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Standing up for freedom and freedom of speech


'This is not just about cartoons, but standing up for our values'
From Anthony Browne, in Copenhagen

THE Danish editor who brought the fury of the Muslim world on his country by printing pictures of the Prophet Muhammad defiantly declared yesterday: “We do not apologise for printing the cartoons. It was our right to do so.”

As protests continued for a second day in Gaza with shouts of “Death to Denmark”, Flemming Rose, the culture editor of the centre-right daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten, sat in his book-lined office declaring his surprise at the reaction.

He said that he had to stand his ground because, as in the Salman Rushdie affair, freedom of speech was being threatened. “There is a lot at stake. It would be very naive to think this is only about Jyllands-Posten and 12 cartoons and apologising or not apologising.

“This is about standing for fundamental values that have been the (foundation) for the development of Western democracies over several hundred years, and we are now in a situation where those values are being challenged,” he said.

“I think some of the Muslims who have reacted very strongly to these cartoons are being driven by totalitarian and authoritarian impulses, and the nature of these impulses is that if you give in once they will just put forward new requirements.”
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Death is fun

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Preying on the weak and helpless


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the importance of freeing the brutalized and subjugated women, girls and boys of Islam.

This article from Gates of Vienna demonstrates once again the importance of freeing the brutalized and subjugated women, girls and boys of Islam.

Islam’s Nancy Boys

Dymphna’s post on Friday about Mukhtar Mai included the following assertion about pederasty under Islam:

…they don’t call it pedophilia in Muslim countries, nor do they consider anal rape of boys by older men as homosexual behavior if a man is the aggressor against the boy. Those acts are just standard operating procedure and this allows them to get around the strictures of Sharia law.

This provoked a question from Pastorius:

I’ve got a question. How does one document this statement?

The reason I am asking is because I have read these kinds of statements about Islamic society many times, but, there is no documentation.

This is not to say that I don’t believe that this kind of thing exists. I think it does exist in primitive societies all over the world. It exists in most prisons as well. And, of course, what is prison life, if not primitive life?

The thing is, as I can not document the above statement, when I have posted such things on my blog, I expect that liberals will think I am simply posting slander against Islam. I would really prefer to document what I write about, rather than going on anecdotes.

Dymphna responded to Pastorius, citing some sources that she has used in the past and providing additional information.

Then ik — a frequent commenter here at Gates of Vienna — supplied a reference to an article (originally found in The Times, but no longer available) about pederasty as it is traditionally practiced by the Pashtuns in Afghanistan. Correspondent Tim Reid was reporting from Kandahar four years ago:

Now that Taleban rule is over in Mullah Omar’s former southern stronghold, it is not only televisions, kites and razors which have begun to emerge. Visible again, too, are men with their ashna, or beloveds: young boys they have groomed for sex.

Kandahar’s Pashtuns have been notorious for their homosexuality for centuries, particularly their fondness for naïve young boys. Before the Taleban arrived in 1994, the streets were filled with teenagers and their sugar daddies, flaunting their relationship.

It is called the homosexual capital of south Asia. Such is the Pashtun obsession with sodomy — locals tell you that birds fly over the city using only one wing, the other covering their posterior — that the rape of young boys by warlords was one of the key factors in Mullah Omar mobilising the Taleban.

Mr. Reid goes on to describe the changes instituted by the Taliban as they imposed their strict interpretation of Sharia, including the now-infamous practice of toppling stone walls onto homosexual offenders.

But the Taliban have been hustled into the dustbin of history, and the traditional ways are re-emerging:

‘In the days of the Mujahidin, there were men with their ashna everywhere, at every corner, in shops, on the streets, in hotels: it was completely open, a part of life,’ said Torjan, 38, one of the soldiers loyal to Kandahar’s new governor, Gul Agha Sherzai.

‘But in the later Mujahidin years, more and more soldiers would take boys by force, and keep them for as long as they wished. But when the Taleban came, they were very strict about the ban. Of course, it still happened —the Taleban could not enter every house — but one could not see it.’

But for the first time since the Taleban fled, in the past three days, one can see the pairs returning: usually a heavily bearded man, seated next to, or walking with, a clean-shaven, fresh faced youth. There appears to be no shame or furtiveness about them, although when approached, they refuse to talk to a western journalist.

‘They are just emerging again,’ Torjan said. ‘The fighters too now have the boys in their barracks. This was brought to the attention of Gul Agha, who ordered the boys to be expelled, but it continues. The boys live with the fighters very openly. In a short time, and certainly within a year, it will be like pre-Taleban: they will be everywhere.’

What is one to make of all this? Does NAMBLA have a position paper on the overthrow of the Taliban?

Islam holds sway over a large part of the world where brutality has been the way of life for millennia. In Islamic tribal cultures, women are a scarce commodity, hoarded by rich and powerful men, leaving unattached men in the same situation as men in prison.

And the outcome is the same: the young and the weak become the “nancy boys” of the older and more powerful men. A culture of pederasty develops, consisting of dominant men and their catamites. Raised on a regimen of brutality, the young boys grow up to inflict it on the next generation.

Talk about a “cycle of violence.”

Note: the same practice exists under the Taliban, but in a more subtle and hidden manner.

Worldwide hysteria over this cartoon???

Bombing and butchering is fun

Religious leaders preach wife beating

Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

India gets it


We must prefer Bush, Warts and all

Unreliable Iran reneges

For those painting Iran as a valuable Indian ally and heroic underdog whom India must support against US imperialism, we have news.

Iran has just declared bluntly that if the price of oil exceeds $80/barrel —something that looks certain in the foreseeable future — then Iran will renege on its agreement to supply India 5 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year.

This is not the act of a friend or ally, or even of a disinterested commercial supplier. It is the bullying tactic of an arrogant oil power using energy as a commercial and diplomatic weapon..........
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Slow learners


How many times do I have to say this, will you idiots get out and stay out?

2,990 attacks during 2005 'truce'

As Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees and Fatah's Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades announced an end to their self-declared truce of January 2005, under which they pledged to refrain from attacking Israeli targets, an annual summary of terror activities for 2005 released by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) on Sunday revealed that a total of 2,990 attacks were launched against Israeli targets. The attacks occurred after the truce was announced the report stated.

According to the report, motivation among all the terror groups to attack Israel remains high with the number of monthly terror alerts averaging 57.

There was a significant decrease in the number of Israeli fatalities stemming from terror attacks in 2005 with 45 Israelis killed, a 60 percent reduction from the 117 Israelis killed in such attacks in 2004. Twenty-three of the fatalities in 2005 were killed in seven suicide bomb attacks. There was also a 30% decrease in the number of Israeli casualties in attacks during 2005 with 406 Israelis wounded compared with 589 the previous year.
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Hatred is fun

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Friday, January 27, 2006

sad but true. what kind of psychotic adults are being nurtured?


Two boys in chains escape from school (islamo-sadism alert)

KARACHI, Jan 26: Police are searching for the principal of a religious school who kept young boys chained up and beat them daily to force them to study. Police raided the madressah in Karachi after 8-year-old Mohammad Ammar and 10-year-old Ahsan Muavia jumped from the roof to escape, still wearing their chains.

“One of the boys was bleeding profusely and there were visible marks of beating on their bodies,” investigating police officer, Jahan Khan Niazi, told Reuters on Thursday.

He said police raided the madressah seeking to detain the principal on charges of keeping the boys in “illegal detention”.

“They beat us every day, kept us in chains and gave very little food to eat. We want to go home,” Ammar, the younger boy, told a court hearing after which the boys were handed over to their families.—Reuters

(Excerpt) Read more at dawn.com ...
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Why the culture of the West is so successful and dominates wherever it goes


Why the culture of the West (that produces a joke like this) is so successful and dominates wherever it goes:

Toyota, a Japanese company and GM, an American company decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day the Japanese won by a mile.

Afterward, the American team became very discouraged and morally depressed. The American management decided the reason for the crushing defeat had to be found. A Management Team made up of senior management was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate action.

Their conclusion was the Japanese had eight people rowing and one person steering, while the American team had eight people steering and one person rowing. So American management hired a consulting company and paid them an incredible amount of money.

After six months of hard work, they advised that too many people were steering the boat, while not enough people were rowing. So the American Team acted: To prevent losing to the Japanese again next year, the rowing team's management structure was totally reorganized to four steering
supervisors, three area steering superintendents and 1 assistant superintendent steering manager.

They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 1 person rowing the boat greater incentive to work harder. It was called the "Rowing Team Quality First Program," with meetings, dinners and free pens for the rower. Even new paddles and medical benefit incentives
were promised for a winner. "We must give the rower the empowerment and enrichments through this quality program."

The next year the Japanese won by two miles. Humiliated, the American management laid off the rower for poor performance, halted development of a new canoe, sold the paddles and canceled all capital investments for new equipment.

The money saved was distributed to the senior executives in appreciation for a job well done.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Could she be Islam's Martin Luther?


Christianity has reformed itself.
Judaism has reformed itself.
Could she be Islam's Martin Luther?

Does Islam want to stay in "pre-modern" barbarism???

"The transition from, let's say, pre-modern to modern, is something that Judaism and Christianity have gone through and that transition is something that Islam is experiencing right now.

Dutch MP defies Muslim pressure

By Jane Beresford
Producer, Taking a Stand, BBC Radio 4

What turns a devout young Muslim woman into one of Islam's most outspoken critics?


Call for reform

But Hirsi Ali has no intention of being silenced. Submission 2 is in production and Submission 3 is planned.

"The transition from, let's say, pre-modern to modern, is something that Judaism and Christianity have gone through and that transition is something that Islam is experiencing right now.

"I have come to the conclusion that Islam can and should be reformed if Muslims want to live at peace... that's why I need the freedom of expression... for other Muslims to think that through."

Does she think she will survive?

"Yes," she says. "And if I don't, well, I've lived my life as I want to live it. So be it."
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Islam must either change or be changed; the choice is clear

Islam must either change or be changed; the choice is clear...Woman shocks Saudi world with "The Girls of Riyadh
Ely Times & County by Andrew Hammond

RIYADH - Gay teen-agers, predatory lesbians, women drinking alcohol at weddings, husbands with unsavory sexual demands.

With characters like that, "The Girls of Riyadh" is not your run-of-the-mill depiction of life in Muslim Saudi Arabia, one of the world‘s most restricted and conservative societies.

Though technically banned here, Rajaa al-Sanie‘s frank and sometimes shocking insight into the closed world of Saudi women is making waves four months after its publication in Beirut.

Local press commentators have asked the young Saudi to disown the book for besmirching women in the conservative kingdom and interviewers on Saudi-owned satellite channels have accused her of portraying its men as boorish bores.

But many young people using popular Internet chat rooms have praised Sanie‘s debut novel for its honesty. Prominent writers have lauded the work as part of a new trend which, through focusing on the psychology of the individual, suggests that human needs come above the demands of society and religion.

(Human needs include not being brainwashed to butcher others...)

"I never imagined the reactions will lead to a big stir," said Sanie, who wears the Islamic headscarf. "Men are not used to this sincere and frank dialogue. There is a minority in any society that resists any change -- some of them are women."

Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, follows the austere Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam. Women must be fully covered and accompanied by a male relative in public. Mixing of unmarried men and women is forbidden and women are banned from driving.

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise from "The Girls of Riyadh."

The book centers on four women from affluent homes who must navigate a minefield of rules and taboos on sex, marriage and social caste to get and keep their men.

Those who fail face rejection and, like many of Saudi Arabia‘s moneyed elite, retreat to foreign capitals to lick their wounds in more liberal surroundings

In one passage, one of the four girls returns from Los Angeles to find that "love in her country is treated like an out-of-place joke that you can have fun with for a while, before it‘s removed from circulation by higher authorities."

One girl allows herself to get close to a Shi‘ite, despite urban myths that say members of this minority sect spit on food before offering it to Sunni Muslims.

During a meeting in a cafe, the two are hauled off by the notorious Saudi moral police. "Poor Ali, he was a nice guy, to be honest. If only he hadn‘t been Shi‘ite, she could have loved him," comments the novel‘s narrator.

In an early scene, women drink at a society wedding "since it deserved a bottle of Dom Perignon." In another chapter, an effeminate teen-ager is beaten by a father ashamed of his homosexuality.

And when one of the main characters closes her eyes and prepares herself for what is meant to be her first night of wedded bliss, she is shocked to find her husband "doing what she never imagined." She hits him, and the marriage is over.

The text is peppered with references to popular culture, including a song by a Saudi singer which gives the novel its title, as well as verses from the Koran, in what Sanie says is a reflection of the diverse influences on young people.

"Society lives some form of ‘paraphernalia‘ and the conflict between traditions and modernity is the cause," the 20-something Sanie told Reuters. "The reason for the double life is the fear of being rejected and stigmatized by society."

A land of stark contradictions, Saudi Arabia is a tribal society, swimming in oil wealth and a key United States ally that produced 15 of the 19 suicide hijackers behind the September 11 attacks.

Sanie cites as an example the Internet, the latest of a series of modern inventions that have taxed hardline clerics who fear the disintegration of Saudi Arabia‘s Islamic social model.

Her narrator tells the story of her friends through fictive blog entries that provoke outraged reactions in a national cyber debate -- exactly what happened when the novel came out.

"Saudi Arabia has witnessed in just 30 years technological and infrastructural change that took other societies a century or two to achieve," Sanie said.

They bought the advancements of successful societies with oil billions.

"It uses the latest technology, but continues to live with the habits and traditions of the previous century."

Some Muslims argue that as the site of Islam‘s holiest shrines, Saudi Arabia should remain apart from liberal trends elsewhere as a kind of Islamic Utopia where modern technology must be made to fit uncompromising rules of public morality.

But many sense a new political climate since King Abdullah, a supporter of cautious reform, ascended the throne last year.

The king has made the promotion of women in society a priority for the country‘s economic development but has said any changes will be in line with Islamic principles.

Sanie says getting more women into the workplace will be key to social change. Saudi men prefer to marry teachers since their income reflects on the income of the family, she said. "This financial independence empowers Saudi women to express courageously their views in any dialogue."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why banning of the headscarf and all religious headdress would help assimilate these young girls, and would go far towards their freedom:

Fathers want head cloth for teachers

Three quarters of the 178 children in the Linzer petrol Gloeckl elementary school do not have German as native language.
Three Muslim fathers demanded a head cloth obligation for teachers in an elementary school in Linz. The indignation about it is large: Upper-Austrian national school advice president Fritz Enzenhofer spoke of "insanity" and reported that one had directly acted. FPOe Secretary-General Herbert Kickl demanded in response a "head cloth prohibition" in schools. BZOe speaker Uwe Scheuch called the demands of the Muslims "inakzeptabel".

The "VS 12" - designated after the social-democratic Schulreformer petrol Gloeckl - is considered as integration elementary school. Three quarters of the 178 children do not have German as native language. A teacher sent a letter to the personalvertretung, in which she weighted about three fanatische Muslim fathers - two Bosnier and a Tschetschene in the name of her colleagues -. They would have required that the directress and all teachers wore head cloths. The children might not be admonished further by their teachers publicly. They refused besides the teachers the "Sie" address, because they did not earn this as women. In addition their pupils of children should not participate in singing appearances, that are "prostitution". And no teacher has to ask, why the daughter does not go swimming, has a father required. The teachers should are glad to have so many Islamic children otherwise the school would have to zusperren.

Stop say

National school advice president Enzenhofer reported, it had been informed by the letter to the personalvertretung. Radical expressions in addition are not goal-leading because they provoked the opposite side. It must moderately be however clearly said rather "stop". The responsible Bezirksschulinspektorin held a clarifying conversation with one of the fathers. This showed up thereby "relatively obvious". That changes however nothing in the fact that the demands of the fathers are "an insanity". Was guessed/advised to the teachers to break off and to refer to the next higher instance with such demands of parents the discussion immediately. The school is in its integration work "point", integration is however no "one-way street". It gives many other children and their parents, who wanted to integrate themselves gladly in this school.

Train even

It would expect itself in addition, the fact that an Islamic announces itself organization and determined legend that a such behavior of parents was not right itself and so that on line brings the own people Enzenhofer. It referred to the possibility of taking children from a public school of training even and of furnishing the proof for it.

Country leave

FPOe Secretary-General Kickl determined to adapt immigrants the customs common in Austria and would not have turned around. Head cloths for teachers would not be applicable. "whole in the opposite would be a head cloth prohibition now in schools and all public institutes after French model requirement of the hour". BZOe speaker Scheuch explained, it could not be that Muslim Fanatiker of the domestic population would force upon her customs: "if they in Austria not to adapt want to leave, are them the country".

people who, through conviction or circumstance, have taken a stand for what they believe in

The following link is to a radio interview with this courageous woman who, because of telling the absolute truth about the subjugation of the women of Islam, is under death threats from those who can't hear the truth:

Interview series with Fergal Keane, in which he talks to people who, through conviction or circumstance, have taken a stand for what they believe in.

When Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Dutch MP, wrote Submission, a film attacking what she believes to be the Koran's endorsement of the subjugation of women, she knew it would cause controversy. She did not however envisage that it would lead to the murder of her collaborator Theo Van Gogh and a life under 24-hour armed guard for her.

She talks to Fergal about her journey from devout Muslim to one of Islam's most outspoken critics, and why she refuses to be silenced.

The West must not allow the horrific subjugation of the women of Islam to continue under our noses.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Who hates Israel the most? Who blames Israel the most?


Who hates Israel the most? Who blames Israel the most?

To many Middle East observers, there appears to be an intense competition to see who can be the most vitriolic and threatening national leader towards Israel.

First it was the Iranian President who shocked the world with statements regarding the total destruction of Israel and casting doubt on the Jewish genocide during the Holocaust. Now Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has outraged many by accusing Israel of assassinating the former Palestinian leader and terrorist Yasser Arafat at a time when the terrorist group Hamas is gaining political support in the upcoming Palestinian elections.

Assad took the opportunity to denigrate Israelis during a speech that was supposed to address Syria's plans for democratic reform. The Syrian leader accused Israel of a "methodical and organized" assassination.

President Assad, who's faced his own controversy in the killing of the Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri, told his supporters, "Of the many assassinations that Israel carried out in a methodical and organized way, the most dangerous thing that Israel did was the assassination of President Yasser Arafat." Posted by Picasa

Where is the leadership?


In French suburbs, rage 'is only asleep'

By Katrin Bennhold International Herald Tribune


BONDY, France "Burn!" A knot of young men join their voices in a battle cry as they edge closer to the silhouette of a parked Mercedes, some of them aiming what look like handguns, others reaching for lighters. 
In the harsh light of an underground parking lot in this grim suburb northwest of Paris, the guns and lighters are imaginary - but the sense of aggression is real. As one of the young men films with a digital camera, the others move to the angry beat of music blasting out of an open car door, echoing into the dark December night. 
They sing about the riots that erupted two months ago, about being Muslim and about not feeling French in France. For them the unrest is not over, it is waiting to break loose again. 
"The quiet is deceptive," said Bala "Balastik" Coulibaly, 24, of nearby Clichy-sous-Bois, his eyes scanning the deserted parking lot from deep inside his sweatshirt as he took a break between two songs. It was in Clichy that the accidental death of two teenagers on Oct. 27 set off three weeks of rioting in immigrant neighborhoods across France. 
Since then, the whiff of gasoline and tear gas has disappeared. But the calm is fragile, impatient and tinged with the cynicism of youths who fear being let down again by a political class that allowed mass unemployment and social exclusion to accumulate over three decades in the poor suburbs ringing France's big cities.  
"The rage in the suburbs is only asleep," said Balastik, a French youth of Mauritanian origin who has been jobless since dropping out of school seven years ago and is dreaming of a career as a rapper with his band, Styladone. "It wouldn't take much to wake it up again."  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The internet is beheading islam


With the advent of the internet, islam can no longer perpetuate revisionism, lies and red herrings (always blame others to deflect attention from your own deficiencies. The truth will ring out loud and clear. The internet is beheading islam, along with considerable help from the brainwashed zombie butchers who threaten the planet.

Islam Beheaded
By David Wood
AnsweringInfidels.com | January 19, 2006

The Information Superhighway and the Death of Mohammedanism. [1]


Muhammad's empire of faith has managed to thrive in the modern world for one simple reason: Muslims have kept Muhammad's dark past a secret. Indeed, they have gone beyond keeping it a secret; they have somehow convinced themselves (and many others) that Muhammad was an outstanding moral example, perhaps even the greatest moral example of all time. Perpetuating this fraud has been, in my opinion, the most stupendous deception in world history.
True, there are plenty of instances in Muhammad's life that one could view as the deeds of a moral individual, and Muslims are quick to point out his acts of charity and his dedication to prayer. However, in assessing the overall character of a man, we must take into account all of his actions, not just the ones that support our feelings about him. For instance, suppose I become convinced that the greatest person in history was a man named John Gacy. I could point to his charity work at local hospitals, to his activities in the Boy Scouts and the Jaycees[2], to his patient endurance of numerous physical ailments, to his community activities such as neighborhood barbecues and other social gatherings, to his generosity to others, to his dedication to his family, and to his outstanding work ethic, which made him one of the pillars of his local business community. Yet, if I am to make a case for the moral superiority of Mr. Gacy, I must not leave out the fact that he raped, tortured, and murdered more than thirty boys and buried them under his house.[3]

I bring this up because of the peculiar tactic employed by Muslims whenever the character of Muhammad is challenged. When someone argues that Muhammad was a robber or a murderer, Muslims suddenly cry out in one accord, "But he was merciful and kind! He started Islam, and Islam is good! God revealed the Qur'an through him! How dare you say something bad about him!? He was the greatest prophet ever! Stop being so intolerant!" The difficulty here is that, no matter how loudly a Muslim shouts these objections, they have no power to overcome the historical fact that Muhammad was a robber and a murderer. Yet, to a Muslim who already believes that Muhammad was a prophet, the Islamic line of reasoning apparently makes sense. Nevertheless, to anyone who is not a committed Muslim, any claim to moral superiority will be an empirical issue, that is, a matter of examining and weighing the evidence.

Tragically, examining the evidence is something that most Muslims seem unwilling to do.

Tragically, examining the evidence is something that most Muslims seem unwilling to do.
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Getting rid of excess young males


How am I going to get rid of all the young males so we old guys can have more women???

Start up a really dumb religion???

72 virgins???

Suicide for sex????

Hmmmmmmmmmmm Posted by Picasa

hundreds of millions of muslims would leave their belief system

If the West fought the culture war properly, (right now the culture war is not being fought at all), hundreds of millions of muslims would leave their belief system out of utter disgust.

2 million ethnic Muslims adopted baptism in Russia while only 2,5 thousand Russians converted to Islam - expert

Moscow, November 1, Interfax - The number of ethnic Muslims in Russia who adopted Christianity is 2 million, while the number of the Orthodox who have been converted to Islam is only 2,5 thousand, stated Roman Silantyev, executive secretary of the Inter-religious Council in Russia.

‘Christianization happens not so much as a result of some purposeful missionary activity (in which only Protestants are engaged) as under the influence of Russian culture which has express Christian roots’, Silantyev said in a interview published this week by the Itogi weekly.

According Silantyev, the converts are predominantly Muslims by birth, while ‘those who really confess Islamic values and attend mosque on a regular basis rarely change their faith’.

The assimilation of ethnic and religious minorities is an inevitable process in any society. In Russia it is accelerated due to extremist activities’, the Islamic researcher believes.

For instance, he says, as a result of what happened in Beslan, the proportion of Muslims in North Ossetia has decreased at least by 30%, while in Beslan itself, where Muslims had comprised from 30 to 40% of the population, their number has decreased at least by half.

‘As even Muslim sources confirm, after each terrorist action, thousands and may be even dozens of thousands of ethnic Muslims adopt baptism’, Silantyev stated.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Perhaps the sane are coming to their senses and want out

Russia: Authorities Seek To Convert Beslan's Muslims
In the year since the Beslan tragedy, North Ossetian security officials have sought to close down all independent Muslim organizations there, a campaign that has caused at least some members of historically Islamic nationalities to announce their conversion to Orthodox Christianity.

Tartu, 6 September -- Prior to the terrorist attack, 70 percent of the residents of Beslan considered themselves Muslims, according to a report in "Nasha versiya" this week. This report is somewhat anomalous because Ossetians are traditionally Christians and they account for 60 percent of the republic's total population of some 710,000. But now, the number of Muslims in Beslan has declined significantly as officials have indicated that they view anyone who "actively practices" Islam as "an enemy," according to religare.ru on 30 August.

Earlier this year, Taymuraz Kasaev, the North Ossetian minister for nationality affairs, said officials had decided they must take steps in order to ensure complete "transparency in the work of every social organization [and maintain] closer contacts with all religious and national communities."

The meaning behind Kasaev’s words quickly became clear. A local paper indicated that the authorities planned to shut down the activities of all Muslim groups that were not prepared to subordinate themselves to the government-financed and controlled Muslim Spiritual Directorate, a body that in North Ossetia is headed by a former police officer.

Over the next months, the authorities in Beslan and across North Ossetia arrested numerous independent Muslim leaders, sometimes even planting evidence on them and sentencing them to confinement in prison camps. And fearing arrest, other Muslim leaders either stopped preaching in public or fled the republic, "Nasha versiya" reports.

But this police campaign against "unofficial" Islam -- which had been the more dynamic part of the Muslim scene in Beslan as it has been elsewhere -- intentionally or not has had the effect of undermining the position of the official Islamic establishment and its followers as well.

On the one hand, this campaign led the local authorities to take an even harder line against official mosques. Plans to build a mosque in Beslan appear to have been put on permanent hold. Moreover, republic officials reportedly are considering closing down the main mosque of North Ossetia in Vladikavkaz and converting it into a museum of some kind.

And on the other, many members of historically Muslim nationalities are having themselves baptized, either as a result of their horror at what the Islamic radicals did at the school or, what is more likely in today’s climate, their recognition that being identified as a practicing Muslim in Beslan is potentially dangerous.

According to "Nasha versiya": "Many children who survived the terrorist act and the parents of those who did not have been baptized, despite the fact that earlier they considered themselves Muslims. And those residents of Beslan who died -- including Muslims -- have been buried according to Orthodox custom, and none of their relatives has complained.”

Russian Orthodox priests in Beslan have confirmed this development, Russian news agencies reported this week, with one priest reportedly saying that the number of people seeking baptisms in his parish alone had gone up 500 percent over the year before and in the republic as a whole risen by at least one-third.

Father Vladimir attributed these conversions -- which he said involved many who had been hostages -- to the activities of Bishop Feofan of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz, who took an active role in the hostage crisis and in the treatment of the bereaved and wounded after the authorities ended the standoff.
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A recipe for future disaster if the culture isn't changed now

A recipe for future disaster if the culture isn't changed now

It's time to act on radical Islam's blueprint for terrorism
Salt Lake Tribune ^ | 1/17/06 | by Cal Thomas

...........Last week at the beginning of the London trial of radical imam Abu Hamza al-Masri, evidence was presented detailing how he encouraged his followers at the Finsbury Park mosque to kill non-Muslims.

In lectures, recordings and writings, the imam said Adolf Hitler had been sent into the world to punish the Jews. Repeatedly, said the prosecutor, Abu Hamza told his followers they must fight for Allah and such fighting involves a religious mandate to murder Jews, kuffars (nonbelievers in Islam) and ''apostates,'' such as leaders of Arab nations like Egypt. Abu Hamza has pleaded innocent to all 15 charges, including nine counts of solicitation of murder, four counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior intended to incite racial hatred and two counts related to the possession of offensive sound recordings and possession of a copy of the Encyclopedia of the Afghani Jihad.

The talks and written materials are not only about war. Abu Hamza also delivers diatribes about Britain's licensing laws, the use of additives in food, adultery, the role of women and the ''evils'' of democracy.

Abu Hamza repeatedly defines ''jihad'' as an avenue for establishing a caliphate, or Islamic state, which would be governed by the most radical interpretation of Sharian religious law...............

The culture that condones rape must be challenged

Young males must not be indoctrinated into a culture of rape

BNP leader 'claimed Qur'an allows rape of non-Muslims'

Martin Wainwright
Wednesday January 18, 2006
The Guardian

Secretly filmed tirades against Muslims and Asians by the leader of the British National party, Nick Griffin, were described to a jury yesterday, including claims that rape and paedophilia against non-believers were countenanced by the Qur'an.

At private party meetings, the Cambridge graduate who has immersed himself in far-right politics for nearly 30 years described parts of Britain as "multiracial hellholes" targeted by a supposed Asian Muslim plan for global conquest.


Article continues Opening a two-week trial at Leeds crown court, Rodney Jameson QC, prosecuting, said Mr Griffin had focused on paedophile drug rape in a recruiting speech in Keighley in January 2004. The town had just seen a gang of British Asian youths jailed for violence, drug dealing and sexual assault on under-age girls.

Unaware that one of his new recruits at the Reservoir Tavern was undercover BBC reporter Jason Gwynne, the court heard that Mr Griffin told his audience: "These attacks are going to continue, because that is what the Qur'an says. The bastards that are in that gang, they are in prison so the public think it's all over. Well it's not. Because there's more of them.

"Their 'good book' tells them that that's acceptable. If you doubt it, go and buy a copy and you will find verse after verse saying you can take any woman you want as long as they're not Muslim. These 18, 19 and 25-year-old Asian Muslims are seducing and raping white girls.......

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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'Honor killings' on rise in Europe

The culture that condones this must not be allowed to flourish in the free world. These young women These young women, as well as the young men who have been brainwashed to butcher them, must be protected and allowed their freedom:
'Honor killings' on rise in Europe
By Colin Nickerson, Globe Staff | January 16, 2006

BERLIN -- Life was just starting to look up for 23-year-old Hatun Surucu when the bullets cut her down.

After four years of grueling courses in vocational school, coupled with the demands of single motherhood, she was only weeks away from receiving certification as an electrician, a trade that would give her the independence she desperately craved.

It had been a rough road: Eight years earlier, her parents, Turkish immigrants, had yanked Surucu from eighth grade, bundled her off to Istanbul, and forced her to marry an older cousin. Miserable in Turkey, she had fled her husband and returned to Berlin with her infant son, determined to make her own way as a modern woman in a secular society, according to friends.

For a Muslim barely out of girlhood, it was an act of extraordinary defiance against her family. And it cost Surucu her life.

As Europe's Muslims become increasingly conservative, growing numbers of women are being killed or mutilated in the name of ''family honor," according to law enforcement agencies, women's activist groups, and moderate Islamic organizations. These cases usually involve an attack on a Muslim woman by a close relative -- typically a brother or father -- angered by her refusal to accept a forced marriage or her insistence on leading a Western-style life.

There were at least eight such slayings in Berlin alone in 2005, and 47 honor killings of Muslim women across Germany in the past six years, according to police, media reports, and activist groups. Not coincidentally, activists say, tens of thousands of European-born Muslim women are annually forced into unwanted marriages, often to much older men, in their family's home countries. Refusal to submit to such marriages can bring a death sentence.

Following a spate of headline-grabbing cases, including Surucu's murder, European countries are slowly coming to recognize honor killings as a distinct crime.


Islamic radical groups are filling the vacuum. ''The most alarming thing they teach is that violence is an acceptable way to enforce religious views or social customs," Uensal said. ''Much of that violence is against women."

Hatun Surucu's murder was fairly typical of Europe's recent honor killings.

Her parents and brothers in Berlin were outraged when Surucu abandoned her husband and returned to Germany with her infant son, Can. Even deeper than the anger was the family's sense of disgrace at this display of female independence, according to court testimony and family friends.

But Surucu wanted to make her own way. She stayed at a Berlin women's shelter only long enough to complete middle school. Then she found a part-time job, moved into a tiny apartment, and enrolled in a vocational program.

Further enraging her family, she abandoned the hijab -- the traditional head scarf worn by some Muslim women -- in favor of earrings, makeup, and blue jeans. Her son, now 6, was the light of her life, friends say. But Surucu also loved movies and going out dancing.

''All she wanted, really, was to be an ordinary person, just a normal young woman," said Georg Neumann, a friend of Surucu's at the vocational school.

On the night of Feb. 7, 2005, at a bus stop two blocks from her apartment, Surucu was waiting under a street lamp when bullets tore into her chest and face at point-blank range.

The slaying, according to police, was a family affair.

Three of Surucu's five brothers have been charged with murder. One has already confessed in a chilling court statement. ''She wanted her own circle of friends" outside the family, Ayhan Surucu, 18, said of his sister. ''It was too much."

Ayhan, the youngest brother, is charged with pulling the trigger. An older brother is charged with acquiring the gun, and a middle brother is accused of luring his sister to the murder scene with a phone call in which he said the family wanted to discuss reconciliation.

''She was still so much wanting to be one with her family," Neumann said. ''She didn't want to be cut off from them. She only wanted them to accept that she could have her own life."

Britain opened a review of the suspicious cases after a Kurdish immigrant from Iraq, Abdullah Yones, held his 16-year-old daughter over a bathtub and slashed her throat in 2004 after discovering that she was trading love letters with a boy in her high school class in London. In court last year, Yones insisted that his daughter brought her fate on herself. On the day he was sentenced to life imprisonment, dozens of approving Kurdish men came to court to show solidarity with Yones, according to media accounts.

In a more recent German case, Goenuel Karabey, 20, the daughter of Turkish immigrants living in Berlin, refused a forced marriage last June and disappeared with her boyfriend, a Christian.

Humiliated, her father and brothers tracked her down in Wiesbaden, in western Germany, at the home of the boyfriend's mother. Karabey was shot dead in the garden after agreeing to speak with her family. Her brother, Ali, later surrendered the murder weapon to police, according to media reports.
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time for muslims to stop blaming others

Maybe it's time for muslims to stop blaming others and look in the mirror at their own actions.

Myth of Injustice against the Muslims

Monday January 16 2006 21:55:47 PM BDT

Alamgir Hussain , USA

Muslim people – educated or illiterate, moderate or fanatic – keep harping about them being oppressed in America, Europe and Australia, in India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Russia (Chechnya), Nigeria, Serbia and of course in Israel. As a rule of the thumps, wherever Muslims are a minority, they are being oppressed there by the majority ethnic or religious groups.

In this blame game, Muslims have found a number of well-known Western activists, namely reporter Robert Fisk, UK MP George Galloway, US professor Edward Churchill and Naom Chomsky, London mayor Ken Livingstone and many more. These so-called Western liberals, who come from the leftist and/or communist background, constitute a case of strange bedfellowship with the Muslims because these staunch lefts and liberals, many of whom are atheists, agnostics or skeptics, are the most hated enemies of the faithfuls of Islam.

We must be bear in mind here that the British, French and other European colonialists were not the sole imperialists in the World. In truth, it is the Muslims who made the colonial rule a fashion in the centuries preceding the colonial activities of the European nations. In reality, the British and other European nations, taking cue from the Muslims’ centuries of colonial and often ruthless and barbaric rule, mastered the art of colonialism.

Yet again, the British did not only rule Muslim countries – they ruled Hindu and Buddhist countries as well and those people are not sending suicide bombers to UK or accusing the Britain for all of their problems. Many of those former colonies have established excellent bilateral relations with the UK instead of making such complaints about the past. Muslim world’s making UK the scapegoat for all of their problems is absolutely baseless.

A chance for muslims to show the world

A chance for muslims to show the world that they are capable of civilized behavior. Why don't all muslims band together and use their enormous wealth to create a model state with honorable government?

Disarray Among the Palestinians

One critical question lost in the hubbub over who will succeed Ariel Sharon is whether there will be any valid authority left among the Palestinians when the Israelis sort out their politics. A report last week by Steven Erlanger of The New York Times paints an alarming picture of a bankrupt, powerless and divided Palestinian Authority.

.......... But reality isn't that simple. Israel has a stake in keeping Palestinians from descending further into chaos............

Monday, January 16, 2006

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The culture must be challenged at any and all opportunities


Remember when you were a kid in grade school, and if you really want to show contempt for someone you’d say, “He can dish it out but he can’t take it”? Moslems are like that.

They can dish out insults to infidels, arrest Christians for praying in Saudi Arabia, confiscate their Bibles and throw them in the trash, call Jews pigs and monkeys, and spit on the whole human race that isn’t Moslem. But they go into frenzies of righteous outrage at the slightest criticism of their history and beliefs.

Dutch MPs to decide on burqa ban

The effect will be far reaching

Dutch MPs to decide on burqa ban

By Mark Mardell
Europe editor, BBC News, Brussels

The Dutch Parliament has already voted in favour of a proposed ban

The Dutch government will announce over the next few weeks whether it will make it a crime to wear traditional Islamic dress which covers the face apart from the eyes.

The Dutch parliament has already voted in favour of a proposal to ban the burqa outside the home, and some in the government have thrown their weight behind it.

There are only about 50 women in all of the Netherlands who do cover up entirely - but soon they could be breaking the law.

Dutch MP Geert Wilders is the man who first suggested the idea of a ban.

"It's a medieval symbol, a symbol against women," he says.

"We don't want women to be ashamed to show who they are. Even if you have decided yourself to do that, you should not do it in Holland, because we want you to be integrated, assimilated into Dutch society. If people cannot see who you are, or see one inch of your body or your face, I believe this is not the way to integrate into our society."


I interviewed Mr Wilders inside parliament after several security checks. Two tough bodyguards stood close by throughout. This country, once the epitome of easy-going liberalism, is edgier, less tolerant these days.

Theo Van Gogh was a well-known critic of fundamentalist Islam

Mr Wilders' name was included on a list of "infidels, who deserved to be slaughtered", which was found pinned to the body of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was murdered two years ago for making the film about women and Islam called "Submission". It starts with a shot of a woman's face covered by a burqa. Slowly the camera shows that, from the neck downwards, she's naked but for a thin veil.

Mr Wilders has explicitly linked his wish for a burqa ban with terrorism.

"We have problems with a growing minority of Muslims who tend to have sympathy with the Islamo-fascistic concept of radical Islam," says Mr Wilders.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Killing a society's best and brightest is the path to failed cultures

Killing a society's best and brightest is a fasttrack to failed cultures.

Saudi Doctorate Encourages the Murder of Arab Intellectuals
From Memri:

A three-volume treatise by Sa'id ibn Nasser Al-Ghamdi, titled Deviation from the Faith as Reflected in [Arab] Thought and Literature on Modernity, has recently gained publicity in the Arab world. The book, published in December 2003 inSaudi Arabia, is based on Al-Ghamdi's 2000 doctoral dissertation, submitted to the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, for which he received his degree summa cum laude. In his treatise, Al-Ghamdi names more than 200 modern Arab intellectuals and authors whom he accuses of heresy - thus making it permissible to kill them...
Al-Ghamdi's book was reviewed on the reformist website www.metransparent.com by Egyptian poet and literary critic 'Abdallah Al-Samti, who said: "The most dangerous thing in this book is its outright call to murder, and the fact that it legitimizes the killing of Arab intellectuals, since Sa'id Al-Ghamdi claims that 'the statements, actions, and beliefs of [these intellectuals] demand the ridda punishment [3] and legitimize their killing. However, in the current secular political climate that has been imported from the West, they have [been able to] spread the heresy and atheism that is in their decayed hearts...'"


"The most dangerous and vile thing that the enemies of Islam have done in order to achieve their deviant aims has been to use cultural means, which are outwardly manifest as literature, poetry, culture, and criticism, but which internally embody heresy, skepticism, and hypocrisy.

Girls in kandahar denied education

The repression of women is a key to islamofascism:

School is out in former Taliban stronghold
Girls in kandahar denied education due to tradition and security concerns


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan: Wazhma is in the seventh grade at Zarghona Ana High School in Kandahar. This makes her an exception in this conservative southern province and Taliban stronghold, where, according to some estimates, less than one girl in 10 receives even a primary education.

"There are 60 or 70 houses in my neighborhood," said the solemn 16-year-old, "but there is only one other girl who goes to school. Many of my friends want to go but their fathers won't let them. Our neighbors make fun of us, of my family, and say that we are not good people because I'm going to school. I don't listen to them."

The following article shows how a repressive, murderous society stifles all positive achievement: The Arab Drift Into Scientific Obscurity
Faisal Sanai,

In this era of globalization, a nation’s growth within the maturity module is determined by its scientific progress. Scientific progress in turn, is measured by the nation’s overall research publication in key peer-reviewed journals. This, to put it metaphorically, is the “Holy Grail” of the research community.

While recently attending a medical conference in France, I noted that there was a sizeable attendance from Saudi Arabia. Buoyed by the scientific interest that my fellow countrymen seemed to be exhibiting, I scanned the huge list of research trials being presented in the conference and, to my utter dismay, realized that not one came from the Kingdom. Sadly, this is not an isolated case. This depressing lack of scientific participation has a repetitive pattern to it. It appears that Arab scholars across the expanse of the Middle East have become mere patrons of development rather than the pioneers they once were.

Our scientific community is in deep hibernation. Not since the pre-Renaissance era has there been such a dearth of medical research. There is a malaise that seems to afflict Arab academic output and it has reached epidemic proportions. And the situation is only getting worse. There is now a pressing need for this issue to be addressed before we become the victims of our own neglect......snip.....

There is considerable evidence that once Islam overtakes a society, progress ceases. Instead of contributing to society, Islam is parasiting the contributions of others, and using them to destroy. The culture must assimilate into modernity or it is doomed.

How a Town Became a Terror Hub

The following article demonstrates how critical wearing of the burka and the resulting isolation of women is to radical Islam.

How a Town Became a Terror Hub
Belgian Haven Seen At Heart of Network
By Craig Whitlock
Washington Post Foreign Service

MAASEIK, Belgium -- The phones at city hall began ringing nonstop one morning last year when several masked figures were spotted walking through the cobbled streets of this pastoral town. A small panic erupted when one of the figures, covered head to ankle in black fabric, appeared at a school and scared children to tears.

It turned out the people were not hooded criminals, but six female residents of Maaseik who were displaying their Muslim piety by wearing burqas , garments that veiled their faces, including their eyes. After calm was restored, a displeased Mayor Jan Creemers summoned the women to his office.

"I said, 'Ladies, you can be dressed all in Armani black for all I care, but please do not cover your faces,' " Creemers recalled. "I tried to talk to them about it, but it was impossible. They said, 'We are the only true believers of the Koran.' "

What the city elders did not know at the time was that the women came from households in which several men had embraced radical Islam and joined a terrorist network that was setting up sleeper cells across Europe, according to Belgian federal prosecutors and court documents from Italy, Spain and France.


In Maaseik, residents still find it hard to believe that their town served as a hub for an international terrorist network. In an attempt to contain extremism, the town passed a law last year that bans anyone from wearing a burqa. The fine: 125 euros, or about $150.

Five of the six Maaseik women who kicked off the burqa controversy have agreed to obey the ordinance.
The only holdout: Samira Haski, wife of one of the GICM defendants and sister of another. She is challenging the measure in court, according to Mayor Creemers.

"Sometimes, I see her on the street, still wearing it," he said. "She sees me, and she runs away."

Friday, January 13, 2006

If britain is so terrible, why are muslims fleeing their own failed societies?

If britain is so terrible, why are muslims fleeing their own hell hole failed countries and flocking to the west?

Britain 'like the inside of a toilet', said Hamza
By Duncan Gardham

Abu Hamza, the Muslim preacher, was heard calling for the "blood and destruction" of non-believers at the Old Bailey yesterday and describing Britain as a country "like the inside of a toilet".

The jury at his trial on nine counts of soliciting to murder, four counts of using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour and two further counts of possessing abusive recordings with a view to distribution and possession of a document useful to preparing terrorism heard the former imam of Finsbury Park, north London, speak for the first time in two videos made by his followers.

In the recordings, each more than two hours long, Hamza was also heard accusing the Prime Minister of killing Muslim children.

The first video, called the "Holy Way to Khilafa" (Muslim nationhood), showed Hamza seated at a table with a banner which read "Al-Jihad" during a meeting in Whitechapel, east London, in 1997 or 1998.

He told the unseen audience that living in Britain was like the "inside of a toilet" and added: "We are all under the heavy boots of the kufr (unbeliever)."

"This is why they talk of the Khilafa now," he added.

"Some talk of it as the drug which they need to vent themselves, others they talk about it as the only solution."

Quoting the prophet Mohammed he added: "The blood and destruction is the destruction upon you kaffirs."

He said democracy was crumbling and laid out a two-stage plan to replace it with a Muslim nation.

The first he said meant "bleed them from their sides, their heads, their economy, everything until they surrender."

The preacher went on: "Like you imagine you have only one small knife and you have a big animal in the front of you, the size of the knife you can't slaughter him with this.

"You have to stab him here and there until he bleeds to death, until he die, then you cut his meat the way you like it or leave it for the maggots."

After that he claimed: "The people who called you terrorist before, they will call you khalifas (Muslim rulers) and the scholars who used to call you khawarij (rebels against Islam) yesterday, they will write poems about you."

The second stage involved taking control of the whole world, he added.

"Don't be a shield for the kufr because we will get you," he added. "Even if you are not a target and you are in the target area. If you fear them, you should fear Allah more. It's a bloody way."

Hamza told his followers they would eventually see a Muslim ruler in the White House and added: "The whole earth, it will be for Muslims, this is a promise from Allah.

"Go and fight, light and heavy, rich and poor, sick and healthy," he told his followers and identified targets as every court, interest-charging banks, video shops which sell "naked" videos and brothels.

"You have to bleed the enemy, whether you work alone, you work with a group or you work with your own family, work has to be done.

"Tease them, make them afraid, show their humiliation." Hamza added: "Anybody he sees a deficiency and an enemy of Islam, just go and kill him."

Laughing when a woman asked him whether she could join the holy war, Hamza told her to tell her children, if they were aged 10 or 12, to "go with their father for training . . . make sure he shows them videos about Jihad ideas, bring them up for Jihad."

In the second video, filmed in September 1999, Hamza described Britain as a kaffir (unbeliever) country which does not apply Shariah law and is therefore at war and accused Tony Blair of killing "many of our children".

He added: "Most of them are pagans; preachers have become homosexuals; churches have become places of dancing, iniquity, business, black magic, you name it."

The case continues.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Is the culture of islam incapable of anything but violent, chaotic, failed societies?

Is the culture of islam incapable of anything but violent, chaotic, failed societies?

Fatah candidate tells MARK MacKINNON her party has done enough wrong to lose the election

JERUSALEM -- Jihad Abu Zneid sighs deeply as she picks her way through the potholed streets of the Shuafat Palestinian refugee camp. The uncollected garbage is ankle high and children carrying startlingly real-looking toy guns sprint past her in packs, playing a game of "Arabs and Israelis" based on everyday life here.

To Ms. Abu Zneid, a long-time women's-rights advocate in this East Jerusalem slum, everything around her is proof of how close Palestinian society is to collapsing into complete chaos. Though she's a candidate for the ruling Fatah movement in parliamentary elections scheduled for Jan. 25, she believes her party has done enough wrong to deserve to lose.

With lawlessness on the rise, the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy and the Islamist Hamas movement steadily gaining popularity, the coming election of the 132-seat Palestinian Legislative Council is increasingly looking like a make-or-break moment for Palestinians and their hopes of eventually having an independent, functional state.

With Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon incapacitated by a massive stroke and unlikely to return to office, the erosion of the Palestinian Authority's control and the rise of Hamas will pose significant challenges for his successor.

"I ask myself every day where we are going, what kind of state we are going to build," Ms. Abu Zneid says grimly, her high-heeled boots slipping a bit on pavement red with blood from animals slaughtered this week for the feast Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday marking the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.

"Nobody follows the rules, nobody believes in the law. . . . All the world is watching us as we build our state and our institutions, but this is the way to hell."

The culture that condones this

We are in a war against the culture that condones this abomination:


This insane culture must assimilate Posted by Picasa

NYPD Gets 'Islamic-Culture Training'

This is the wrong way to fight the culture war:
Muslims must assimilate or we will face decades of our young guys getting butchered.

NYPD Gets 'Islamic-Culture Training'

Police in New York are getting "Islamic-culture training” to prepare them for dealing with Muslims in the city, home to 16 percent of the nation’s Muslims.

About 100 members of the NYPD’s hostage negotiating team spent a day at a local college learning about mosques, prayer rituals, holidays and other facets of Islamic life.

The instruction was designed to give negotiators tips on dealing with any hostage situation involving Muslim perpetrators, according to the New York Post.

Points of Muslim etiquette covered in the training include:

Don’t step on prayer rugs, never display the soles of your feet

Shake a woman’s hand only if she offers it, and

Remember that dogs are not allowed in most Muslim homes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The only way to stop islamic terror is to change the culture

The good general recognizes that the ONLY way to stop islamofascist terror is to CHANGE THE CULTURE. He gets the fact that the culture war is as important if not more important than the military war:

General says stopping desire to strike U.S. is the only way to end war

By: MARK WALKER - Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO ---- The only way to win the global war on terrorism and end the fighting in Iraq is to stop groups of disaffected men from being willing to die to strike a blow against the United States, the commanding general of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command said Tuesday.

The comment from Lt. Gen. James Mattis, former commander of Camp Pendleton's 1st Marine Division, came during a panel discussion on lessons learned from combat in Iraq at a conference sponsored by the U.S. Naval Institute and the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association.

"They cannot win at the ballot box, which is why they use terrorism," said Mattis, who got into hot water during an appearance before the same group last year when he said it was "a hell of a lot of fun to shoot some people."

Mattis was more guarded in his remarks this year, saying at the start of his address at the San Diego Convention Center that it is "a pleasure and an honor to defend this country."

The general, who now works out of Quantico, Va., said the biggest threat to world peace today comes from unstable Middle East nations where groups of young men don't have economic opportunities and become frustrated and angry.

"We're going to be drawn in, and if these failing states are going to be breeding grounds for terrorism, we have to be ready for that," Mattis said.

The best course is develop strategic approaches to "drying up this pool of disaffected men," he said.

Where are the voices of the moderate leadership?

Silence denotes unspoken approval:

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Demagoguery aimed at stirring up the sheeple

Demagoguery aimed at stirring up the sheeple.

Where is the moderate, honorable leadership of islam??? What kind of belief system would be stirring up the masses to hatred and murder???

Hajj pilgrims: Death to Israel and America
The Media Line ^ | 01.10.06 | Yaniv Berman

Islamic pilgrims shout hateful slogans, hear speech on 'satanic policies of Zionism'
Yaniv Berman

As two million Muslim pilgrims flooded Mecca for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, a speech said to have been written by Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah 'Ali Khamanai was delivered by his representative for Hajj affairs, Muhammad Muhammadi Reyshahri.

The speech - one of the Hajj’s first events - spoke of "the mercenary government of Israel" and the "satanic policies of international Zionism," as well as targeting the United States.

Typical was an attack on the "colonial methods" used by the "Great Satan." During the speech, many members of the audience held up yellow placards reading "Death to America" and pink placards reading "Death to Israel.”

Comments of this nature made by the Iranian regime are far from new. But as The Media Line's analysts explain, the fact that they were expressed by an Iranian official on Saudi Arabian soil in the language of the Saudis (and not in Farsi, the Iranian language), should be a source of concern to Washington. Saudi Arabia is considered one of America's most important allies in the Middle East.

Following are some excerpts from the Khamanai speech, as read by Muhammad Muhammadi Reyshahri:

"The Muslim nations face today a post-modernist colonialism. They have to benefit from their experience, and prevent the enemy from repeating the unsheathing of its sword in the shape of oppression against their values and fate."
'Great Satan'

"Today, the fleets of the arrogants are advancing once again, using cunning methods to perpetuate and strengthen their rule over the Muslim nations. The slogan of spreading democracy and human rights is one of the deceiving methods used. The Great Satan (common phrase in Iran, depicting the United States) is incarnating evil and violence against mankind, while raising the flag of defending human rights, and calling the Middle East nations to democratize."

"America and all other usurpers mobilized all their media outlets and political forces, in order to thwart the Islamic renaissance, or to oppress it if they can. The Islamic nations must understand the situation today, and to follow it with caution. The religious clerics, the religious authorities, the intellectuals, the students, the writers, the poets, the artists, the youth, and the elite – must all take with all seriousness the appropriate initiative, in order to prevent greedy America from beginning a new phase in its colonial rule over the Islamic nations."

"The Muslim world has to get rid of the constant state of learning from others, and to rely on its own resources, aiming at scientific creativity."

"The blind and brutal terror, which the occupiers use as an excuse to attack Islam and Muslims, and to continue their military invasion, is something that the Islamic values reject and denounce."


Saudi Arabian officials and the Ministry of Hajj failed to respond to numerous requests for comment by The Media Line.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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What if Bush turns out to be one of the great presidents???


What if they are all wrong - and Bush turns out to be one of the great American presidents?

For a left liberal like me, it is not easy to commit heresy. After all, we are meant to be open-minded free thinkers, unshackled by taboos. Nevertheless there is one thought so heretical, merely to utter it would ensure instant excommunication. I hesitate even to pose it as a question. But here goes. What if George W Bush was to prove to be one of the great American presidents?
At first blush, it seems a nonsensical proposition. As I write, Bush's poll ratings have plunged to the Nixonian depths; one of his top officials, “Scooter” Libby has been indicted on perjury charges, while his closest counsel, Karl Rove, remains under investigation; Bush has botched a Supreme Court nomination; he stands accused of ballooning the federal deficit; images of the dead floating in the streets of a flooded, Katrina-hit New Orleans still linger in the American imagination; and, gravest of all, the death toll of US personnel killed in Iraq is in excess of 2,000. The Bush presidency, even some Republicans predict, will be remembered only as a disaster.
Why do all these people seem like they’re rehashing the assessments of Lincoln, of Reagan, even of Nixon? Because they are rehashing, that’s why: And yet history has a funny habit of messing with presidencies. Ronald Reagan was dismissed as a joke by plenty of Europeans and Brits in the 1980s, yet he is revered in the United States as one of the great occupants of the highest office: the national airport bears his name. Even Richard Nixon, for a quarter century a byword for presidential calamity, has found himself the object of some benign revisionism in the last few years. This new version holds that Nixon was strategically sound on the Cold War and surprisingly moderate at home, and therefore insists that his place in the history books should no longer be reducible to that single word: Watergate. Could the historians of the future take a similar, kindly second look at the 43rd president of the United States?
And all the laughter in Europe and among the mandarins here didn’t change the broad American opinion about Reagan. God knows they tried. “Amiable dunce,” right? Of course, any claim [for Bush] to greatness will depend on Iraq, a word as sure to be engraved on the heart of Bush as Calais was on Mary Tudor's. Today's conventional wisdom, taking in every foreign ministry in the world – including most of the US State Department – holds that Operation Enduring Iraqi Freedom has been a tragedy of errors. Based on faulty premises, disingenuously sold and incompetently planned, the mission of 2003 is widely regarded as an abject failure.
But the future may not see it that way. The war removed one of the most hated tyrants of modern times, shifting Saddam Hussein from a palace to a prison cell. Couple that with the toppling of the Taliban, a regime of cruelty and brutal philistinism, and Bush's defenders have a powerful opening argument.
These things are true, and the rest of what he has to say about Bush's legacy is hopeful, even compelling................

Bush may turn out to be the great leader who ended tyranny in the world. Since it has been said that tyranny has killed far more people than have been killed in wars, it could be said that Bush's courageous actions will save countless lives, muslim as well as non muslim. Muslim tyrants seem hell bent on killing their fellow muslims.

Passing cultural laws of total assimilation is a heck of a lot cheaper

Passing cultural laws of total assimilation is a heck of a lot cheaper and easier and totally bloodless, than decade after decade of our young guys getting killed, plus the youth of islam getting killed, plus innocents all over the world getting butchered.

Who in their right mind wouldn't be scared?

Research reports fear of Muslims


MANY Melburnians have become fearful of foreigners, and some have admitted to discrimination since the September 11 terrorist attacks, a Monash University researcher says.


"I found that a majority of those I spoke to were fearful and cautious of sitting with, or near, others on public transport who they deemed to be of foreign or middle eastern appearance," Mr Howie said.

Many of the people he interviewed told him they had become more anxious about their safety after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

Who in their right mind wouldn't be scared?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Head up the hindy alert

Women in our midst living in mortal terror

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali risks her life to fight for oppressed women in her adopted country—and in Britain, too

When Somali-born Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali took part in a television programme about Islamic Sharia law in 2003, she ended up contributing much more than her opinion on Islam and its treatment of women. A young woman from a Muslim family told the programme makers she was in fear of her life from her relatives who hit her and called her a whore for wanting to go out with her friends and wearing western clothes. Hirsi Ali listened to her story, then took the young woman to the police, only to be told: “We can’t help you. There are so many girls like you and this is not police work.”

It is not usually a politician’s job to look after threatened Muslim girls either, but that is what Ayaan Hirsi Ali did. She took the girl into her own home for nearly a year, enabling her to finish higher education. “She encouraged me every day,” says her protégée, who now has a job and her own flat. “Because of her I am stronger. It’s very difficult and dangerous for women from my community to speak out. Ayaan does that for us. We need her.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 36, believes passionately that showing Europeans what goes on in some Muslim homes in our midst will kick-start a process of emancipation. “If only people, including those in Britain, were aware of the sheer number of girls living in terror,” she says. “Just going outside without your father or your brother’s permission can lead to your being taken to the home country of your parents and being shot dead. You can be forced into marriage with someone who’s going to rape you every night. You will conceive children year after year when you don’t want to be pregnant.”

The culture that condones this must not be allowed to flourish in the West.

A culture that condones actions like these is doomed

Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

Tehran, Iran, Jan. 07 – An Iranian court has sentenced a teenage rape victim to death by hanging after she weepingly confessed that she had unintentionally killed a man who had tried to rape both her and her niece.

The state-run daily Etemaad reported on Saturday that 18-year-old Nazanin confessed to stabbing one of three men who had attacked the pair along with their boyfriends while they were spending some time in a park west of the Iranian capital in March 2005.

Nazanin, who was 17 years old at the time of the incident, said that after the three men started to throw stones at them, the two girls’ boyfriends quickly escaped on their motorbikes leaving the pair helpless.................

A culture that condones actions like these will never be successful.

A culture that condones actions like these is doomed
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