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Report Shows Muslims Near Bottom of Social Ladder

Report Shows Muslims Near Bottom of Social Ladder
NYT Asia Pacific


NEW DELHI, Nov. 24 — Even those who caution against “illusions of grandeur and power,” as the head of India’s governing coalition, Sonia Gandhi, did last week, cannot hide their sense of pride at the idea of India as a nation that extends the concessions of secular democracy to its many castes, creeds and faiths.

Yet that notion has come under some strain in recent days, with an official panel having concluded that Muslims, India’s largest religious minority, are “lagging behind” on most things that matter.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s office, which is reviewing the report, summarized the panel’s biting conclusion this way: “The community is relatively poor, more illiterate, has lower access to education, lower representation in public- and private-sector jobs and lower availability of bank credit for self-employment. In urban areas, the community mostly lives in slums characterized by poor municipal infrastructure.”


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culture of sexual repression

November 27, 2006
Sex and the Suicide Bomber?
James Lewis
Pierre Rehov's new movie, Suicide Killers: Paradise is Hell features in-depth interviews with young would-be suicide bombers. Rehov is a French Jew who grew up in Algeria and knows Muslim culture in depth. His film sums up the "terrifying serenity" of the teenage suiciders, who have found their personal solution to "sexual frustration plus a constant sense of shame and humiliation." That is certainly consistent with what we know about Mohammed Atta, the leader of the Twin Towers suicide bombers, who spent the night before his mass murder at a girlie show. In his will Atta insisted that no woman should be allowed to touch his body after death. He is iconic of overwhelming attraction to women combined with deep revulsion.

Muslim orthodoxy is sexually repressive, rigorously separating boys and girls before and after puberty, until men gain enough power in the clan to select a sexual partner. At the same time the Koran glorifies sexual delights. In the patriarchal desert tribes of Arabia, powerful men had multiple wives, and powerless ones were deprived and humiliated. Raiding other peoples was a way to obtain sexual slaves, one that was considered glorious. Islamist radicalism is a throwback to that ancient tribal culture.

In a shame culture, public "face" is everything. Humiliations are rehearsed from generation to generation, in much the way that Balkan Christians still teach their children about the humiliations inflicted upon them by the Ottoman Empire. Vengeance is held out as the solution. The suicide-bomber is at the extreme end of socio-sexual shame and humiliation, achieving vengeance and resolution by his death in one final act. This is how the "heavenly wind" of kamikaze fighters went to their deaths in WWII Japan.

Western culture has lost much of its sense of shame about sexuality in the last half century. Yet it is hard to see that the West has solved Civilization and its Discontents, as Freud called it. We have traded one set of discontents against another. Our abortion and divorce rates, our proportion of children growing up without fathers, are nothing to boast about.

Muslims are constantly reminded by the media and the web of how the West has managed to tear the veil from sexuality, both publicizing and trivializing sex and shame. Islamism can be seen as a mass revulsion from the strip tease industry of movies and ads. But of course the supermarket of sexual hyper-stimulation only makes things worse for those who are shut in. The West glorifies the orgiastic life and incites envy, and from envy to hatred is only a small step.

Mohammed himself used his power to marry and enslave multiple women, creating a kind of enviable model for the Islamic imagination. Yet there are times when he worried about his sexual potency. He, too, internalized the whiplash of ambivalence between attraction and repulsion, desire and shame.

Will the Western cult of free sex soften Islamic culture? Or will the shame culture of Islam carry out its revenge on the West? Suicide-bombings like 9/11 are only the visible headlines. Underneath, in literally billions of human minds, a witches' cauldron is brewing between sexuality, shame, envy and vengeance, all amplified by the media, by the imams and their demagogic sermons, and by opportunistic politicians.

That turbulent cauldron will end up shaping the future. Toss nuclear weapons into the mix, and human civilization itself is at grave risk.

All the jews have been kicked out of iraq, who can they blame???

Palestinians brutally targeted in Iraq
Middle East Online ^ | Nov, 28, 2006

Palestinians brutally targeted in Iraq, Palestinians face rape, torture, death in post-2003 Iraq, desperately in need of help to leave county.

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Education of girls is forbidden in radical islam - the cultural linchpin would be secular education of girls in secular attire

This story is from our network Source: AFP

Hundreds of schools to close after killings
From correspondents in Bangkok
November 25, 2006
THAILAND will close more than 300 public schools in the country's restive Muslim-majority south after two Buddhist teachers were killed by suspected Islamic militants this week, an official said.

The decision will affect all 334 schools, ranging from elementary to high schools, in Pattani, one of three violence-torn southern provinces bordering Malaysia, the official said.

"We have to close all schools in Pattani indefinitely because no one can guarantee teachers' safety," said Boonsom Thongsriplai, the chairman of the Teachers Federation of Pattani (TFP). The closure will be effective as of Monday.

The closure was in response to the killings of two Buddhist school teachers in Pattani this week.

Non Chaisuwan, a 48-year-old school director, was gunned down Friday inside his parked car by militants, who then set fire to the bullet-riddled vehicle.

The TFP said Mr Non was the 60th teacher killed during three years of unrest in the south.

On Thursday, Suradej Waddeanga, a 40-year-old Buddhist school teacher, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting after work.....snip.........

Some 100 schools in neighboring Yala province also remained closed amid a spike in arson attacks against school buildings.

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Extreme religious dress was undoubtedly part of this, why banning burkas would be so effective

We're leaving the country after racists abused and spat at me
The Daily Mail 24th November 2006

A white Muslim mother who was spat at and abused by drunken football fans in front of her children today told of her humiliation at the hands of the "racist cowards".

Mother-of-five Michelle Idrees, 27, from Luton, said she had been too scared to travel to London or use public transport since the ordeal.

British-born convert Mrs Idrees was called a "f***ing Muslim slag" and told her son, then aged four, would be the "next suicide bomber" by a family of Arsenal supporters on a busy train.

She is now planning to leave Britain because she feels her children have no future in this country. Mrs Idrees said: "It was terrifying. All my children were crying hysterically, but these men wouldn't stop.

"It makes me sick to think things have got so bad for Muslims that three men can say such disgusting things and threaten to punch a mother in the face, in front of her children, and nobody on the train does anything."

One of the men had called her a "Paki-loving whore" and told her to go back to her own country.

"They were big, aggressive men. I wouldn't have answered back but I had to protect my children. Britain's changed so much since 9/11 and 7/7 that people think we're all terrorists."

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another reason why bloodless cultural laws would be so effective in stopping extremism

Women Asked to Leave Seminar"

by Raid Qusti for Arab News:

RIYADH, 22 November 2006 — A presenter from King Saud University at an international medical seminar at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center caused a stir yesterday when he insisted that all women — including medical and media professionals — leave the room before he would enter the room to give his presentation.
Initially some women expressed consternation at the request, but later relented and left the room so the doctor and orthodox man could give his presentation about Islam and the ethics of organ donation and end-of-life issues.
Prior to the presentation by Dr. Yousef Al-Ahmed, the audience was informed that the doctor would not be in the same room with women when he spoke about medical ethics.
“We had to ask the female medical staff to leave the hall based on the sheikh’s request,” said a member of the organizing committee who preferred to remain anonymous.
“This is ridiculous,” said one woman, a medical professional and Muslim. “In the Grand Mosque in Makkah men and women pray together. Why are we being asked to leave? This guy knows a hospital is a mixed place. He should have realized that before he came,” she said. “I am being put in a very embarrassing situation.”
Actually, the Saudi clerics recently tried to restrict women there, too.

A Saudi woman who specializes in neuroscience said the doctor had no right to ask women to leave.
“We had every right to be there,” she said on condition of anonymity. “We were attending a scientific medical symposium. If he did not want to attend the symposium because it was mixed with men and women medical experts doing their job, that is his problem, not ours.”
After Al-Ahmed persisted on his request that women not pollute his presentation with their presence, event coordinators began urging women to leave so the event could continue. Two women reporters from Saudi Arabian Television Channel One and Saudi satellite channel Al-Ekhabriya were also told to leave the hall.

A cultural tragedy

Jailed for adultery and murder, the child forced to marry at 12
from The Times

by Anthony Loyd

Sakina was sold by her father to a 65-year-old man, who was killed after one beating too many. Now his family say they want revenge

Engaged at 7, married at 12, jailed on a murder charge at 14, Sakina has never known justice and seldom been free. But at least she is safe in captivity. Beyond the walls of her detention centre many people want her dead. The eldest daughter of a poor Afghan farmer, she was sold into marriage by her father to a 65-year-old stranger for a $1,400 (£750) dowry, a deal designed to pay off debts.

“He was a very old man, without any teeth, and he was always cruel to me,” said Sakina, an alias. A striking, sharp-witted teenager wrapped in a coloured shawl, at first she displayed little evidence of trauma, though human rights officials and social workers say that most juvenile detainees in the country are scarred, both by their lives and subsequent experiences in the prison system.

“He was very jealous and never let me out of the house, not even to see my family,” Sakina added. “He used to beat me with a stick or cable, sometimes twice a day.” The beatings started on her wedding night when her husband thrashed his 12-year-old bride for her sexual ignorance.

One night there was a beating too many. Sakina woke to find the old man trying to throttle her with a rope. Her screams attracted her husband’s nephew, who burst into the room. There was a fight. The old man died of strangulation. Sakina and the nephew were jailed for murder. She was given an additional year for having an affair with the nephew, a charge she denies.


Sakina’s fate has been made worse by threats from her dead husband’s family to kill her the day she is released. “Her life is in danger the moment she is free,” Mr Rahim, of War Child, said. “The relatives of her dead husband still bear her animosity. No one will marry her. People will call her a prostitute. Some may try to take revenge. We know from these girls that they see only two alternatives when free — escape or suicide. Whatever the case, they will have a very bad time of it at home.”

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

imams are the puppetmasters behind the brainwashed

6 imams removed from flight at Twin Cities airport, questioned
KVOA News 4 Tuscon, AZ

by AP reporter Gregg Aamot

MINNEAPOLIS -- Six Muslim imams on Monday were removed from a US Airways flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and questioned by police for several hours before being released, a leader of the group said.

The six were among passengers who boarded Flight 300, bound for Phoenix, around 6:30 p.m., airport spokesman Pat Hogan said.

A passenger initially raised concerns about the group through a note passed to a flight attendant, according to Andrea Rader, a spokeswoman for US Airways. She said police were called after the captain and airport security workers asked the men to leave the plane and the men refused..snip........

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A characteristic of a failed society is suppression and mistreatment of women

Jihadis and whores
By Spengler

Wars are won by destroying the enemy's will to fight. A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women.

The French sold their women to the German occupiers in 1940, and the Germans and Japanese sold their women to the Americans after World War II. The women of the former Soviet Union are still selling themselves in huge numbers. Hundreds of thousands of female Ukrainian "tourists" entered Germany after the then-foreign minister Joschka Fischer loosened visa standards


That is why the Islamists - Muslims who seek a new theocracy - display a sense of extreme urgency. They are not conservative Muslims, for they reject Muslim society as it exists as corrupt and decadent. They are revolutionaries who want to create a new kind of totalitarian theocracy that orders every detail of human life. [3]
Nothing is more threadbare than the claim of Islamists to defend Muslim womanhood. Islamist radicals (like the penny-a-marriage mullahs of Iran) are the world's most prolific pimps. The same networks that move female flesh across borders also provide illegal passage for jihadis, and the proceeds of human trafficking often support Islamist terrorists. From Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur to Sarajevo to Tirana, the criminals who trade in women overlap with jihadist networks. Prostitutes serve the terror network in a number of capacities, including suicide bombing. The going rate for a Muslim woman who can pass for a European to carry a suicide bomb currently is more than US$100,000. The Persian prostitute is the camp follower of the jihadi, joined to him in a pact of national suicide.

Cultural warfare. Brainwashing of young minds


by Daniel Jones

BRITISH Muslims as young as 12 are being urged to attack the QUEEN.

They hear hate-fuelled rants of banned Islamic fanatics like Omar Bakri Muhammad in an internet "mosque".

People investigators listened as a British-born follower of exiled Bakri spouted a shocking online sermon branding Her Majesty "a vile woman and enemy of Islam."

The fanatic, whose identity is known by The People, added: "We declare animosity towards her."

British Muslim kids who log on to the cyber mosque and other sinister websites can also:

WATCH a cartoon of a Muslim child being shot by Western soldiers and then going to paradise.

CHAT online with extremists barred from conventional mosques.

LISTEN to the fanatics urging them to hate non-Muslims, Jews and Westerners.

PLAY a sick video game in which they shoot Tony Blair.

Conservative homeland security spokesman Patrick Mercer said: "These remarks about the Queen are deeply insulting to the Royal Family and to the rest of Britain. It also verges on being treason."

The chilling call to attack Her Majesty was made by a fanatic using the pseudonym Abu Baraa on the web.

For legal reasons The People is not publishing his identity.

Baraa's rant came after he was asked: "What are the guidelines on the British Royal Family in the way we should deal with them?"

The fanatic replied: "The British Royal Family are enemies of Conservative Islam and Muslims. They are enemies of Allah.

"There is no war or no law that is passed in this country without the Queen herself.

"She is part and parcel of the war against Islam so no Muslim should have allegiance to the Queen, to the enemy of Allah, or to have any love for her or any allegiance to her or any support for her.

"She is a vile woman and she is the enemy of Islam. We should see her as enemy. We hate her."

Referring to Muslim Jihadist fighters, he said: "There is no problem for them to target her or to treat her as a complete enemy."

MI5 boss Dame Eliza Manningham- Buller and Home Secretary John Reid have warned that young British Muslims are being groomed for terrorism.

Youngsters can email questions to fanatics in the UK like Baraa and in countries like Lebanon where Omar Bakri is holed up.

A security expert said: "These people are brainwashing young British Muslims."

An associate of Bakri said: "Talks by him in no way encourage Muslims in Britain to carry out any action."

Culture warfare must start with freedom for women

Muslim feminists in NY want to start Koran council

by Manuela Badawy

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Muslim feminists from around the world vowed to create the first women's council to interpret the Koran and overcome two stereotypes about their religion: Muslims are terrorists and Islam oppresses women.

The women's council was among the most groundbreaking ideas introduced at a weekend meeting of more than 100 leaders in the fledgling Islamic feminist movement.

Many in the newly formed group, the Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality, or WISE, said strict sharia law was not divine because it was created by men and should be changed to incorporate women's rights.

"In our societies men hold power and they decide what Islam should mean and how we can obey that particular understanding of Islam," said Zainab Anwar, executive director of Sisters in Islam, a Malaysian organization working on women's rights within the Islamic framework.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The moderates in Nazi Germany didn't speak up, and guess what, they're all dead

Silence and Fury in Cairo After Sexual Attacks on Women
New York Times


There is fear in the shops along Talat Harb Street, and shame. It is not because of what the people who work here say they witnessed, the crowds of men groping women and pulling at their clothing. They fear the police returning, and they are shamed by their own silence.

“You know how our government works,” said a store clerk, his voice pulled tight as he was guided by a co-worker back into a shop just as he had begun to recount the attacks he witnessed. Another clerk told a reporter, “After you left the last time, state security came in and asked if we spoke to the press and demanded that we not speak to anyone.”

moderate Germans did nothing in the 20s and 30s, most of them died

The next POTUS will be critical in the threat of fascism that threatens the world

Islamic militancy could yield world war: U.S. general

by Scott Malone

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (Reuters) - The top U.S. general in the Middle East said on Friday that if the world does not find a way to stem the rise of Islamic militancy, it will face a third world war.

Army Gen. John Abizaid compared the rise of militant ideologies, such as the force driving al Qaeda, to the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s that set the stage for World War Two.

"If we don't have guts enough to confront this ideology today, we'll go through World War Three tomorrow," Abizaid said in a speech titled "The Long War," at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, outside Boston.

If not stopped, Abizaid said extremists would be allowed to "gain an advantage, to gain a safe haven, to develop weapons of mass destruction, to develop a national place from which to operate. And I think that the dangers associated with that are just too great to comprehend."

Abizaid said the world faces three major hurdles in stabilizing the Middle East region: Easing Arab-Israeli tensions, stemming the spread of militant extremism, and dealing with Iran, which Washington has accused of seeking to develop nuclear bombs.

"Where these three problems come together happens to come in a place known as Iraq," said Abizaid, who earlier in the week warned Congress against seeking a timeline for withdrawing U.S. troops from the country that is wracked by insurgent and sectarian violence.

"The sacrifice that is necessary to stabilize Iraq, in my view, must be sustained in order for the region itself to become more resilient," Abizaid said.

A week after President George W. Bush's Republicans took a drubbing in congressional elections largely because of voter anger over the Iraq war, Abizaid said the United States had underestimated the challenge of preparing Iraq security forces to stabilize the violent country.

"We thought we could go from U.S.-led to Iraqi-led without having to pay the price of the transition, in terms of manpower and resources, etc.," Abizaid said. "Now we realize we have to invest heavily in this transition so you can bring them up faster."

In testimony to congressional committees on Wednesday, Abizaid rejected calls to either boost U.S. troop levels to quell the violence or to start a phased withdrawal from Iraq.

He said the level of violence there was "unacceptably high" and said the 140,000 U.S. forces currently deployed there should focus on training Iraqi units.

Lawmakers from both parties criticized Abizaid's comments as showing the Pentagon had not developed a new, effective plan for the Iraq situation.

A huge step in bloodless cultural warfare

Holland to ban burqa as 'terror threat'
The Daily Telegraph

by Joan Clements

Holland is to become the first country in Europe to ban the burqa after the government announced plans to introduce legislation outlawing the head-to-toe Islamic garment "within days".

The cabinet decreed yesterday that it posed a "terrorist threat" because it prevented the wearers' face being identified. The ban is likely to extend to all face-covering veils and prevent anyone "appearing in public with covered facial features".

Rita Verdonk, the hard-line immigration minister known as "Iron Rita", has made no secret of her dislike of the garment, which she believes "aids and abets the repression of women".

Calling it "a danger to the country's security" yesterday, she said it was undesirable "for reasons of public order, security and protection of citizens".

"People should be recognisable and, from the standpoint of integration, we think people should be able to communicate with one another."

Ministers concluded last week that a ban should be introduced but that it would be against constitutional law. However, Mrs Verdonk said she had found a loophole that had been given cabinet support. She said an existing ban on the wearing of integral motorcycle helmets could be extended to cover the burqa.

Muslim groups denounced the decision as a "ridiculous" overreaction. "I do not think people who have bad things in their minds would wear a burqa," said a spokesman for the CMO, the main Muslim body. He said only 30 people wore them in Holland.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dutch to ban wearing of Muslim burqa in public

Great move. Will moderate in no time at all.

Dutch to ban wearing of Muslim burqa in public

by Alezandra Hudson

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch government agreed on Friday a total ban on the wearing of burqas and other Muslim face veils in public, justifying the move on security grounds.

Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk will now draw up legislation which will result in the Netherlands, once one of Europe's most easy-going nations, imposing some of the continent's toughest laws against concealing the face.

"The cabinet finds it undesirable that garments covering the face -- including the burqa -- should be worn in public in view of public order, (and) the security and protection of fellow citizens," the Dutch Justice Ministry said in a statement.

The debate on face veils and whether they prevent Muslim integration has gathered momentum across Europe.

The Netherlands would be the first European state to impose a countrywide ban on Islamic face coverings, though other countries have already outlawed them in specific places.

The move by the centre-right government comes just five days before a general election. The campaign has focused on issues like the economy rather than immigration and integration because most mainstream parties have hardened their stances.

Last December Dutch lawmakers voted in favour of a proposal by far-right politician Geert Wilders to outlaw face-coverings and asked Verdonk to examine the feasibility of such a ban.

Because veils were worn for religious reasons, she had feared new legislation could come into conflict with religious freedom laws. But she said on Friday this was not the case.


Existing legislation already limits the wearing of burqas and other total coverings on public transport or in schools.

France has banned the Muslim headscarf and other religious garb from state schools while discussion in Britain centres on limiting the full facial veil, or niqab.

Italy has a decades-old law against covering the face in public as an anti-terrorism measure. Some politicians have called for this rule to be enforced against veiled Muslim women.

The Muslim community estimates that only about 50 women in the Netherlands wear the head-to-toe burqa or the niqab, a face veil that conceals everything but the eyes.

Dutch Muslim groups have complained a burqa ban would make the country's one million Muslims feel more victimised and alienated, regardless of whether they approve of burqas or not.

"What the government is doing now is totally disproportionate to the number of women who actually wear the burqa," Ayhan Tonca, chairman of an umbrella group of Dutch Muslim organisations, said last week.

"The legislation we already have to protect people for security reasons is adequate."

Hope, a Dutch-born Muslim, said nobody had the right to forbid her wearing a niqab. "If someone decides I cannot wear it then I will feel suppressed," she told Reuters last week.

In recent years the Dutch have lost their reputation for tolerance and pushed through some of Europe's toughest entry and integration laws.

Social and religious tensions have escalated in the last few years, exacerbated by the murder of film director Theo van Gogh by a Dutch-Moroccan militant in 2004.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Any moderates in islam better stand up or millions of muslims and non muslims are going to be killed

Islamic Moderates Get Mad

November 16, 2006:

Islamic radicalism gets a lot of publicity. And why not? These thugs kill lots of people, in spectacular ways, and then boast of doing it in the name of God. Or that least their version of God, who, they say, commands them to keep on killing. These guys seek the publicity, and know that their horrific acts attract the media. But what about all the Moslems who are not fans of Islamic terrorism? They are the majority, and there are lots of them actively opposing the fanatics. These backlash incidents rarely make the press. Not quite violent enough. But in places like Indonesia, Pakistan, the Gulf States, Africa and Bosnia, the moderates are stopping the radicals. Sometimes with violence, but more often with words, or using the law and their greater numbers. The radicals will often cry "religious persecution," or insist that their opponents are not "true Moslems." These antics have lost a lot of their impact during the last few years. Mainstream Moslems are getting tired of the empty rhetoric and bullying.

In Indonesia, gangs of Islamic radicals on "anti-vice" patrols (to bust up bars and movie theaters), are increasingly running into groups of cops, or pissed off citizens, who chase off the radicals (or arrest them.) Indonesian Islamic radicals have made themselves lots of enemies by denouncing popular religious leaders. The many followers, of those denounced, make their own threats of violence. It's getting harder to be hard core.

In Bosnia, an Arab religious leader, a follower of the very conservative Wahhabi sect, accused a popular local religious leader of being a communist (that is, a Moslem leader that was less than truly Islamic during the decades of communist rule). This caused a major uproar, and the radical cleric felt compelled to make a public apology. That may not be enough, either. Western nations have been after Bosnia to crack down on the many radical Moslems who have taken up residence in Bosnia. There are currently some 1,500 foreign Moslems who have settled down in Bosnia. Most of these came during the fighting in the 1990s, to help out. Many married local women, and some were very active with their Islamic radicalism. As a result of that, over 150 have lost their citizenship and been sent packing, or to jail, or kept under observation.

The antics of Islamic radicals, and the responses of moderate Moslems, is becoming more widely known in the Moslem world. Even if the mass media tends to ignore these things. As a result, the Islamic radicals are facing a growing threat in their own "homeland." But this is a cycle that has been playing out for centuries. Only historians even recognize it, but we will all be able to observe it this time around.

The culture that poisons young minds

Muslim group posts videos on YouTube
The Daily Telegraph

by Duncan Gardham

Muslim fundamentalists have harnessed the technology of mainstream internet sites to produce a huge growth in propaganda videos, experts say.

Among those taking advantage of the internet is the group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which has a number of its videos on the popular site YouTube.

HuT was caught in controversy yesterday after an informant claimed that it was showing violent videos and teaching young people to attack non-believers in Croydon, south London.

HuT denies promoting the use of violence or criminal activity.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Young minds at risk

Hate Videos Of Muslim Group They Failed To Ban
The Telegraph

byDuncan Gardham

Hate videos of Muslim group they failed to ban

By Duncan Gardham

A Muslim organisation which the Government chose not to ban is preaching hatred and has infiltrated the Home Office, an investigation has revealed.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is showing inflammatory videos to small groups of followers then encouraging them to attack non-believers.

An HuT member has gained a job as an information technology worker in the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office and been given a grant to organise an event for the radical group, it has been claimed in an undercover investigation by Vigil, a group campaigning against religious extremism.

In a mocked-up video shown to new recruits, a woman interrogator at Guantanamo Bay was shown wiping blood over the face of a prisoner to make him confess. A student in his twenties, who posed as a recruit to HuT, said: "The reaction was shocking.

"The group were clenching their fists and shouting, 'We'll kill her, how can you do this to our brothers? F****** kuffars [non-believers]."

"Afterwards the mushrif [leader] asked for our opinions and people seemed to think the British were the same, they were saying, 'A kuffar is a kuffar and f****** British troops, we have to do something.'

"They said, 'we have to attack from the inside' and I think they meant terror attacks."

The young man, who is known as Jay - not his real name – was forced to rob three people to show his loyalty to the group.

The group, which met at West Croydon Mosque, comprised five black and Asian men, aged between 18 and 28, most of them unemployed and four of them converts. Each group had a number and theirs was in the fifties. "They were thugs," said Jay, who spent six months with them.

Jay said the group were shown DVDs on three occasions, each accompanied by a talk by the mushrif.

The last showed a mock-up of soldiers attacking prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

"The last video was about 45mins or 60mins long and showed Americans beating and torturing chained

Guantanamo prisoners," said Jay.

"They told us what to obey and what to believe - it was like brainwashing.

"They tell you that they are allowed to hurt the kuffar, do whatever they want if they feel like it and they'd say, 'let's go out and beat someone up and take their money.'

"If they're not stopped somebody will get hurt."

Patrick Mercer, Conservative security spokesman, said of the investigation, screened last night on BBC2's Newsnight: "We need legislation that allows us to deal with these groups in whatever guise they appear.

"If it can be proved that they are doing wrong they should be banned and any individuals associated with them prosecuted."

Hizb ut-Tahrir was omitted when new legislation banned other radical groups, making it a criminal offence to belong to them or organise a meeting to be addressed by a group member.

Although the group claims it is non-violent, their website advocates the introduction of shariah law and adds: "We begin fighting the enemy even if he did not start fighting us."

Last night the group said in a statement: "We do not advocate or otherwise promote the use of violence or any criminal activity against civilians in the UK or anywhere else in the world."

Another reason why banning religious headdress would have a profound effect on the radicals

Germany’s Headscarf Scandal--Politician under police protection, told Muslim women to remove scarves ^ | November 14, 2006 | Stephen Brown

What a woman wears on her head may literally cost you your head in Germany.

That is what German politician Ekin Deligoz discovered recently when she called upon Muslim women in Germany to take off their headscarves. Deligoz, who is Turkish-born, has long expressed her opposition to the scarf’s wearing and wants Muslim women in her adopted country to lay it aside, believing it is a symbol oppression and patriarchy. There are more than three million Muslims in Germany and about two million are Turks or of Turkish descent.

“You live here, so take your headscarf off,” said Deligoz in a German newspaper.

But unlike the veil controversy in England where the Leader of the House of Commons, Jack Straw, wanted Muslim women to go about with uncovered faces, Deligoz, a member of the leftist Green Party in the Bundestag, has received numerous death threats as a result of her comments. Ninety per cent of the threats, the Green politician said, were from men. Also unlike Straw, Deligoz now has joined the lengthening list of European writers, editors and politicians, among others, who have to accept police protection in their own countries due to threats from Muslim extremists.

Some German Muslim feminists see a danger to Germany’s legal and social order in the headscarf’s wearing, viewing it as part of the creeping Islamization of German society. Author Serap Cileli, a champion of Muslim women’s rights in Germany, views the headscarf as outwardly representing the fundamentalist Sharia legal order rather than a sign of faith. Sharia, in turn, she says, demands the subordination of women to men. So the head scarf, according to Cileli, is really a symbol of oppression.

As well, other Muslim feminists maintain the headscarf, like the veil, is a conscious self-segregation of its Muslim wearers from Western society and values.

And as the headscarf controversy flares up in Germany, it isn’t only the extremists who are venting their venom against Deligoz and other German Muslim feminists who oppose its wearing. In Turkey, the newspaper Yeni Mesaj claimed the Bundestag representative and another supportive politician, Lale Akgun, also a woman of Turkish descent, have been “made into Germans in Germany.” The two women have distanced themselves, the report stated, from their Turkish and Islamic identity, remaining Turkish in name only. The newspaper also said Deligoz and Argun are using Nazi-like logic in calling for the headscarf’s disappearance.

In truth, the only ones using Nazi-like logic here are the newspaper’s editors, especially with their reference to race with the inference of the superiority of one over the other. Moreover, their hate-filled comments make it obvious why the integration of Muslim immigrants has failed in so many European countries.

As expected, not much support for Deligoz is forthcoming from Muslim associations in Germany. While they condemned the death threats, according to a newspaper report, the associations sharply criticized their co-religionist. The chairman of one Muslim organization said Deligoz’s comments were nonsense. What is important for him, he continued, is “that she is allowed to spread this foolishness.” All of which, again, clearly shows the disturbing attitude of some Muslim leaders living in European societies toward the Western tradition of freedom of expression.

Moreover, some Muslim women teachers in German schools, where the wearing of the headscarf by instructors is forbidden, are offering resistance to this dress-code regulation. In the state of North Rhineland-Westphalia, where the ban came into effect last May, several Muslim teachers continued to show up in class with covered heads. It was last reported discussions were being held with the malefactors before implementing any disciplinary measures, which include dismissal.

In another well-known case, a Muslim teacher in different German state even tried to overturn the headscarf regulation in court, but failed. Muslim teachers have also tried to get around the headscarf ban in the classroom by decorating their head coverings and presenting them simply as a fashion accessory and not as “a religious-political symbol.” This, according to one school official, has created a “grey zone.” But another German school official, exercising more firmness and common sense, said the redecorating of the scarves to evade the law will not be tolerated.

But all the news is not bad. Emal Algan, the daughter of the founder in Germany of Milli Gorus (National Vision), a large, radical Turkish Muslim organization, laid aside her headscarf last year. Until then, the 44-year old Algan had led a typical life for a Turkish woman. Promised in marriage at sixteen, married at nineteen and the mother of six children, she had led a sheltered existence. Bearing her father’s famous name, however, had given her standing in Germany’s large Turkish community, where the now divorced German-Muslim was honorary chairperson for years of Milli Gorus’ women’s association.

In a newspaper interview last year, Algen said that without the identifying head scarf, she was now just “one of many” and was looking forward to a scarfless life,

“Almost every door is open to me now, and I step through inconspicuously,” she said.

And although many of her former Muslim friends have shunned her since her decision, Algen did not regret taking off the scarf, giving as her reason what should be the last word for any Muslim woman considering the same move: “My head belongs to me.”

Young minds must not be poisoned with hatred and murder and suicideforsex

Monday, November 13, 2006

hmmmmmmm? Truth or double speak???

In appreciation of the radical imams of the West
The American Muslim

by Mona Eltahawy

Let us appreciate the radical imams of the West. As a liberal Muslim woman I am generally loathe to express gratitude to conservative men, but the more these imams perfect the ability to say something stupid - often in Arabic, thinking that no one will find out - the more attainable they make my goal: to show that these men do not represent all Muslims.

This is especially important at a time when so many Muslims in the West, particularly in Europe, are being put through the wringer of integration and always found wanting.

Because these radical imams, who have failed to integrate in the West, have unilaterally appointed themselves as our spokesmen - and are so readily accepted as such by the media - their shortcomings are easily projected onto the community as a whole.

Is it any wonder that one study in the United States revealed recently that fewer than 10 percent of Muslims there attend mosque on a regular basis? A similar study in Denmark put the figure there at less than 20 percent.

The imams who are sent from Arab countries usually only speak Arabic and arrive with a suitcase full of stale ideas that are woefully out of touch with the concerns of the congregations they have been sent to tend to and even more out of sync with the culture and mores of their new homes.

Take Sheikh Taj al-Din Hamid Hilaly, Australia’s top Muslim cleric who recently asked for an indefinite leave of absence from his duties after he was barred from preaching for three months over having blamed women for rape. The Egyptian-born cleric is but the latest imam whose talent for placing his foot far into his mouth has ironically done the Australian Muslim community a huge favor.

Hilaly’s outrageous words - at one point in a sermon he described women who did not dress modestly as “uncovered meat” - earned him the wrath not just of mainstream Australian society, but more importantly, of many within the Muslim community itself, including the board of the Sydney mosque where he preaches. The board should have fired him. But short of that, the three-month suspension was a clear message that many Muslims in Hilaly’s congregation refuse to condone such a hatefully misogynistic attitude.

Some Australian Muslims defended Hilaly. While I cannot understand how anyone could defend such views, I can only welcome disagreement among Muslims. What a relief to have our differences so openly aired after years of lazy stereotyping that has portrayed Muslims as a homogenous lump.

You see why I have to thank Hilaly?

The anger directed at him was particularly important because the Muslim world has been so quick to take offense recently. In less than a year, we have seen Muslim anger over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in a Danish newspaper, comments by Pope Benedict XVI that linked Islam and violence, and former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s view that the face veil, or niqab, prevented communication. If Muslim offense at any of these things is to be taken seriously, rather than viewed merely as political opportunism by our numerous self-appointed leaders, then that same anger must mobilize and direct itself against “our own.” And we have seen just that happen in Australia.

There’s a sad but interesting twist to the Hilaly controversy. In a sermon during the holy month of Ramadan, Hilaly told his Sydney congregation that sexual assault might not happen if women dressed in the hijab - i.e. covered all their body except for the face and hands - and stayed at home.

Just days after Australian newspapers first reported the English translation of his sermon, a mob in Cairo went on a rampage, sexually assaulting several women. The assaulters did not distinguish between women who wore hijabs and those who did not.

The Egyptian media has largely ignored the story, but bloggers who posted eye-witness accounts of the assaults were quick to connect the attacks to Hilaly’s hateful words. So he has even managed to stir anger in his country of birth.

To further appreciate the positive consequences of the blunders of imams, take the case of Ahmed Abu Laban, the Copenhagen cleric who helped organize a trip to Egypt and Lebanon last year to rally support among Muslim leaders for protests against the Prophet drawings in Jyllands-Posten.

His claims that he spoke on behalf of all Danish Muslims did wonders for the community. For one, it motivated Naser Khader, the first Muslim member of the Danish Parliament, to launch the moderate group Democratic Muslims. More poignantly, the sight of Abu Laban saying one thing to a Danish television crew and then almost in the same breath saying the complete opposite to an Arabic TV crew inspired many to join Khader’s group.

I have spent two of the past six months in Denmark researching the lives of Muslims there. Many told me that Abu Laban’s duplicity was pivotal in inspiring them to step forward and identify themselves as Muslims who disagreed with the imam. Danish journalists have told me they do not immediately turn to Abu Laban anymore to speak for Muslims. It looks like Muslims in Denmark are slowly being allowed the differences enjoyed by other groups.

So once again, let us appreciate the radical imams of the West.

Mona Eltahawy is a New York-based journalist and commentator and a frequent lecturer internationally on Arab and Muslim issues. This commentary initially appeared in THE DAILY STAR. Her Web site is

Archbishop: Muslim women shouldn't wear veils in public

Archbishop: Muslim women shouldn't wear veils in public
The Evening Standard

One of the Church of England's most senior figures today risks a row with the Muslim community by suggesting that Islamic women should not wear veils in public.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Mail, Dr John Sentamu warns that 'no minority' should impose its beliefs on the rest of society and that the veil causes Muslim women to 'stick out'.

The Archbishop of York - who ranks second in the Church's hierarchy - also says the BBC is biased against Christians because Anglicans don't threaten to 'bomb' the corporation.

And in a strongly-worded analysis of the state of modern Britain, the Uganda-born cleric makes a passionate defence of the Queen, family values and faith schools.

The Archbishop's comments on veils follow Jack Straw's revelation that he asks Muslim women to remove their niqabs before speaking to him at his constituency surgery.

Dr Sentamu said: 'Muslim scholars would say three questions: 1. Does it conform to norms of decency? 2. Does it render you more secure? 3. What kind of Islam are you projecting by wearing it?

'I think in the British context it renders you less secure because you stick out and it brings unwelcome attention. On the first question, I don't think it does.'

His views put him at odds with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams who has said it would be ' politically dangerous' if society did not allow visible signs of faith.

Dr Sentamu goes on to reveal that he removes his cross when he visits Mosques. 'I am going into someone else's home,' he says. 'And I can't simply say: "Take me as I am whether you like it or not".'

His attack on the BBC reflects growing unease over the corporation's pro-Muslim agenda. Dr Sentamu said: 'We get more knocks, they can do to us what they dare not do to the Muslims. We are fair game because they can get away with it. We don't go down there and say we are going to bomb your place. It is not within our nature.'

He also launches a strong defence of faith schools and rejects Government attempts to impose quotas.

Dr Sentamu warns that materialism is destroying family life and urges a return to Victorian family values. 'We have become a society where we all gather round the microwaves, or the television. Even while you are eating, the television is blaring.' He also calls on people to take more pride in Britain. 'When I was in Uganda, everything that was British was best. If you went to a shop to buy a ruler, you looked for one that said "Made in Britain". But now this country disbelieves in itself in an amazing way.'

Launching a defence of the monarchy, he says: 'The Church of England reminds the nation that in this country the Queen is the defender of the faith, the head of the Commonwealth and the head of state.'

The Archbishop also calls for more restraint at Christmas. 'I would suggest this Advent eating less and not spending so much.'

Netherlands moves toward total ban on Muslim veils

A critical social linchpin that will relieve the moderates and send the extremists scurrying back to their failed hellhole societies, where they can whine snivel and bawl and blame all their self created problems on israel and america.

Netherlands moves toward total ban on Muslim veils

Dan Bell
Saturday November 11, 2006
The Guardian

The Netherlands may become the first European country to ban Muslim face veils after its government pledged yesterday to outlaw the wearing in public spaces of the niqab, or veil, and the burka, or full-length cloak covering the head.The right-leaning coalition said last night that it would look for a way to outlaw the wearing of all Muslim face veils. The grounds for a ban were laid last December when parliament voted in favour of a proposal to criminalise face coverings........

read more at:,,1945461,00.html

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Understanding the culture

Hot for martyrdom

Michael Coren, National PostPublished: Friday, November 03, 2006

Dr. Tawfik Hamid doesn't tell people where he lives. Not the street, not the city, not even the country. It's safer that way. It's only the letters of testimony from some of the highest intelligence officers in the Western world that enable him to move freely. This medical doctor, author and activist once was a member of Egypt's Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya (Arabic for "the Islamic Group"), a banned terrorist organization. He was trained under Ayman al-Zawahiri, the bearded jihadi who appears in Bin Laden's videos, telling the world that Islamic violence will stop only once we all become Muslims.

He's a disarmingly gentle and courteous man. But he's determined to tell a complacent North America what he knows about fundamentalist Muslim imperialism.

"Yes, 'imperialism,' " he tells me. "The deliberate and determined expansion of militant Islam and its attempt to triumph not only in the Islamic world but in Europe and North America. Pure ideology. Muslim terrorists kill and slaughter not because of what they experience but because of what they believe."

Hamid drank in the message of Jihadism while at medical school in Cairo, and devoted himself to the cause. His group began meeting in a small room. Then a larger one. Then a Mosque reserved for followers of al-Zawahiri. By the time Hamid left the movement, its members were intimidating other students who were unsympathetic.

He is now 45 years old, and has had many years to reflect on why he was willing to die and kill for his religion. "The first thing you have to understand is that it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with poverty or lack of education," he says. "I was from a middle-class family and my parents were not religious. Hardly anyone in the movement at university came from a background that was different from mine.

"I've heard this poverty nonsense time and time again from Western apologists for Islam, most of them not Muslim by the way. There are millions of passive supporters of terror who may be poor and needy but most of those who do the killing are wealthy, privileged, educated and free. If it were about poverty, ask yourself why it is middle-class Muslims -- and never poor Christians -- who become suicide bombers in Palestine."

His analysis is fascinating. Muslim fundamentalists believe, he insists, that Saudi Arabia's petroleum-based wealth is a divine gift, and that Saudi influence is sanctioned by Allah. Thus the extreme brand of Sunni Islam that spread from the Kingdom to the rest of the Islamic world is regarded not merely as one interpretation of the religion but the only genuine interpretation. The expansion of violent and regressive Islam, he continues, began in the late 1970s, and can be traced precisely to the growing financial clout of Saudi Arabia.

"We're not talking about a fringe cult here," he tells me. "Salafist [fundamentalist] Islam is the dominant version of the religion and is taught in almost every Islamic university in the world. It is puritanical, extreme and does, yes, mean that women can be beaten, apostates killed and Jews called pigs and monkeys."

He leans back, takes a deep breath and moves to another area, one that he says is far too seldom discussed: "North Americans are too squeamish about discussing the obvious sexual dynamic behind suicide bombings. If they understood contemporary Islamic society, they would understand the sheer sexual tension of Sunni Muslim men. Look at the figures for suicide bombings and see how few are from the Shiite world. Terrorism and violence yes, but not suicide. The overwhelming majority are from Sunnis. Now within the Shiite world there are what is known as temporary marriages, lasting anywhere from an hour to 95 years. It enables men to release their sexual frustrations."Islam condemns extra-marital sex as well as masturbation, which is also taught in the Christian tradition. But Islam also tells of unlimited sexual ecstasy in paradise with beautiful virgins for the martyr who gives his life for the faith. Don't for a moment underestimate this blinding passion or its influence on those who accept fundamentalism."A pause. "I know. I was one who accepted it."This partial explanation is shocking more for its banality than its horror. Mass murder provoked partly by simple lust. But it cannot be denied that letters written by suicide bombers frequently dwell on waiting virgins and sexual gratification."The sexual aspect is, of course, just one part of this. But I can tell you what it is not about. Not about Israel, not about Iraq, not about Afghanistan. They are mere excuses. Algerian Muslim fundamentalists murdered 150,000 other Algerian Muslims, sometimes slitting the throats of children in front of their parents. Are you seriously telling me that this was because of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians or American foreign policy?"He's exasperated now, visibly angry at what he sees as a willful Western foolishness. "Stop asking what you have done wrong. Stop it! They're slaughtering you like sheep and you still look within. You criticize your history, your institutions, your churches. Why can't you realize that it has nothing to do with what you have done but with what they want."Then he leaves -- for where, he cannot say. A voice that is silenced in its homeland and too often ignored by those who prefer convenient revision to disturbing truth. The tragedy is that Tawfik Hamid is almost used to it.- Michael Coren is an author and broadcaster.

Pacifism enables radical islam

Appeasement in the end gets more innocents killed.
Appeasement gets more and more moderates killed, thus enabling the radicals to flourish unimpeded
By appeasing radical islam, a huge mistake, moderate islam is getting more and more of it's moderates killed.
Moderate islam MUST stand up to the radicals or moderate islam will perish off the face of the earth and, in the end, far more muslims will be killed

Pacifism won't stop radical Islam
Napa Valley Register


I was in a recent discussion about the war on terror and the nature of the Radical Wahhabi sect of Muslims. One person felt that war is wrong and that a pacifistic approach would be more successful. To engage in war was to become like your enemy, and to retain our humanity we must be pacifists.

This person cited Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Jesus as examples of successful pacifists. I agree that pacifism is preferable to war in instances where it is logical to follow that path. In other words, it has to work.

In the case of Gandhi, it worked because he was fighting a country that had moral lines that they would not cross. He wore the British down. They would never have gathered up their enemies and gleefully beheaded them with dull knives. That would have been contrary to what a civilized nation does to its subjects. So in the case of Gandhi, pacifism worked.

It worked for Martin Luther King because he was in America. Again, America does not believe in the use of dull knives and beheading as a means to an end. In America, among other rights granted in our constitution, people are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It worked for Jesus' followers when society adapted its beliefs to a more Christian outlook. Jesus was a martyr, and it took many years for Christianity to catch on.

Historically, pacifism didn't work to stop Hitler. When he rose to power, Jewish pacifism made it easier for him to round them up. One neighborhood put up a fight, but that was only after they realized what was happening to the other Jews already taken. By then it was too late. Negotiations went on with Hitler for seven years before World War II finally broke out. That gave him seven years to round up the undesirables and deposit them into his death camps. Six million people were murdered. You can kill a lot of people in seven years while negotiating in bad faith. Hitler had his plan and he stuck with it. It did not stop until war broke out, and he was forced to stop.

Let's look at Stalin. Seven million purge victims were put in labor/death camps, on top of the hundreds of thousands who had been slaughtered outright.

Neither Hitler nor Stalin seemed to have much patience with objections from their citizens. Logically I can't see passive resistance as an option to stopping their plans.

So will pacifism work in the case of radical Muslim terrorists ? Well first off, if you have read the Koran, there are many passages advocating the killing of infidels. The Wahhabis whole-heartedly agree with these passages and interpret them to mean all non-believers. In fact, it is the only holy book that I know of that can be interpreted to advocate the killing of non-believers. These fascists hold the power in the Muslim world. The Muslims who disagree are for the most part silent. And can you blame them? The crazy guys have the guns. They believe they have Allah on their side, and will kill Muslims just as easily if they disagree. The Wahhabi fundamentalists also believe in expansionism and have been working to achieve that goal since this crazy sect was first restarted back in the beginning of the 20th century. And it seems to be working.

Radical Muslims have caused the deaths of more than 10 million people in half a century. The count continues to rise. They continue to move into other countries and demand their religious rights. When enough arrive and the local population refuses to convert, they are killed. More than two million Christians have been killed by Wahhabi Muslims in Sudan since 1989. Now African Muslims are being killed by these radicals in the Darfur region. Algeria has a death count of a quarter-million Muslim citizens being killed by Wahhabis. In Spain, protests have been breaking out and rioting has occurred in the streets. In the Philippines, kidnapping and assassinations are occurring more often. There are problems in Chechnya, France, Denmark and Norway. The United States was attacked on 9/11. Radical Muslims are behind all of this. In Palestine, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, money is funneled to support this terrorism. Saddam Hussein, former ruler of Iraq, also gave money to terrorist bombers, and turned a blind eye to terrorists meeting within his borders because promoting unrest in the Middle East allowed him a firmer control of his own corrupt and murderous government.

If you do not convert to their radical form of Islam, then you are an infidel. You can be lied to, and killed without any consequences. When you are not even granted basic civil rights, which we here in America take for granted, how do you expect passive resistance to work?

Pacifism helps radical Muslims, just as it helped Hitler during World War II. Pacifism allows the killing to continue.

Killing Little Children for the Culture

Killing Little Children for the Cause
Strategy Page

A good example, of how self-destructive Islamic radicalism is, can be seen in the continuing campaign to stop polio vaccinations. Several years ago, Islamic conservatives in Nigeria began urging parents to refuse polio vaccinations for their children. Eventually, this thwarted the worldwide effort to wipe out polio, because dozens of new cases appeared in Nigeria. All this comes from paranoid rumors that the medicine was a Western attempt to sterilize Moslem children. The Nigerian government put pressure on conservative Islamic leaders to stop preaching against the vaccination program, with mixed results. Islamic radicals are preaching against other types of vaccinations as well, causing something of an "Islamic Plague" among the growing number of unvaccinated children.

This sort of illogical, self-destructive, paranoia is popular among Islamic radicals and terrorists. It's a form of the popular hysteria that usually just manifests itself in rather harmless hero worship of entertainers or athletes. But since Islam was founded on the use of violence to spread the faith, and enforce discipline among followers, there's no end to this custom of conjuring up imaginary threats, and then getting violent over the issue. But in this case, most of the victims are young children, who are paralyzed for life, or killed, because their parents, caught up in paranoid fervor, refuse the vaccinations. In some cases, the Islamic radicals use force to keep the vaccination teams from an area, thus preventing many parents, who want the vaccinations, from getting them.

To some extent, these irrational and destructive policies should provide some counterterrorist opportunities. But not always, because of the delusional nature of this Islamic paranoia, even the negative outcomes of, say, stopping vaccinations, can be blamed on evil infidels (non-Moslems.) It takes a lot of effort to overcome this mentality, but until that is done, Islamic terrorism will keep coming back, as it has done for centuries.

Halloween costume burkas

This was part of an advertisement for Halloween costumes in a local store. The resemblence between demons and burkas is remarkable.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Extremism thrives on rigid cultural control. Great first step

Dutch to ban Muslim veils

By Alexandra Hudson in Amsterdam

THE Dutch government has announced that it would seek a way of banning the wearing of burqas and other Muslim face veils in public places, possibly becoming the first European country to impose such a ruling.

The announcement comes at a time when the debate on such veils and whether they prevent Muslims from integrating has gathered momentum across Europe and drawn comments from leaders such as Britain's Tony Blair and Italy's Romano Prodi.

Last December Dutch lawmakers voted in favour of a proposal by far-right politician Geert Wilders to outlaw face-coverings, partly on security grounds, and asked Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk to examine the feasibility of such a ban.

Ms Verdonk said the fact veils were worn for religious reasons could bring new legislation into conflict with Dutch religious freedom laws, but signalled the government would try to find a way around this.

Very serious stuff, why extremism must not be allowed to flourish under the radar

Terrorists Are Recruiting In Our Schools, Says MI5 Boss
The Telegraph

by Philip Johnston

Terrorists are recruiting in our schools, says MI5 boss

By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor

MI5 is fighting to contain a rapidly-growing terrorist threat, with at least 30 top-priority plots under investigation, the head of the security service said yesterday.

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller: Stark warning

Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said Islamic militants linked to al-Qa'eda were recruiting teenagers to carry out suicide attacks and will use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons if they get the chance.

In a rare public speech, she gave a frank and sobering insight into the challenge facing the counter-terrorist agency, which has seen an 80 per cent rise in its casework since January.

Dame Eliza told an invited audience at Queen Mary College, London, that MI5 was monitoring some 200 groupings or networks comprising more than 1,600 individuals ''who are actively engaged in plotting or facilitating, terrorist acts here and overseas".

The nature and gravity of the threat was deepening, fuelled by the rapid radicalisation of young British Muslims – some still at school, yet prepared to join the ranks of the suicide bombers. She said the country faced a sustained and growing threat that ''would last a generation".

Although the MI5 chief normally prefers to stay in the background, Dame Eliza has followed the precedent set by her two predecessors in making the occasional public speech. This was her third since the July 7 bombings in London last year and, with the clearance of the Home Secretary, contained the starkest assessment yet of the dangers facing the country.

She said she was not seeking to be alarmist or deliberately stirring up fear to exaggerate her service's importance though, even with a thousand more officers than it had in 2001, MI5 could argue it remains understaffed because of the labour-intensive nature of its surveillance work. As a result, it was having to prioritise its inquiries on an almost daily basis.

Dame Eliza added: ''Because of the sheer scale of what we face, the task is daunting. We shan't always make the right choices and we recognise that we shall have scarce sympathy if we are unable to prevent one of our targets committing an atrocity."

Although a parliamentary inquiry into the July 7 attacks exonerated MI5 of any intelligence failures, it later emerged that two of the bombers had been known to the service, though only indirectly. But Dame Eliza said hunting the terrorists was not as simple as it appeared on the BBC TV series Spooks where everything was ''(a) knowable and (b) soluble by six people".

While MI5 was recruiting fast in an effort to infiltrate militant groups, this was proving ever more difficult because of the youth of some targets. ''Young teenagers are being groomed to be suicide bombers," she said. ''We are aware of numerous plots to kill people and to damage our economy. What do I mean by numerous? Five? 10? No, nearer 30 – that we know of."

Two of the July 7 bombers were known to MI5

She added: ''These plots often have links back to al-Qa'eda in Pakistan and through those links al-Qa'eda gives guidance and training to its largely British footsoldiers here on an extensive and growing scale."

Dame Eliza said surveys among Muslims suggested there could be as many as 100,000 people who considered that the July 7 atrocities were justified. But finding those who were prepared to cause us harm was difficult ''given the scale and speed of radicalisation and the age of some being radicalised even while still at school".

She added: ''We need to be alert to attempts to radicalise and indoctrinate our youth and to seek to counter it. Radicalising elements within communities are trying to exploit grievances for terrorist purposes; it is the youth who are being actively targeted, groomed, radicalised and sent on a path that frighteningly quickly could end in their

involvement in mass murder of their fellow UK citizens or their early death in a suicide attack or on a foreign battlefield.

"I do not speak in this way to alarm, nor as the cynics might claim, to enhance the reputation of my organisation but to give the most frank account I can of the al-Qa'eda threat to the UK.

"The threat is serious, is growing and will, I believe, be with us for a generation.

It is a sustained campaign, not a series of isolated incidents. It aims to wear down our will to resist."

A similar message was being delivered on the other side of London yesterday by Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary.

In a speech to the Royal United Services Institute think-tank, she called on mainstream Muslims to "stand up and be counted" in the struggle against terrorism.

"The Muslim communities in this country did not ask the terrorists to act in their name," she said.

"The vast majority are sickened by the slur on their great and noble faith. They make a huge and vital contribution to the life of this country.

"And they, the Muslim communities, have a special ability to make a difference in the struggle against extremism."

Mrs Beckett said it was "positively dangerous" to give a platform to fringe radicals as if they represented the Muslim community as a whole.

"When the next story about relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in this country hits the headlines, let's look for other voices

than those that represent a tiny minority viewpoint on one side or the other and offer the microphone to measured, mainstream voices who have the credibility and influence to tackle extremist distortions and offer a genuinely more balanced interpretation of events.

"We should let the extremists bark in the night while we, the vast moderate majority, find a common way to defeat them and the terrorism they espouse."

The culture that allows brainwashing of young minds into extremism is in big trouble

More Britons are turning to terror, says MI5 director

by Michael Evans

More Britons are turning to terror, says MI5 director By Michael Evans # 1,600 suspects under surveillance # 30 plots to kill, maim, damage # 200 terror groups or networks Hundreds of young British Muslims are being radicalised, groomed and set on a path to mass murder, the head of MI5 said yesterday.

In a stark public warning, Dame Eliza ManninghamBuller, the Director-General of MI5, revealed that the Security Service’s caseload had risen by 80 per cent since January and now involved about 30 “Priority 1” plots.

It has identified 200 terrorist networks involving at least 1,600 people, many under the direct control of al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan.

“More and more people are moving from passive sympathy towards active terrorism through being radicalised or indoctrinated by friends, families, in organised training events here and overseas,” she said. “Young teenagers are being groomed to be suicide bombers.”

Dame Eliza said that she was alarmed by the “scale and speed” of the radicalisation, which security sources later said had intensified since the 7/7 bombings. “It is the youth who are being actively targeted, groomed, radicalised and set on a path that frighteningly quickly could end in their involvement in mass murder of their fellow citizens, or their early death in a suicide attack or on a foreign battlefield,” she said.

“Killing oneself and others in response is an attractive option for some citizens of this country and others around the world. [The] threat is serious, is growing and will, I believe, be with us for a generation. It is a sustained campaign, not a series of isolated incidents. It aims to wear down our will to resist.”

Dame Eliza admitted that, despite a major recruitment drive, just 6 per cent of MI5’s staff came from ethnic minorities. This compares with 8 per cent in the Metropolitan Police. Security sources insisted that change was happening and, of 400 people recruited this year, 14 per cent were from ethnic minority groups.

Dame Eliza’s comments came in an address to a discreet audience from the Mile End Group run by Peter Hennessy, Professor of Contemporary British History at Queen Mary, University of London.

She timed her stark assessment to coincide with the conviction of Dhiren Barot, the al-Qaeda planner who was jailed for 40 years this week for plotting car bomb and dirty bombs attacks in London.

In her speech she said the methods used by terrorists had become more sophisticated.

“Today we see the use of home-made improvised explosive devices,” she said.

“Tomorrow’s threat may, and I suggest will, include the use of chemical, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology,” she said.

Her assessment of 30 Prior- ity 1 plots is a significant increase on the 24 “major conspiracies” referred to by John Reid, the Home Secretary, in August.

Both police and security sources have given warning that Britain has become the No 1 target for al-Qaeda.

The significant Muslim population and the constant flow of British-born Pakistanis visiting their families in Pakistan every year have been cited as providing al-Qaeda with opportunities for converting young people to terrorism.

“My officers and the police are working to contend with some 200 groupings or networks, totalling over 1,600 identified individuals (and there will be many we don’t know) who are actively engaged in plotting or facilitating terrorist acts here and overseas,” Dame Eliza said.

Those terror networks “often have links back to al-Qaeda in Pakistan and, through those links, al-Qaeda gives guidance and training to its largely British foot soldiers here on an extensive and growing scale”.

The head of MI5’s speech, which was approved by ministers, comes after recent warnings given by Peter Clarke, head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command, and by Mr Reid. They both said that the terrorist threat would be long and enduring.

Why banning religious headdress in all government places would send extremists away

Lawyers 'can wear veils in court' [UK]
BBC News on line

Legal advisers and solicitors may wear the Islamic veil in court unless it interferes with the "interests of justice", judges have been told.

The judiciary were told to use their discretion to interpret the temporary guidance, which covers all courts.

The advice was issued by immigration tribunals chief Mr Justice Hodge after a case had to be halted when a legal adviser refused to remove her veil.

The Lord Chief Justice said full rules on the veils issue were being drawn up.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Iran's once active campuses falling silent

by Edmund Blair

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's university campuses are falling silent. Student activists, once at the vanguard of a movement seeking political and social change in the Islamic Republic, say they are increasingly afraid to speak out.

"I used to take part in so many protests. I was arrested twice, once in 2001 and once in 2003," said student Mehdi Aminzadeh, describing his role in rallies during the tenure of pro-reform former President Mohammad Khatami.

"The situation has changed a lot since that time. The pressures have pushed us to be more cautious," said the 29-year-old, who says he has been barred from registering for a masters in political science.

Since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took power in August last year vowing a return to Islamic revolutionary principles, activists say 181 students have been summoned to university disciplinary boards and 105 of them were suspended.

Most have been reinstated but Aminzadeh is among a handful who activists say are still barred from registering to study.

Many students, who wanted more radical change to Iran's system of clerical rule than reformist politicians proposed, became disenchanted even before Khatami left office in 2005. Reformists, when in power, failed to deliver on many promises.

Critics say the authorities, since Ahamdinejad's election, have been slowly tightening the screws on rivals, not in sweeping gestures, but with measures that send a clear message about the cost of opposition and silencing activists.

As well as clamping down on students, critical professors say they have been pushed into early retirement. A leading pro-reform newspaper has been shut. And Western diplomats say their cultural events or exchanges are facing obstacles.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Palestinians aren't broke-plenty of money for weapons, just no money for teachers and doctors.

Money for murder, chaos and mayhem

The Palestinians aren't broke-plenty of money for weapons, just no money for teachers and doctors.
Jerusalem Post


If there is one thing at which the Palestinians excel, it is public relations. With their elected government ostracized by the West, their task would seem daunting. Yet despite this handicap, they have successfully diverted Western attention for months from two embarrassing questions.

The first relates to money. In recent months, the media have been filled with dire reports about the growing humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian Authority. And at first glance, this seems logical: The West cut off aid to the Palestinian government after Hamas took power, and since Western aid comprised most of the PA's budget, a crisis would seem inevitable.

Yet as recent news reports have made clear, the PA appears to have plenty of money. It has simply chosen to use its funds for purposes other than its people's welfare.

extremism was a "monster of our making" and that some Muslim preachers were "brainwashing" young people

Tycoon wants extremists targeted [He's a British Muslim]
BBC News on line

A leading Muslim businessman has called on the government to be more "heavy-handed" when tackling extremism. Sir Gulam Noon said protests from human rights activists should be resisted in some cases to prevent another terror attack in the UK.

He said extremism was a "monster of our making" and that some Muslim preachers were "brainwashing" young people.

Sir Gulam, a major Labour party donor, has advised the government on Muslim matters and was knighted in 2002.

Writing in the Independent newspaper, Sir Gulam welcomed government measures against extremism and said they came "not before time".

"This is not scaremongering: the bombers will try again, and when that happens, many in the Muslim community fear a backlash. The problem is this risks the radicalisation of yet more young Muslims. And so the spiral worsens."

Sir Gulam, who describes himself as "an enthusiast for integration", praises British multi-culturalism and the chances it offered to immigrants like himself.

Sir Gulam is a millionaire who made his fortune in supplying ready-made curries to supermarkets.

The entrepreneur said most Muslims wanted to get on with their lives without the threat of terrorist violence.

Being associated with such violence in the minds of the wider public could lead to a "backlash", he warned.

He said Muslims, especially parents, must do more the stop the "indoctrination" of young people.

But the Muslim community could not do it alone, Sir Gulam added, and said needed help from both the government and relevant authorities.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

frustrated male virgins?

Cairo street crowds target women
from BBC By Magdi Abdelhadi

The incidents were first reported online by Egyptian bloggers, some of whom saw large number of men harassing the women and ripping off their clothes.

It all happened over the Eid al-Fitr period starting on 23 October, as thousands of young men thronged the streets of central Cairo to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

One blogger who took pictures of what happened dubbed the incidents "sexual voracity down town".

According to the bloggers, the attackers targeted veiled as well as unveiled women who happened to be on their own.

The state media ignored the incidents, but ordinary Egyptians where shocked when they heard for the first time eyewitness accounts broadcast on the private television channel Dream.

Women chased

"We saw one girl being chased by a man, her blouse torn off, she ran inside a restaurant," one eyewitness reported.

We took the girl inside and locked the door. There were four or five of us. But there were hundreds of young men outside trying to break down the door Cairo shop owner

"Seconds later young boys were shouting that there was another one by the Miami cinema. We went there and saw another girl surrounded by a crowd trying to assault her. She managed to run inside a nearby building.

"A third girl jumped into a cab as she was being chased. But the taxi couldn't move because of the crowd. Then they tried to pull the driver out of the car then the girl herself," the witness told Dream TV.

One eyewitness was too embarrassed to recount what he saw: "There were youths harassing the young women. What a shame! I really can not say any more about it."

Social malaise

One blogger wrote that as the police failed to protect the women, shop keepers had to intervene.

A shop owner described to the TV station what happened: "We took the girl inside and locked the door. There were four or five of us. But there were hundreds of young men outside trying to break down the door."

The bloggers blamed the incidents on widespread sexual frustration among Egypt's youths.

Most of them cannot afford to get married and premarital sex is strictly forbidden.

One commentator said that this was evidence of the breakdown of law and order in Egypt.

Another said the state deployed the police only to suppress political dissent but could not care less about the welfare of its own citizens.

A psychologist, Amr Abu Khaleel, attributed the predatory behaviour to the possible use of drugs and the breakdown of traditional values. Egyptians are horrified by the news that women have been assaulted by hordes of young men in the centre of the capital, Cairo.

One prominent writer and journalist, Nabeel Sharaf al-Deen, said that such behaviour was the symptom of a deeper malaise in Egyptian society and warned that such incidents were the first stirrings of much bigger social unrest.

A statement by the ministry of the interior played down the incident, adding that it had not received any complaints from the public. It urged those who had anything to report to contact the police.

Failed states and cultural abuse of women go hand in hand

Report: Palestinian women victims of violence
Rape, other abuse widespread in territories, Human Rights Watch says

From AP

RAMALLAH, West Bank - A new report presents an alarming picture of the abuse of women in the Palestinian territories, with police, courts and government agencies failing to treat violence such as rape and beatings as a crime.

Human Rights Watch cited practices such as rape victims being forced to marry assailants and light sentences for men who kill female relatives suspected of adultery. In a report released Tuesday, the rights group said families, tribal leaders and authorities, backed by tradition and discriminatory laws, often sacrifice victims’ interests for “family honor.”

And the problem is getting worse with growing poverty and lawlessness in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the New York-based group said.

The report comes about a year after a Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics survey of more than 4,000 households found 23 percent of women said they experienced domestic violence, but only 1 percent had filed a complaint. Two-thirds said they were subjected to psychological abuse at home.

Leaders urged to press for change
Human Rights Watch urged the Palestinian president, parliament and government ministries to make protection of women a top priority. It said more can be done despite the conflict with Israel and the cash crisis in the Palestinian Authority brought on by the rise to power of the Islamic militant group Hamas.

“The main failing of the system is the failure to treat violence against women as a crime and to address it accordingly,” researcher Lucy Mair said. “We want to say you can take some positive steps and it’s imperative to provide protection to more women.”

Mair said Human Rights Watch studied the Palestinian territories — rather than investigating abuses in other traditional societies — because some Palestinian officials had signaled they were ready for change.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The only hope for moderate, peaceful muslims is republicans and Bush

Muslim: ‘Republicans are liberators'

by Nicole Frey

BEAVER CREEK — With Election Day just around the corner, Republicans are feeling the pressure of the possibility of losing the majority in Congress.

Smear ads are flying in all directions as candidates make last-minute pleas for votes. It’s of little surprise that the war in Iraq has emerged as Democrats’ main argument for getting Republicans out of Congress.

“Republicans are feeling guilty about what’s going on in the world, but we are liberators,” said Muhammad Ali Hasan. “Right now, there’s nothing more important than for the Republicans to hold on to all three houses of government. If you’re a Republican today, you’re a hero.”

With Republicans in power, Hasan, 26, said the relationship between America and Muslim nations will improve, Iraq will be stabilized and democracy and freedom will flourish in the Middle East.

Hasan and his family hosted a lecture in their Beaver Creek home last week to share their knowledge and opinions with the Eagle County Republican Women and their guests about the upcoming election and foreign affairs. As Muslim-Americans, Hasan and his mother, Pakistani-born Seeme, who founded Muslims for America, brought firsthand knowledge to the table about Islam, the Middle East and their relationship with the United States.

What is Muslims for America?
Muslims for America was initially Muslims for Bush, a group founded by the Muslim-American Hasan family, which has lived in Colorado for several decades. After Bush was elected, the group morphed into Muslims for America and works to get Americans and Muslims more involved in the American political process. Visit for more information.

Media’s portrayal of Islam
As with every meeting of the Republican women’s group, things got started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer — a Christian prayer. But the Hasans took it in stride, saying Muslims and Christians pray to the same God.

“When Osama says infidels, he’s talking about me and Mom, too,” Ali Hasan said.
Seeme Hasan started off the lecture with Islam 101, a brief explanation and history of the religion, which claims to be the last religion handed down from God after Judaism and Christianity.

Belonging to a more liberal sect of Islam that allows singing and doesn’t demand women cover their heads, the Hasans condemned the more conservative sect called Wahhabi, saying the Wahhabi version of Islam is dangerous and must be stopped. But stopping it will be hard, the Hasans said. The Wahhabis have oil money on their side.

“How do you fight somebody who’s got oil money?” Seeme Hasan said.
Though unpleasant, the only solution may be to kill the most extreme Muslims, the Hasans said.

“They’ve been brainwashed,” Seeme Hasan said. “How do you deal with someone who’s been brainwashed?”

The Hasans also chastised the media for spreading a negative and unfavorable view of Islam and Muslims.

Debunking a myth
Americans think of Muslims as Arabs and vice versa, said Seeme Hasan, a Pakistan-born Muslim living in the U.S. But 70 percent of Arabs living in America are Christians, and the largest number of Muslims are in southern Asian countries.

Give money, not sanctions
President George W. Bush, unlike former President Bill Clinton, is dealing with the brainwashed foreign masses brilliantly, the Hasans said.

“President Bush has completely ripped apart foreign policy in a good way,” Ali Hasan said. “President Bush really is trying. … The only sad part is that what he’s done is so in-depth, the results will take five years, and by that time, he’ll be out of office.”

Instead of Clinton’s policy of sanctioning disobedient governments, the Hasans said they favored Bush’s tactic of giving money to countries to win their favor.

“Clinton’s way was pathetic,” Ali Hasan said. “It was a way of not confronting the problem. We need to work with the country, be a friend or invade because this ‘sanction and bomb’ strategy doesn’t work. We’re asking for this problem to get worse if we put the Democrats back in power.”

The Hasans said Bush’s “economic embrace” has worked in countries like Libya and her homeland of Pakistan and is making former enemies allies.

“The extra money in Pakistan is making a difference,” she said. “They told me, ‘Our economy is going so good, and it’s all because of President Bush.’”

Democracy has been touted as America’s goal of war for decades, but democracy doesn’t work for everyone, Ali Hasan said.

“Liberty is better than democracy,” he said. “We might have to work with dictators who favor liberty.”

However, in Iraq’s case, the dictator had to be taken out, Ali Hasan said.
“It’s not about oil,” he said. “We could have gotten cheaper oil from Saddam.”
Seeme Hasan concurred, saying, “Bush went for the bigger cause.

“We cannot leave Iraq,” Seeme Hasan said. “We were right to go there, but wrong or right, if we leave now, Iran will take over.”

How a civilized (?) culture picks it's leaders

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Why cultural change regarding women is paramount in fighting extremism

Rape victim driven out of village by panchayat
Zee News

In a virtual repeat of the Imrana case, a mother of four has been driven out of her village in Murshidabad district by a Muslim panchayat after being allegedly raped by a local man over three months ago.

The panchayat ruled her marriage stood annulled in the wake of the incident and neither could she live with her husband nor could she enter the predominantly Muslim village, about 200 km from Kolkata.

The village council ruled the couple should pay Rs 50,000 if they wished to stay together, a pre-condition which the victim's husband, a daily wage labourer, failed to meet.

The victim, who was raped on July 25 in Katabagan village, filed a case at the police station here on Friday following the intervention of Superintendent of Police Rahul Srivasatava.

The local police had earlier refused to register a case. In her complaint, the woman accused Mansoor Ali, a local tough, of raping her in front of her four children.

"I want to keep my wife as it is not her fault, but people are not allowing me to keep her. Who will look after our four children?" her husband told reporters here.

His family was opposing his wife's stay in the house after the incident and the matter was taken up by the panchayat of the village.

She was also not allowed to stay at her father's house by her stepmother, and this left her virtually homeless.

The panchayat also imposed a fine of Rs 18,000 on the rapist which he did not pay.

Imrana, whose father-in-law was recently convicted by a court in Uttar Pradesh for raping her, was also asked by a Muslim panchayat to treat her husband as a son following the crime.

muslims must stand up for a moderate culture or their children will perish

Thousands of Turks march against Islamic radicals

ANKARA, Turkey: Thousands of nationalist Turks marched in the capital, vowing to defend the secular regime against radical Islamic influences and urging the government not to make too many concessions in order to gain European Union membership.

Some 12,000 people from more than 100 pro-secular associations waved Turkish flags on Saturday as they marched to the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. "Turkey is secular and it will remain secular," they chanted during a march broadcast live on television.

Turkey is predominantly Muslim but is governed by strict secular laws that separate religion and state. Many fear that if left unchecked, Islamic fundamentalism will lead to a theocracy like that in Iran under the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

can't be both victim and domination at same time

Bishop attacks 'victim' Muslims
from The Times (London)

by Christopher Morgan

The Church of England’s only Asian bishop, whose father converted from Islam, has criticised many Muslims for their “dual psychology”, in which they desire both “victimhood and domination”.

In the most outspoken critique of Muslims by a church leader, Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, said that because of this view it would never be possible to satisfy all their demands.

“Their complaint often boils down to the position that it is always right to intervene when Muslims are victims, as in Bosnia or Kosovo, and always wrong when the Muslims are the oppressors or terrorists, as with the Taliban or in Iraq,” said Nazir-Ali.

“Given the world view that has given rise to such grievances, there can never be sufficient appeasement and new demands will continue to be made.”

The failure to counter such beliefs meant that radical Islam had flourished in Britain, spread by extremist imams indoctrinating children for up to four hours a day, he said.

Nazir-Ali added that rigorous checks, from which the government had retreated in face of Muslims’ protests, should be imposed to ensure that arriving clerics were committed to the British way of life.

“Characteristic British values have developed from the Christian faith and its vision of personal and common good,” said the bishop in an interview with The Sunday Times.

“After they were clarified by the enlightenment they became the bedrock of our modern political life. These values need to be recovered to help us to inculcate the virtues of generosity, loyalty, moderation and love.”

Nazir-Ali, who was born in Pakistan and whose father converted from Islam to Catholicism, said radical Islam was being taught in mosque schools across Britain. “While radical teaching may not be happening everywhere, its presence is felt across the country. It affects all Muslims,” he said.

“The two main causes of the present situation [rising extremism] are fundamentalist imams and material on the internet.” He proposed to filter out imams who might whip up extremism: “They must be vetted for appropriate qualifications, they must have a reasonable knowledge of the English language and they must take part in a recognised process of learning about British life and culture.”

The government, after lobbying from Muslim groups, retreated from proposals to toughen entry requirements put forward by David Blunkett, the former home secretary, two years ago. Plans to require foreign clerics to sit a test on British civic values a year after arriving were cancelled along with the introduction of a requirement to speak English to conversational level.

Nazir-Ali also criticised women wearing veils that cover the whole face. Tony Blair called the full veil a “mark of separation”, but Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said any curbs on wearing it would be “politically dangerous”.

Nazir–Ali drew attention to a “huge increase” in the wearing of Muslim dress in Egypt, Malaysia and Pakistan, saying that in Britain there were circumstances where the full veil should not be worn: “I can see nothing in Islam that prescribes the wearing of a full-face veil. In the supermarket those at the cash tills need to be recognised. Teaching is another context in which society requires recognition and identification.”

Nazir-Ali, 57, was born a Catholic in Karachi, converted to Protestantism and was received into the Church of Pakistan at 20. He settled in Britain in the 1980s and became the youngest bishop in the world at 35.

Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said his comments were not “very helpful for community relationships”.

Friday, November 03, 2006

”The headscarf is a cultural means of isolating the girl from her surroundings.”

Sweden: New Integration Minister Debates Islamic Veils

New Integration Minister Debates Islamic Veils

Integration Minister Nyamko Sabuni Sweden’s outspoken new integration minister contributed to a growing debate in Europe about Islamic veils on Thursday, saying headscarves had the effect of ”isolating” Muslim schoolgirls.

Nyamko Sabuni also told the news agency Reuters in an interview that she was closely watching the outcome of a dispute over a school that barred a nine-year-old from wearing a headscarf.

Sabuni, who fled to Sweden from Burundi when she was 12, stated ”Where in the Muslim scripture does it say that children shall wear a headscarf? No where. The purpose of a headscarf is for a woman to hide her charms from men whom she could marry.”

She added that ”The headscarf is a means of isolating the girl from her surroundings.”

37 year old Sabuni became Sweden’s first black cabinet minister following September elections that brought a centre-right government to power after 12 years of Social Democratic rule.

Sabuni, who is not herself a Muslim but comes from a Muslim family, must reconcile integration ideas she has proposed in the past to parliament with the new government’s milder policies.

Sabuni has shelved proposals that caused Swedish Muslim groups to protest her elevation to cabinet, but she holds fast to a personal view that headscarves should be prohibited in school for those under 15, Sweden’s age of consent.

Schools in Sweden, with an estimated Muslim population of up to 400,000, have since 2003 had the right to ban full-face veils, although the country has been largely inured to a growing debate about religious headgear in other European nations.

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