised?
Jerusalem Post by LARRY DERFNER

Samar Hasson was murdered for dating the wrong man. The main suspects in her murder are her father and two uncles. No one is surprised.

When news spread through the Druse section of Shfaram that Samar Hasson had been found hanging from a tree in a local olive grove, drivers on the streets began honking their horns. "Everybody was celebrating, it was beautiful," recalled a young man who works at the Hasson clan's auto parts shop in this hillside, Muslim-Christian-Druse town northeast of Haifa. "She caused her family a lot of problems," nodded a co-worker.

Aside from the family members who buried her, no one knows where the body of the 23-year-old Druse woman lies. There was no funeral, no gravestone, no prayers, no mourning.

"They took the body somewhere, dug a hole, threw it in, covered it up and that was that," said a knowledgeable local. "The family wants to be rid of any memory of her, like she never existed."

Since Hasson's hanging was discovered on October 25, three men have been charged with the murder: Her father, Sa'id, and two of her uncles, Hani and Rafik (Hani has confessed and implicated the other two men, police say). Their motive, according to police and probably anyone you might talk to in this town of 35,000, was "family honor."

No ham for Christmas

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The actions of a demonic death cult

Only a death cult would do this demonic act.

Taliban execute teacher in front of his pupils for educating girls
By Tom Coghlan in Kabul

Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan have executed a school teacher in front of his pupils for refusing to comply with warnings to stop educating girls....snip....

Pupils at the school said two armed men arrived by motorcycle. "They dragged the teacher from the classroom and shot him at the school gate," said Abdul Rahman Sabir, Helmand's police chief.

"He had received many warning letters from the Taliban to stop teaching, but he continued to do so happily and honestly - he liked to teach boys and girls." He identified the teacher by the single name of Laghmani.

Under the Taliban interpretation of Islamic Sharia law female education was banned, along with female employment. Since the overthrow of the Taliban government by the US-led invasion of 2001, the Afghan government claims six million Afghan children have returned to school, many of them girls.

However, Taliban insurgents in the south have repeatedly targeted schools, burning many to the ground at night or issuing beatings or warnings to teachers.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Something seriously wrong

Something deeply wrong with Islam. Perhaps this explains some of it:

Australia: Fury over radio host's racism

A TALKBACK radio host has been forced to apologise for on-air claims that some Lebanese Australians were "inbred".

Macquarie Radio station 2GB's late-night announcer in Sydney, Brian Wilshire, told his audience that many Lebanese "have parents who are first cousins whose parents were first cousins. The result of this is inbreeding – the result of which is uneducationable (sic) people . . . and very low IQ".

Wilshire's comments were greeted by outrage in Sydney................

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A cultural war would use pork instead of clubs

A cultural warrior would use the cultural fear of pork rather than clubs and fists. A few pounds of bacon and buckets of ham pieces would go far to stopping the "youths" in their tracks. The "lions" would turn into pussy cats.

Melbourne youths prepare to head north by Richard Kerbaj and Cath Hart

LEBANESE (muslim) youths and ethnic "lions" from Melbourne are preparing to join Sydney's race riots, with busloads of troublemakers rumoured to be heading north. Expectations among the young Lebanese community in western Sydney that further trouble will develop over the weekend comes despite calls from their religious leaders, police and politicians for both sides to calm down.

One 22-year-old ethnic Lebanese man yesterday told The Australian he and his friends were ready for a turf war. "The boys reckon it'll be like a scene out of Braveheart," he said.

Sources within the Lebanese community said three busloads of young men from Melbourne - Lebanese, Serbians, Italians and Greeks - and more than 30 carloads were expected to arrive in Sydney today and tomorrow.

"I've talked to a few mates in Melbourne and I know that some of my other buddies have too," said a 29-year-old Lebanese man from Lidcombe, in Sydney's west.

"We're expecting about 30 cars and a couple of busloads of Leb, Serb, Italian and Greek lions to punch on with us."

Advertisement: A Melbourne nightclub bouncer of Bosnian extraction also said word was "getting around" about groups of young men heading to Sydney to fight.

NSW police last night expressed concern about the possibility ethnic numbers would be bolstered by interstate visitors.

A Victorian police spokesman said the force was "monitoring the situation" but had no specific information about the plan.

Prominent Melbourne Muslim leader Waleed Aly yesterday discouraged his community from joining the fray. "It's a stupid thing to do," he said.

Gold Coast police are also bracing for trouble on Sunday, boosting on-duty numbers after text messages urged locals to "crack some skulls".

Police contingency plans have been made despite Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's view the text messages were a hoax.

The magic of free elections

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The sick sexual culture of the Death Cult

The sick sexual culture of the Death Cult must not be allowed to flourish in the West: The sexual psychopathic nature of brainwashing the young and vulnerable with sexual sadism after death is beyond belief


Reformist Saudi Author: Religious Cassettes Advocate Jihad by Emphasizing Martyr's Sexual Rewards
In a November 15, 2005 article in the Saudi daily Al-Iqtisadiyya, Sa'ad Al-Sowayan, a reformist Saudi researcher and columnist argued that religious cassettes, which are widely available in Saudi Arabia, advocate Jihad by emphasizing the sexual reward awaiting the martyr in Paradise. This is aimed at tempting teenagers who can find no sexual release in conservative Arab society. An English translation of the article was published in the Saudi Gazette on November 17. [1]

The following are excerpts from the translation:

Religious Cassettes Promoting Jihad

"So ubiquitous are the religious cassette shops that they are outnumbered only by groceries… The bulk of cassettes sold in these stalls are motivational. On closer scrutiny, you will realize that their contents are confined to a system of thought that serves to prepare youth to accept its ideas, yield to them, and adopt its Jihad program.

"These cassettes mostly urge people to carry out Jihad through taking up arms, without specifying the zero hour or the Jihad battlefield. As such they advocate Jihad for Jihad's sake. It's a mobilization campaign in which Jihad becomes a state of mind, a mode of living. They want you to give up this foul and mean earthly life, renounce worldly pleasures, devote your life to Jihad, and seek to die in the Jihad battlefield so as to win martyrdom."

Spiritual Martyrdom is Reduced to Jihad for Lust

"The basic Islamic issue - carrying out Da'wa (Islamic propagation), calling people to Allah, spreading monotheism (Tawheed), security and Islam, establishing justice, and treating people on equal terms - is reduced to a marginal matter in comparison to the pleasures in the Hereafter that the martyr can win, pleasures that supersede worldly pleasures and must be given up.

"The modern martyr has thus reduced spiritual martyrdom [for the sake of Allah] to a Jihad for lust, for the utmost pleasure and intoxication a Nirvana state of mind.

"The Jihad cassette describes the path that must be followed in order to win martyrdom and deserve the Hoor Al-Een fair females with wide, lovely eyes. It reduces the lofty objective of spiritual martyrdom to mere lust and a selfish search for sexual pleasure, regardless of what martyrdom can achieve for the public interest or for upholding Allah's word.

"In their call for giving up this world in preparation for the hereafter, and through their description of the martyr's reward - they are trying to program the mind to accept as principle the idea of committing suicide by blowing up oneself. Whoever is convinced of the reward of lust awaiting him will not hesitate to commit suicide: He will seek death with no fear, focused on the pleasures of the hereafter as compensation for the worldly pleasures abandoned.

"The sweetest thing for a teenager, especially in a conservative society like ours, is sex, and the discourse of the religious cassettes is directed toward these very youngsters in their sexual peak of life. They access these youth through the Hoor Al-Een, just as how the youth of our time were drawn to slide pictures of actresses and female singers. So should we not consider sexual suppression in conservative societies as one of the factors leading to such deviation?…"

A Magical Prescription to Join the Hereafter: Blowing Yourself Up

"You never hear them speaking about worldly matters of so much concern to the people. The only reform program they offer is for the Hereafter. They speak as if they - and not the all-forgiving and merciful God - have the keys to Paradise in their hands. They have a magical prescription with which you can join their program of the Hereafter; that is, by blowing yourself up.

"Listen carefully to what these religious cassettes convey and you will find that the mythical supersedes the religious intent. They have converted this world to a filthy and mythical place and the Hereafter into a fabled utopia… They first divide the world into two parts: one belonging to God, which you are for, and the other to Satan, which you are against. The next step is to step up the value of the myth and draw the recipient into a world of mythical thinking in which rational thinking stops and the mind becomes receptive to suggestions and irrationalism."

Arab Culture Suffers from Sexual Phobia

"Then again, maybe the phenomenon of Jihadists seeking martyrdom in order to win the Hoor Al-Een is just a symptom of a vein-deep disease within society, which is ravaging the cultural system. The disease I mean is the sexual phobia that Arab culture is suffering from. Before the Arabs solve their problems with their governments or before their governments solve their problems with terrorism, they must first solve their problem with the other sex."

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Man chops off sister’s legs

Why the freedom of young women is so critical to the cultural wars as demonstrated in the following article from the Pakistan Daily Times:

Man chops off sister’s legs for marrying by choice

MULTAN: A man chopped off the legs of his sister for marrying the man of her choice in Naseerabad in Bahawalpur on Friday, a police official said. Arif Nawaz, the Bahawalpur district police officer (DPO), told Daily Times on phone on Saturday that Naseem Bibi, 20, had secretly married Saeed Ahmed, 25, but her brother Bashir Ahmed, who was against the love marriage, registered a kidnapping case against her husband.

Naseem refuted her brother’s allegations before Additional Superintendent of Police Chaudhry Muhammad Salim and told him that she was Saeed Ahmad’s lawful wife. The police discharged the case.

On Friday, Bashir Ahmed, with the abetment of local councillor Faiz Rasool, allegedly cut his sister’s legs with a chopper when she was working in fields.

The attackers also beat her husband and his brother Abdul Hameed severely. Naseem was taken to the Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur where her condition was serious, the DPO said..........

veiled threat

Veiled Threat--Muslim women become a growing security concern.
The following article in demonstrates why a ban on all religious headdress in public places would be so effective:

When a bewildered Iraqi woman named Sajida al-Rishawi confessed on Jordanian state television last week that she had been part of the team that tried to blow up the Radisson Hotel in Amman, she showed that Iraq has become a base from which al Qaeda launches attacks against its enemies and that suicide terrorism may be the one area in Mid-East culture where fundamentalist Muslim women are finally gaining equality with men.

Wearing her defused bomb belt, which failed to detonate when the three other members of her team blew themselves up along with members of a Jordanian wedding party, al-Rishawi called into question the idea that Muslim women are little more than veiled victims of a brutal misogynistic culture and that their only connection to terror is as bystanders. While no female Muslims here in the U.S. have blown up passenger jets as they have in Russia, or strapped on belts packed with TNT and ball bearings to blow up American hotels, as an older Iraqi woman has confessed to doing in Jordan, law enforcement has uncovered a disturbing number of cases in which they have helped Muslim men with terrorist plots or have planned to attack fellow Americans themselves.

Here are a few examples, some of which have never been revealed:

* Earlier this year, the FBI arrested two teenage Muslim girls in Manhattan on suspicion they planned to attack U.S. targets as suicide bombers. The 16-year-old girls wore veils and regularly attended mosques.

* Last year, a Pakistani woman who worked for years at EPA headquarters as a toxicologist was arrested after authorities learned she not only lied about being a U.S. citizen, but also ran a charitable front for al Qaeda back in Peshawar, Pakistan. A mother of four, Waheeda Tehseen lived comfortably in the same leafy neighborhood as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, according to law enforcement documents I've obtained. She was "very devout," but fellow EPA scientists found her religious beliefs quaint and completely nonthreatening, and even unwittingly helped her raise money for Osama bin Laden.

* Authorities are still looking for another Pakistani woman who they believe to be a "fixer" for al-Qaida in the U.S. MIT-educated Aafia Siddiqui is said to have been involved in a plot to blow up underground gas tanks around Baltimore. The mother of three is known as a "good sister" who has memorized her Quran and is willing to help al Qaeda out when they need her. She was a hard-line Muslim activist on the MIT campus, where she wore head-to-toe traditional black gown and matching headscarf while raising money for jihadists around the world. The Bostonians she ran into outside that circle of hate, however, knew her only as a soft-spoken "philanthropist."

* Two months ago, federal agents in Dallas accused three Muslim women of lying to the government to conceal their involvement in their husbands' criminal support of outlawed terrorists. Fay Elashi, for one, allegedly tried to hide from investigators checks and financial records bearing the names of the terrorists.

* Last year, authorities in Baltimore spotted the wife of suspected Hamas operative Ismail Elbarasse videotaping the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from an SUV they were driving. The couple was taken into custody and their camcorder tape seized as evidence. On it, authorities found close-up shots of cables and supports "integral to the structural integrity of the bridge," according to court documents. Six other tapes found in their car contained footage of four other bridges and other structures they believed to be targets. Authorities concluded Elbarasse's wife was helping conduct "reconnaissance and surveillance" for a possible terrorist attack during rush hour.

* They are not the only potential targets Muslim women have been casing in the Washington area. Not long after it set up headquarters in Crystal City, Va., not far from the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security asked the Secret Service to conduct countersurveillance of suspicious Muslim women who were videotaping the building on a regular basis.

Prolonged static surveillance using operatives who look harmless and don't attract police scrutiny is the hallmark of al Qaeda, which does painstaking pre-attack planning. Through its websites, al Qaeda regularly encourages the faithful who are "far from the fields of jihad" to research the soft spots and weaknesses "of the American infidel crusaders" and report back locations and images of vulnerable structures – from bridges and pipelines to military installations and financial buildings – which might be suitable for attack.

According to the Quran, jihad is not something a Muslim can opt out of. It demands able-bodied believers to join the fight. Those unable – largely women and the elderly – are not exempt; they must give "aid and asylum" to those who do fight the unbelievers in the cause of Allah. Such facilitators are promised the same reward of Paradise, although not the same status as jihadists who give their pound of flesh to Allah. And those who die in his cause – the shaheeds, or martyrs – are reserved the highest place in the Paradise hierarchy. ........snip......

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Polygamy leads to violence and incest and must be banned

Polygamy encourages incest, abuse, distant uninvolved fathers preying on younger women while hiding behind religion. It should be banned.

Polygamy Is a Riot
By Stephen Brown

While many social critics were quick to cite racism, unemployment and insufficient social programs as causes for the recent riots in France, one possible stimulus was glaringly absent from their list of complaints, namely, polygamy.

Last month, Gerard Larcher, France’s Minister of Employment, caused an uproar when he stated that polygamous families (consisting of men with two or more wives) were one of the causes of the violence that swept his country for three weeks this fall. Bernard Accoyer, the head of the conservative coalition party UMP in France’s National Assembly, supported Larcher, calling polygamy a negation of individual and women’s rights, which prevented the imparting of “the proper education necessary in an organized society.”

Naturally, the politically correct, multicultural crowd in France immediately condemned Larcher for having the temerity to shine a light on a social blight that exists among North and West African families, especially from Mali and Senegal, in the urban housing projects, called banlieues, where the rioting took place. The National Assembly’s socialist leader, Jean-Marc Ayrault, predictably, said it wasn’t necessary to look for sinister causes for the riots, since it was simply a matter of France’s social elevator not working any more, calling any connection between the violence and polygamy “an absurdity.”

Even French president Jacques Chirac jumped into the fray, also saying recently at the France-Africa summit in Mali that polygamy had no connection to the riots in France.

However, if Ayrault and Chirac were acquainted with life in the banlieues (the riots proving they weren’t), they probably wouldn’t have dismissed their political colleagues’ views so abruptly.

Social workers involved with polygamous families there say they sometimes consist of twenty members, or more, crammed in a two-room apartment, which leave the living and developmental conditions of the children only to the imagination. One family of 24, for example, was reported living in a single apartment where the children have to take turns sleeping. The small ones sleep with their mothers and the bigger ones sleep in the living room in an “unhealthy confusion”, one social worker told a newspaper. The report goes on to say that the father is one of three brothers residing in this particular banlieue, who, together with their wives and children, form a family of 65 members.

In Les Mureaux, a city near Paris, eighty polygamous families from Mali live with their 1,000 children in conditions just as crowded. In fact, children are told to stay outside for lack of room in the apartments. So it isn’t unusual to see children as young as eight on the streets late at night, sometimes in large groups, misbehaving. Also not surprising, authorities report a higher delinquency rate among minors from polygamous families.

But while living conditions may be bad for the children, it is the affect on them of internal family relations that seem to worry social workers the most. The mothers, they say, are often the victims of forced marriages. They live under difficult circumstances in cramped apartments where jealousy is often “the reigning emotion”, according to one social observer. Each wife tries to convince the other(s) that she is the favourite spouse and even goes as far as to tell her rivals about imaginary presents she has received from their common husband. As a result, conflicts, petty hatreds and rivalries arise with the children taking the side of their mother against the other mother(s) and her children. This, in turn, has led to violence and mistreatment of one mother’s children by another mother. The violence the child has learned in the home is then sometimes used outside of it.

Moreover, an academic observer said such children are “completely incapable” of drawing their family. They know their immediate brothers, she said, but the others in the family are strangers, perhaps even rivals. The number of people in an apartment and the familial confusion is such that when the police phoned one father of a large polygamous family about his son who was in an accident, the parent wasn’t sure which child the police were talking about.

People in polygamous situations in France number between 150,000 and 300,000 and cost the French taxpayer about 300 million Euros a year in welfare payments and health costs. But the number may also be higher, since French authorities admit they have difficulty in identifying polygamous families.

And although polygamy was outlawed in France for foreigners in 1993, it is tolerated, since authorities are reluctant to deport mothers whose children were born in France. Husbands and extra wives, however, even those who arrived before 1993, are now supposed to separate if they want their residency permits renewed. But housing shortages and the wives’ reluctance to divorce have thwarted this measure. As a result, French authorities close their eyes and take the path of least resistance when issuing the permits...............

The failure of non assimilation

The following article from the Australian demonstrates the critical importance of assimilation:

The twin failures of multiculturalism and integration

Con George-Kotzabasis, a director on the Board of SBS Television from 1986 to 1996, in Online opinion:

WHAT about Australian multiculturalism – which is touted by its supporters as an exemplary success – is it also a failed idea and practice?

The answer is given by events in the early 90s, when Greeks and Slavo-Macedonians were burning each other's Christian churches, and when each community was turning itself into a diplomatic post of their respective governments to lobby for the Australian government's support. It's also given by the Bracks Government's legislation of vilification laws in Victoria, which makes it an offence to critique migrant and indigenous communities: which literally amounts to the suspension of freedom of speech.

It also exposes the rickety and artificial nature of multiculturalism, and the realisation even among its unflappable advocates – which reveals clearly their own diffidence in the viability of multiculturalism – that it needs legislative measures to make it workable. That is, you would have to force people to accept it by the enactment of laws. This is no less than the creation of multiculturalism by legislation.

Moreover, Muslims are no fans of multiculturalism, despite their professions to the opposite, because they indefatigably believe in the superiority of their culture and religion. To expect them to be supporters of multiculturalism is to expect them to become believers in polytheism.

Like most things in life, cultures are in a perennial state of competition. No dynamic culture in its acceleration to achieve its goals will stop to pick up a culture that lags behind or treat it equally. It's the latter that has to catch up with the former.

In our case, the adherents of Islamic culture must be willing to cast off all the parts that are incompatible with Western culture, if they are going to be successful in achieving their ambitions in a modern world and not teeter on the precipice of hopelessness and despair. This is an elemental law of biology. Species that cannot adapt to their new environment wither away.

Will the majority of Muslims have the moral strength and wisdom to liberate themselves from the rigid parts of their religion, like their great forebears, Avicenna, Averroes, and Omar Khayyam, have done? The signs are not auspicious. And the twin failure of multiculturalism and integration is written in the stars.

The huge effect of a ban on the headscarf:

Turkey had banned the headscarf, now the islamofascists are raging to rescind the ban. Just banning religious headdress in all public places would have a HUGE effect on islamofascism:

The AKP Government's Attempts to Move Turkey from Secularism to Islamism (Part II)

In a November 10, 2005 decision, a panel of 17 judges of the appellate European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found the Islamic headscarf ban at Turkish universities "not an infraction of human rights," thus upholding the Turkish law.

On November 16, while on a visit in Denmark, Turkish PM Erdogan told the reporters: "I am amazed at this decision. The court has no right to speak on this issue. That right belongs to the ulema. [1] […] It is wrong that those who have no connection to this field make such a decision without consulting the experts of Islam." [2]

The case was brought before the ECHR by Leyla Sahin, a Turkish student who in 1998 was forced to abandon her medical studies at the IstanbulUniversity because she refused to remove her turban. [3] The court stated, among other reasons for its decision, that "a student who is informed and aware of the stated rules of a secular university and chooses to study there must accept and obey those rules" and that "turban issue being so politicized in Turkey, triggering widespread protests and political debate all over the country, regulatory decisions had to be made to protect the secular environment and equality of women in educational institutions."

The court's decision was welcomed by secular circles in Turkey, but infuriated the ruling AKP [4] government that has so far been unsuccessful in delivering on its election promise to its Islamic electorate to rescind the ban on headscarves in universities and public government facilities. ECHR decision reawakened public debate in the Turkish media focusing on two main issues: The attempts of the AKP to move Turkey from secularism to Islamism by promoting Ulema and Shari'a; and European's court's ruling on headscarf and Turkey's pursuit of E.U. membership.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the cultural weakness of Sharia law

The following article reiterates the importance of the cultural weakness of Sharia law

Nigerian women ignore bike ban

Women say there is no public transport alternative
Women in the northern Nigerian state of Kano are ignoring a ban stopping them travelling on public motorbike taxis.
On Monday religious authorities began implementing the ban passed earlier this year.

In accordance with Sharia law, men and women are not allowed to travel together on public transport.

The women say there are not enough public transport alternatives in the state that adopted Sharia law in 2000.

The BBC's Ado Sale Kankiya in the city of Kano says some 9,000 religious marshals are on the streets to implement the ban.

Despite the officials and publicity leading up to the implementation of the law, many women are still riding on the bikes, he says.

About 500 three-wheeled motorbike taxis and 100 women's-only buses have been introduced, but women say this is not sufficient.

Our correspondent says officials are not arresting or fining offenders, just warning them about the new law.

In Zamfara State, taxi riders have been lashed when found carrying female passengers.

For and against

Kano is one of several Muslim majority states that adopted Sharia law five years ago.

The move initially heightened tensions between Muslims and Christians and led to clashes which left thousands dead.

Human rights groups have condemned abuses sanctioned under the law including amputations and flogging, and say it discriminates against women.

Sharia law appears to have retained popular support in the north.

But there is significant opposition to the law, especially among the Christian minority.

While officially it does not apply to them, many say that in practice they are forced to comply.

The cultural weaknesses of islamofascism

The cultural weaknesses of islamofascism war is not being fought at all by the West. The cultural weaknesses of islamofascism are not being exploited.

It's quite possible that ham and bacon being thrown at the islamofascists would be far more effective than bats and bombs.

Hopefully send them scurrying back into their holes.

Banning religious headdress in all public places would be far more effective than fists and fire.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Forced marriage an integral part of the war on terror

Forced marriage an integral part of the war on terror:

British HC ‘snatch squad’ rescuing forcibly-married women
Daily Times Monitor ^ | December 10, 2005

LAHORE: The British High Commission in Islamabad has set up a “diplomatic snatch squad” to rescue British women of dual nationality being forced to marry Pakistani men by their families, reported the UK newspaper The Guardian.

Talking to the newspaper, Helen Feather, head of the consular section and leader of the special team, said, “This is a human rights abuse and these are British nationals in distress.” She said the team’s mission was to pluck the reluctant brides from the clutches of their cousins and put them on a plane back to Britain. The team saved 105 young people last year, she added.

According to The Guardian, diplomatic jeeps on average leave the compound for villages in Punjab and Kashmir twice a week. The pioneering programme is sensitive and secretive, plunging British officials into a world of clashing cultures and family traumas.

Consular official Jon Turner described to the newspaper how the rescues typically worked. A worried relative or boyfriend in the UK usually makes the initial contact with the Foreign Office. Sometimes the victim herself sends an SOS. Through hushed late-night conversations and secretive text messages, Turner and his team establish contact. After days or weeks of careful preparation, a time and date are agreed.

The element of surprise is crucial, Turner tells The Guardian. Local police are informed hours beforehand, and asked to provide backup. Some officers are sympathetic - others need persuading. Finally, Turner knocks on the front door. What follows, he admits, is a wrenching experience for everyone.............

The culture must be challenged

The culture of death must be challenged wherever it spreads it's tenacles:

Keeping Islam Pure in Europe

From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Thu, 2005-12-08 17:03

Every day the front pages of the European mainstream media (MSM) report ad nauseam about the alleged threat that the CIA poses to Europe. Not a single European, however, – unless they are terrorists, radical Muslims or the extremist Left – is worried about the CIA. The MSM are creating their own hype, endlessly parroting each other, and creating “consensus outrage” about a non-issue.

What really worries Europeans is illustrated in this article with contributions from Paul Belien on the situation in Flanders, Edwin Jacobs on the Netherlands and Hjörtur Gudmundsson on Denmark. It is the explicit refusal of some who have settled in Europe to assimilate into European society.

Yesterday, Gazet van Antwerpen, a local Antwerp newspaper, published the results of a poll among a representative group of 495 Muslim youths between 15 and 25 years of age, who live in the Flemish harbour town. 89% of these youths respond that religion occupies a “very important” place in their lives. 41% attend the mosque at least once a week (while 12% never does). 85% say they will raise their children in the Muslim faith. This in itself would not be a bad thing (on the contrary), except for the fact that 48% of Antwerp’s Muslim youths are convinced that the Quran should be taken literally and 21% readily admit that they have already heard their imam preach a hate sermon.

In addition, 21% of the young Antwerp Muslims say that they find it “problematic” that the majority of Antwerp’s citizens are non-Muslims, while less than half (47%) do not regard this as a problem. 22% of the Muslim girls prefer to marry a man who has lived in a Muslim country all his life.

Many of the young Muslims are unwilling to become Flemish. 40% say that Islamic values are incompatible with Flemish values. A teacher of Antwerp’s Muslim high school explains that children from families that arrived during the past decade integrate less easily because their knowledge of Dutch is worse than that of the children of immigrant families who arrived two or three decades ago. The cause of this, he explains, are the satellite dishes, which allow immigrant families today to watch the television programs of their home countries, “whereas in the 1980s we could only watch Flemish television.”

While there are no young Muslims converting to Christianity, some 400 young Belgians (in both Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia) convert to Islam each year. One of the latter was Muriel Degauque, the Walloon woman who last month became the first ever Western suicide bomber. Professor Johan Leman, an anthropologist at Leuven University and the former head of Belgium’s taxpayer-funded pro-immigration Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against Racism, said in a recent (Dutch language) interview that “the most fanatic Muslims are the female converts.”

This is also the opinion of the authorities in the Netherlands. Last week, the bureau of the National Coordinator to Fight Terrorism (NCT) issued a report stating that Muslim converts very often become extremists. Young female converts especially end up in circles of Muslim extremists. This happens mostly through marriage. The marriages never seem to last long and are disbanded once the women have been recruited for the Islamist cause. This has prompted Piet Hein Donner and Johan Remkes, the Dutch ministers of Justice and Home Affairs, to compare these marriages to the recruiting methods of so-called “loverboys” who marry young girls with the sole purpose of tricking them into prostitution.

Last week, the Amsterdam police lost a court case against a female convert of Dutch origin, whom the police suspect of being a contact of the Hofstadgroep, the network surrounding Mohammed Bouyeri, who assassinated Theo van Gogh. Police officers had been shadowing the woman since October 19. They phoned her once a day, her house was under constant police surveillance, and she was followed when she went out.

The woman, a single mother of three, went to court, complaining that the police was violating her privacy because she took her religion very seriously. The court ruled in favour of the woman and ordered the police to stop harassing her. The Amsterdam police is considering whether to appeal against the court decision or not.

In Denmark, meanwhile, young Muslim women are still forced into marriages in spite of the recent actions taken by the country’s Liberal-Conservative government to prevent this. The government decided that Danish residents are no longer allowed to bring foreign spouses into the country unless both partners are at least 24 years old.

Despite the measure, however, a growing number of immigrant parents in Denmark force their daughters to move to their homelands or to Sweden where they are pressed into arranged marriages with people from their countries of origin. “Families are increasingly using physical and psychological violence to force a spouse upon their daughters. We experience more and more that parents threaten to kill their children if they do not agree,” says Leif Randeris, the head of the Immigrants’ Counselling Services in Copenhagen and Århus.

Every week Randeris’s services are called upon to help girls who feel their lives are in danger after rejecting an arranged marriage. The services give them secret hiding places. Randeris says the 24-year age limit has resulted in parents forcing their daughters to move to their countries of origin. Rikke Hvilshøj, the Danish Minister of Refugee, Immigration, and Integration Affairs, says the government has never claimed that the measure would put an end to forced marriages. She adds, however, that there is plenty of evidence that the rule is making it harder to impose forced marriages on girls.

The Danish government also intends to clamp down on another, similar practice. It has ordered local authorities to report the slightest suspicion of immigrant families forcing their children on reconditioning trips to their countries of origin in order to prevent them from becoming too Westernized. The government intends to deport families that engage in such practices. “Obviously, it's a very drastic measure we are introducing, but it is simply an expression that we will not tolerate reconditioning trips,” says Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish Prime Minister. “When you come to Denmark to live here, you are expected to do everything in your power to be integrated.” According to the Danish Social Appeals Board, an independent administrative authority with judicial powers, at least one thousand children have been forced to undertake such reconditioning trips since 2002.

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