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chase off Muslims with pigs feet and squealing noises if Bergen's central square is used for prayers

Huge step in the cultural war against the West. Far greater than most comprehend.

Pig tactics threatened

by Jonathan Tisdall/NTB

Norwegian anti-immigration politicians in Bergen have promised to chase off Muslims with pigs feet and squealing noises if Bergen's central square is used for prayers.

The leader of the Demokratene (Democrats), an extreme populist party formed by outcasts of the populist Progress Party, Vidar Kleppe, said Wednesday that he backed the remarks of city council representative Kenneth Rasmussen.

Rasmussen reacted with threats of porcine tactics after Labour Party politician Jerad Abdelmajid said that the city's Muslims could take their Friday prayers in Torgallmenningen, Bergen's central square, when they will be without a mosque from March 31. Building of a new mosque is behind schedule.

Abdelmajid's announcement provoked heated public debate.

"I completely agree with Kenneth Rasmussen that Muslims having their Friday prayers with their butts in the air in the city center is no solution. They can find other places," Kleppe told news agency NTB.

Kenneth Rasmussen told newspaper Dagbladet's web site that Bergen residents should hang up pig's feet and play pig squeals over loudspeakers to scare off Muslims, and claimed these tactics worked when he was a soldier for the United Nations in Somalia and Lebanon in the 1990s.

Kleppe was willing to admit that this was provocative, but that it was correct of his party colleague to propose vigorous solutions.

"It is healthy with lively debates... his main point is surely that Bergen's residents do not appreciate Friday prayers in the city's main square," Kleppe said.

"This will do more damage than good. A threat does not justify another threat, no matter who proposes it," entrepreneur Shahzad Rana told newspaper VG. "Here there have been provocations from both sides. Is it not possible for them to sit down and talk?" Rana asked.

Absolutely vital step in the cultural war on America and the West

Full face view of women urged
from Herald-Sun

MUSLIM women will have to make sure their face is fully visible when they have a photograph taken for the government's new access card. The proposed system will replace the Medicare card and be compulsory for any Australian who wants to access up to 16 other government health and welfare services. In its submission to a Senate inquiry examining the access card legislation, which is currently before parliament, the government provided examples of a how a photograph would be taken of a person wearing a headscarf.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Strict cultural laws against the trappings of radicalism will send the radicals scurrying away

Accomodating and appeasing the trappings of radicalism will only make muslims more radical. Strict cultural laws against the trappings of radicalism will send the radicals scurrying away.

From the UK:

Sunday Mirror


Carole Malone JUST where does the Muslim Council of Great Britain get off demanding that Muslim schoolchildren have their own changing rooms in schools for sport and swimming? They also want single-sex classes for sex education, different assemblies, their own prayer rooms and special canteen staff to prepare halal food.

Oh yes, and they want girls to be allowed to wear headscarves in all lessons and male pupils to be allowed to grow beards if they want to. Not only that but the Council want the whole exam schedule to be revised so that Muslims don't have to take exams during Ramadan because they're weakened by fasting.

One wonders why the Muslims who agree with these demands bother to live in this country at all - because patently nothing about it suits them.

One also wonders what would happen if Christian children living in an Islamic country rocked up to school wearing a skirt above the knee, a bit of make-up and a shirt that showed off a few centimetres of flesh. At a guess they'd be stoned to death.

I'm sorry but there's no other country in the civilised world that busts a gut the way Britain does to be inclusive and to promote cultural diversity. But these latest demands from a community that accounts for just three per cent of the British population is a joke. Strikes me the Muslim Council will only ever stop whinging the day Britain becomes an Islamic state. And that's never going to happen. And if they're so unhappy with British schools and what goes on in them, why don't they shove off somewhere that suits them better - like Afghanistan.

In this country no one religion is more important than another. And while we do what we can to accommodate that, it won't be at the expense of other religions.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Moral Equivalency, a concern in the cultural war

Nuclear Arms and Moral Equivalency
American Thinker

by Bates Estabrooks

In the last few years, as the United States has endeavored, by varied means, to disarm several nations of their nuclear weapons, or weapons programs, (notably Korea and Iran) the question has been raised by some individuals questioning the basis on which we justify this effort while maintaining these weapons ourselves.

On the face of it, the objection to the U.S. maintenance of these weapons while denying them to others seems reasonable, but it is premised on a flawed initial assumption. That assumption is the idea that there exists moral equivalency between the governments (and societies) in question.

Victor Davis Hanson writing in National Review, October 25, 2002, noted (not supportively) a new view which assumes moral equivalency:

"In the new morality, institutions, and values are seen as relative concepts, and not subject to absolute or unchanging criteria of evaluation. . . In this view Israel has nuclear weapons, so why not Iraq? America stockpiles weapons of mass destruction, so what is the big deal with North Korea?"
Intuitively, though, this line of reasoning is troubling. For some reason (may I offer Romans 2: 14, 15?), we "know" there is a difference, even while many voices argue that morality is relative and situational.

Let me posit a consideration: Why do we let people with clean records drive cars, and yet deny this to demonstrated drunk drivers? Why do we allow law-abiding citizens (in at least some locations) to own firearms, yet deny this opportunity to convicted felons? The answer is clear. The responsible driver/gun owner has, by his behavior, demonstrated compliance with a defined moral and ethical paradigm which is preferred in our society. Some may argue that the good driver/gun owner is not motivated by morality, but by fear of punishment. This is true, but that fear is premised on the knowledge that punishment comes from the institution which holds the power to punish him/her (government) when laws are violated. The laws themselves, though, are premised on a moral framework. This same calculus also is true of nations, which are constrained by fear of sanctions or punishments from other nations.

In our view, the safe driver and the drunk driver are not morally equivalent. Simply put, sober drivers behave better, so we trust them with cars; convicted felons can't be trusted with guns. These allowances have been motivated by our morals.

The same is true of nations and nuclear weapons. Moral equivalency does not exist between Iran and Great Britain; nor between North Korea and the U.S. Reflecting what we all seem to "know", Hanson states:

"It is more likely that Pakistan. . . will use its ‘Islamic' bomb than will. . . India, in the same manner that a nuclear China poses a greater threat than do Great Britain or France."
And why do we perceive these nations (Pakistan and China) along with others (N. Korea, Iraq) as more likely to use WMDs? Why do we see them as a "greater threat"? Answer: Because of their demonstrated past behavior. All are totalitarian, non-democratic states which have routinely threatened their neighbors and oppressed their own people. Those demonstrated behaviors, though, are expressions of the moral paradigm that motivates their governments, and possibly their societies. Why, as Hanson observes, do the holders of power (governments) in these countries "oppress and make the rules, while those without (power) suffer the consequences"? Simple: because their morality tells them it's OK. The U.S. (along with certain other nuclear nations) does not practice these behaviors because our morality dictates otherwise. There is no moral equivalency.

Our moral base is superior, and to be preferred. Our Judeo-Christian moral base teaches: "Love thy neighbor as thyself!" This is reflected (largely, though decreasingly) in our laws. Democracy ("consensual government"), freedom, restraint of power, and other concepts all flow out of this singular command. The Islamic tint of government in totalitarian Pakistan and Iran, and nihilism in China and N. Korea give us no such confidence. India, largely Hindu and Sikh bear a legacy of this morality from many years of British occupation. It was the British who outlawed the practice of suttee; a reprehensible practice often forced on widows. Some may object that our morality and its manifestations are not necessarily superior, that it's merely an opinion. But I would suggest that even natural law, that law "written on each man's heart", reveals the truth of our moral superiority. This understanding of the morality driven by natural law is borne out in the example of Japan. Japan may yet feel the necessity to acquire nuclear weapons in the face of the North Korean threat. And while it may be reasonable to object to Japan on the basis of its behavior in the first third of the Showa period (1926-1989), Japan's behavior as a world citizen since 1945, based upon a U.S.-inspired constitution, has been exemplary.

Though some have accused the U.S. of its own "atrocities", since the advent of nuclear power, with very few exceptions, the United States has lived out the command to "Love thy neighbor as thyself!" The U.S. liberates nations instead of subjugating them, frees peoples instead of enslaving them, feeds and does not starve the needy, and restrains the use of its considerable power until the last resort and only to do good, not evil. The same behaviors are largely true of the other "free" nations (e.g., Great Britain, France) that retain nuclear weapons. This is why we can be trusted with awesome power, and others can not.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

increasing cultural demands of muslims in the UK

from UK Daily Express

by Gabriel Milland

DEMANDS for a ban on “un-Islamic” activities in schools will be set out by the Muslim Council of Britain today.

Targets include playground games, swimming lessons, school plays, parents’ evenings and even vaccinations.

And the calls for all children to be taught in Taliban-style conditions will be launched with the help of a senior Government education adviser.

Professor Tim Brighouse, chief adviser to London schools, was due to attend the event at the capital’s biggest mosque.

His presence there was seen as “deeply worrying”, and a sign that the report was backed by the Government.

Tory MP Greg Hands said: “The MCB needs to realise it has to move closer to the rest of the community, not away from it.

“The presence of Tim Brighouse implies Government back­ing of this report. This is very worrying.”

Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society said the report was a “recipe for disaster”.

He added: “Schools with even just a handful of Muslim kids will find they have to follow these guidelines because there aren’t the staff to have one set of classes for Muslims and another for the rest.

“The MCB shouldn’t try to force its religious agenda on children who may not want it. The Government needs to send the MCB packing. Schools should be about teaching, not preaching.”

The report, Towards Greater Understanding – Meeting The Needs of Muslim Pupils In State Schools, says all schools should bring in effective bans for all pupils on “un-Islamic activities” like dance classes.

It also wants to limit certain activities during Ramadan. They include science lessons dealing with sex, parents’ evenings, exams and immunisation programmes.

The holy month – when eating and drinking is not allowed in daylight hours – should also see a ban on swimming lessons in case pupils swallow water in the pool.

When swimming is allowed, boys should wear clothing covering their bodies “from the navel to the neck”, even during single-sex pool sessions, while girls must be covered up completely at all times, apart from the face and hands.

The MCB adds that schools should ensure contact sports, including football and basketball, “are always in single-gender groups”.

Even school trips are targeted in the report, which wants them all to be made single-sex “to encourage greater participation from Muslim pupils”.

It wants Arabic language classes for Muslim pupils, and says the Koran should be recited in music classes. And all schools should ensure they have prayer rooms with washing facilities attached, it says.

In art classes, Muslim children should not be allowed to draw people, as this is forbidden under some interpretations of Islamic law.

And while the MCB insists that all British children should learn about Islam, it wants Muslims to have the right to withdraw their children from RE lessons dealing with Christianity and other faiths.

The MCB says special treatment and opt-outs are necessary because otherwise Muslim pupils will feel excluded from school activities and lessons.

The MCB claims to be the voice of Britain’s 1.5million Muslims and was heavily courted by politicians including Tony Blair following the September 11 attacks. Its former secretary-general Iqbal Sacranie was awarded a knighthood in 2005.

But other Muslim groups criticised the report. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain said: “There has been no discussion on these issues in the Muslim community.”

And the Sufi Muslim Council – which claims to represent far more British Muslims than the MCB – said the report misunderstood Ramadan.

It added: “This is not what Islam or Ramadan is about. Ramadan is about training yourself while carrying on with everyday life.”

The Department for Edu­cation tried to distance itself from the report last night, and insisted Professor Brighouse was attending the launch only in a “personal capacity”.

A spokesman said it would read the report “with interest”.

The MCB did not comment.

It came as Britain's first Muslim peer called for women to stop wearing veils, claiming that they represent “a barrier to integration”.

Reigniting the debate over the face veil, or niqab, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said there was no religious reason why Muslim women should wear them – and claimed that veils now cause society more harm than good.

The peer, who has urged the authorities to clamp down on preachers of hate, spoke during a debate held in the heart of the Arab world.

He told a mainly Muslim audience in Doha, Qatar, that he does not want a legal ban on the veil being worn in public – as many other nations are introducing, including Muslim Turkey and Egypt.

But he said: “The face veil is a barrier to integration in the West. The veil is now a mark of separation, segregation and defiance against mainstream British culture.

“There’s nothing in the Koran to say that wearing a niqab is desirable, let alone compulsory. It’s purely cultural. It’s an identity thing which has been misinterpreted.

“They were supposed to be worn so that women wouldn’t be harassed. But women, and communities as a whole, are now being harassed because they are wearing them."

The Muslim Council of Britain’s assistant secretary general, Inayat Bunglawala, said yesterday: “Peoples’ attitudes are responsible for harming integration, not veils.

“And wearing them is very much a matter for individual Muslim women.”

Why the culture of islamic terrorism is NOT about poverty or money

Profile Of A Terrorist

Educated Muslims are more likely to be radicalized
Investor's Business Daily

Global Jihad: A new Gallup poll finds that richer, better-educated Muslims are more likely to be radicalized. This explodes the myth of the poor, dumb terrorist.

Since 9/11, the politically correct elite have mau-maued Americans into thinking the terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion out of ignorance and poverty. Or that they've been brainwashed by Osama bin Laden.

But Gallup found the opposite to hold true: The most radical among Muslims — those who support jihad — earn more and stay in school longer. These are the smart ones, not the rubes.

Surely there must be some mistake. Perhaps Gallup's sample was too small. Actually, its surveys represent more than 90% of Muslims. They were carried out in 2006 and 2005 in 10 predominantly Muslim countries. About 10,000 Muslims were polled.

Statistics aside, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the findings. Look at the backgrounds of some of the world's most notorious Muslim terrorists:

• Bin Laden, the son of a Saudi billionaire, studied engineering.

• His deputy Ayman al-Zawahri is an eye surgeon.

• Mohamed Atta, the son of a lawyer, earned a master's degree in urban planning.

• 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed graduated from an American college with an engineering degree.

Gallup's survey of Muslims, the largest conducted, puts to rest theories that radicals attack us because they're poor and alienated from society. Or because they're dim and easily misled.

Radical Muslims have an education and an economic future, yet they still hate. They're literate enough to interpret their holy books, yet they still embrace jihad against infidels.

Perhaps the only sane course in this war is to separate the West from Islam.

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UK: Schoolgirl loses veil legal case

UK: Schoolgirl loses veil legal case
BBC News

A 12-year-old schoolgirl has failed in an attempted legal challenge to her school's ban on a full-face veil. Mr Justice Silber had been told that the girl's three older sisters had attended the same school and had worn the niqab with no problems.

But the school, in Buckinghamshire, had told the girl it was not acceptable because teachers believed it would make communication and learning difficult.

The judge has now rejected her lawyers' arguments for a judicial review.

They said after the judgment that the family were "bitterly disappointed".

They are considering making an appeal, but would have to make a separate application for this as the judge refused them permission to do so.

For legal reasons the girl and the school have not been identified publicly.

'Religious tolerance'

It is understood she has been taught at home after falling foul of the uniform policy last autumn.

About 120 of the school's 1,300-plus pupils are Muslims. About half of them wear the hijab headscarf, which is permitted.

The girl's solicitor, Shah Qureshi, said: "We believe there are a number of errors in the decision that have led to Mr Justice Silber reaching the wrong conclusions.

"It is surprising that he decided that the school had not infringed my client's freedom to manifest her religion given the fact that she entered the school on the understanding that the wearing of the veil was allowed when being taught by male teachers."


He added: "My client and her family are not the extremists that they have been portrayed as by some elements of the press.

"All she wants is to be able to practise her deeply held beliefs whilst getting on with her daily life.

"She is not impinging on the rights of others and has always been willing to meet with the school to reach a resolution."

There was no immediate reaction to the ruling from the school, which is referring enquiries to the local authority.

A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire County Council said it would be responding once it had had time to consider the full ruling.

The county council had supported the school but not backed its case, saying it had to consider the possible burden on its resources of an expensive court battle.

The judge awarded costs against the girl's parents, who had funded her case themselves.

Last year, the Law Lords ruled that a Luton school was justified in banning the jilbab, a long gown.

Government guidance says schools can decide their own uniform code in consultation with the community.

The joyless life of a muslim child - a parallel culture

A Parallel Muslim Universe

By Andrea Brandt and Cordula Meyer

Germany's Muslim population is becoming more religious and more conservative. Islamic associations are fostering the trend, particularly through their work with the young -- accelerating the drift towards a parallel Muslim society.

It's the silence that visitors notice first. No children's laughter, no chatter, no pop music. A Protestant minister familiar with the noise level in children's homes describes the atmosphere as "very spooky." This Friday, at the end of Ramadan, it is especially hushed in the green house on Hochfeldstrasse in Duisburg, a city near Düsseldorf. Quietly, the boys remove their jackets from the cloakroom's numbered hooks - many are heading home for the holiday. The blankets are meticulously folded in the dormitories. Toys and posters are nowhere to be seen.

Run by the Association of Islamic Cultural Centers, known by its German acronym VIKZ, the home houses 38 Muslim adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19. They attend state schools in the morning, but otherwise live and learn in the green house. They get help with their homework between 3 and 6 in the afternoon and eat supper at 7. The rest of the day, according to the timetable, they are free to do what they want. Their parents contribute 150 euros a month; the rest is financed by donations.

The residents are not typical of children raised in institutional settings who often come from dysfunctional backgrounds. Most of these boarders are growing up in intact family units. Officially they are here first and foremost to improve their performance at school. "The VIKZ homes improve their educational prospects," says the organization's legal counsel, Ersoy Sam, "and hence their prospects of leading successful lives in Germany."

Nonetheless, German academics and youth experts have warned that this type of group is widening the gulf between Muslims and the rest of society.

Significant increase in fundamentalism

Surveys in the country have charted a significant increase in fundamentalist attitudes, particularly among younger Muslims. The experiences of Ekin Deligöz, a member of the German parliament representing the Green Party, underscore the potential dangers. Having called on Muslim women to remove their headscarves, Deligöz faced death threats and now receives police protection.

Disturbing as this trend may be, it cannot be pinned exclusively on Muslim groups. Under the guise of religious tolerance, German society stood blithely by as some parts of its Muslim communities began turning into parallel societies. For years, the country's courts have been excusing Muslim girls from coed swimming lessons and class outings - citing the most absurd reasons for their rulings.

read more at,1518,467360,00.html

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The "veil" is huge factor in the rigid control and subjugation of the women of islam

Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil
Fox News

by Devika Bhat and Zahid Hussain

A Pakistani minister and woman’s activist was shot dead Tuesday by an Islamic extremist for refusing to wear the veil.

Zilla Huma Usman, the minister for social welfare in Punjab province and an ally of President Pervez Musharraf, was killed as she was about to deliver a speech to dozens of party activists, by a “fanatic”, who believed that she was dressed inappropriately and that women should not be involved in politics, officials said.

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Cultural laws are a necessity

Police 'should pursue terror suspects into mosques'
The Scotsman

by James Kirkup

"Anyone knowingly giving shelter from legal obligations has a clear civic duty to facilitate compliance with the law. If they do not do so, they will have little cause for complaint if police enter their premises." - LORD CARLILE

Story in full POLICE should be more willing to enter mosques or other places of worship when pursuing terrorist suspects, the government's terror-law watchdog urged yesterday.

The recommendation follows the case of an accused terrorist who escaped after police decided not to follow him into a mosque. He remains on the run.

Lord Carlile, the lawyer who acts as independent assessor of terrorism legislation, also had stern words for Muslim faith leaders, insisting that they have a "clear civic duty" to co-operate with the security services.

His report follows high-profile counter-terrorism cases that have led some Muslims to claim the British government is discriminating against them.

In the case which prompted the call, a British Muslim was under a government-imposed control order, restricting his movements, because ministers judged that he posed a threat to national security.

People under such orders are closely monitored by the police, but the 26-year-old man - who cannot be identified for legal reasons - escaped after entering a Manchester mosque last month. He is understood to have absconded while police following him remained outside.

Some reports have suggested that mosque elders refused to allow officers to enter the building and that the man escaped while the two sides negotiated.

Three men were later arrested in connection with the case, but the 26-year-old himself remains at large. Intelligence reports suggested he was planning to travel abroad to undertake terrorist training. Since escaping, he is believed to have fled to Pakistan.

Lord Carlile insisted that the leaders of the Manchester mosque had done nothing wrong. But he said that the case "raises questions about how generally to approach sensitive issues such as presence in a mosque, church or other place of worship".

The watchdog's recommendation is that officers should routinely enter mosques in pursuit of control-order suspects they believe may be attempting to escape. "The straightforward approach would be to make it clear that if 'controlees' are in breach of anything other than minor aspects of conditions, the police will pursue them after allowing them a short time to emerge voluntarily," Lord Carlile wrote in a report to ministers, published yesterday.

The QC insists that police should always be appropriately respectful when entering mosques, but insists that Muslim leaders must not attempt to obstruct officers watching or pursuing suspects.

"Anyone knowingly giving shelter from legal obligations has a clear civic duty to facilitate compliance with the law," Lord Carlile writes, adding: "If they do not do so, they will have little cause for complaint if police enter their premises."

Lord Carlile's report also questioned the entire system of control orders, urging police to do more to build conventional court cases against the controlees.

A spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic party that has accused ministers of discrimination against Muslims, last night said that many British Muslims were "wary" about co-operating with the police.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The culture is slowly changing - education awakens the masses

From Jew-hater to a Jew-lover

by Alamgir Hussain

Mahathir Muhammad was my greatest Islamic leader, whom I used see as a model for the Muslim world’s movement towards moderation, prosperity and development. Never did I realize that there is so much anti-Jewish poison in the mind of this highly acclaimed leader – both in the East and the West. That Mahathir speech in OIC meeting in 2003 definitely changed my life and perspective of the world forever. I became much more sympathetic to the people of other religions (including the Jews) than I was before, which they definitely deserve, not less if not more. The terrible treatments doled out to the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Jews etc. in any Muslim-dominated country in the world on a daily basis even today would easily justify my sympathetic views of them by any standard of logic.

This also marked the commencement of my journey of finding out what is there in Islam that can fill the mind of 1.4 billion Muslims with such poisonous and cruel thoughts and utter degree of irrationality as reflected in Mahathir’s speech. After studying Islam (Koran & prophet’s biographies) to a great deal, what I found is that it all comes from the Koran and life of the prophet Muhammad and that they are totally undeserving of the Jews.

The culture war continues

"Why Don't They Suggest That Men Wear Chastity Belts?"

the story of influential Malaysian cleric Abu Hassan Al-Hafiz, who suggested that women need to wear chastity belts.

KUALA LUMPUR: A day after creating an uproar among women across the country, a well-respected Islamic religious figure said that his comments on chastity belts for women was just a joke. “Joke aje. It was not seriously meant,” said Datuk Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz yesterday.

Newspapers had carried reports yesterday that Abu Hassan, a well known ulama, had said women should wear chastity belts to thwart rape and incest and “to protect themselves from sex maniacs”. At a Maal Hijrah forum in Kampung Pelandan, Hulu Terengganu, Abu Hassan had told the audience that “the best way for women to avert sex perpetrators is to wear protection”. He also said that while his intention was not to offend women, by wearing chastity belts, husbands could also feel more secure, adding “if you know what I mean”.

However, he changed his tune yesterday and said his comments at the forum were not meant to be a suggestion. “It’s not practical to wear a chastity belt in this day and age. It can’t be done.”

“His comment gives an impression that all men are beasts of passion,” said Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah. Such sexist comments from influential leaders shows the need for gender desensitisation programmes, she added.

Sisters in Islam (SIS) concurred with Josiah on Abu Hassan’s insult to men. “We hope he realises that he is definitely insulting all men by suggesting women have to be restrained because men are incapable of controlling their lust,” SIS said in a Press statement.

“Why don’t these people suggest instead that the men wear chastity belts?” asked National Council of Women’s Organisation president Datuk Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hasan Shahbudin.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

politician Geert Wilders was quoted as urging Muslims to dump half the Koran

Populist politician blasts Koran, Mohammed

From correspondents in Amsterdam, Holland

Article from: Reuters

DUTCH anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders was quoted as urging Muslims to dump half the Koran and saying he would chase the Prophet Mohammed out of the country if he was alive today.

"Islam is a violent religion. If Mohammed lived here today I could imagine chasing him out of the country tarred and feathered as an extremist," Mr Wilders told De Pers daily in an interview.

Mr Wilders, who is seen as an heir to murdered populist Pim Fortuyn and whose new party won nine seats out of the 150 in Parliament in November elections, has warned of a "tsunami of Islamisation" in a country home to one million Muslims.

"I know that we're not going to have a Muslim majority in the next couple of decades, but it is growing," he said.

"You no longer feel that you're living in your own country. There is a battle under way and we must defend ourselves. There will soon be more mosques than churches here."

Mr Wilders, who has lived under heavy guard since 2004 when a Dutch-Moroccan killed filmmaker and Islam critic Theo van Gogh, has campaigned to ban the Muslim burqa veil, wants to freeze immigration and ban new mosques and religious schools.

"If Muslims want to stay here they must tear out half of the Koran and throw it away. They shouldn't listen to the imam. I've read the Koran ... and I know that there are enough awful things in it," he said.

read more at,21598,21224183-950,00.htm

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Dragging the Middle East out of the stone age. It's a thankless job.

Dragging the Middle East out of the stone age. It's a thankless job.

half of all Afghan children not in school - Oxfam

More than half of Afghanistan's children are not going to school because of a shortage of places and teachers, the aid agency Oxfam says.

The report entitled ‘Free, Quality Education for Every Afghan Child', said that 7 million Afghan children were currently out of school while 5 million children attend school, up from 3.1 million in 2003 and around 1 million in 2001, when the Taliban were in power.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

I find it frustrating that American intervention is expected to solve decades of violence and corruption, overnight. Wouldn't a simple "Thank you for helping us out of the dark ages" be nice every once in a while?

The Taliban KILLS teachers, KILLS girls who are in school, HATES any kind of education (because they know educated people are not so easily manipulated).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tomorrow's mass murderers of our children

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The moderates better start doing something, or the extremists will get worse and worse

Radicals vs. moderates: British Muslims at crossroads ^

Radicals vs. moderates: British Muslims at crossroads January 18, 2007 DUBLIN, Ireland (CNN) -- At a recent debate over the battle for Islamic ideals in England, a British-born Muslim stood before the crowd and said Prophet Mohammed's message to nonbelievers is: "I come to slaughter all of you." "We are the Muslims," said Omar Brooks, an extremist also known as Abu Izzadeen. "We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere. That is Islam and that is jihad." Anjem Choudary, the public face of Islamist extremism in Britain, added that Muslims have no choice but to take the fight to the West. "What are Muslims supposed to do when they are being killed in the streets in Afghanistan and Baghdad and Palestine? Do they not have the same rights to defend themselves? In war, people die. People don't make love; they kill each other," he said. (Audio slide show: Preying on Britain's young Muslims) But in the same debate, held on the prestigious grounds of Dublin's Trinity College in October, many people in the crowd objected. "These people, ladies and gentleman, have a good look at them. They actually believe if you kill women and children, you will go to heaven," said one young Muslim who waved his finger at the radicals. "This is not ideology. It's a mental illness." (Watch 'No chance in hell' ) 'Foreign policy has a lot to do with it' This war of words is part of a larger debate going on in Britain -- the war within the Muslim community for the hearts and minds of young people. The battle of ideas came to the fore again this week when the trial began for six men who are accused of an "extremist Muslim plot" to target London

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Terrorists have to be careful that they don't do something that will enrage, rather than terrify.

Parents Take Up Arms Against the Taliban

Terrorists have to be careful that they don't do something that will enrage, rather than terrify. A recent example of this can be found in Afghanistan, where the Taliban attempt, to terrorize Afghans into shutting down secular schools, backfired. Last year in southern Afghanistan, the Taliban burned down 200 schools, and terrorized parents into shutting down another 400. Those 600 schools meant 130,000 students were no longer able to attend classes.

Several million parents in the region demanded that the government do something. Officials pointed out that the government, and foreign aid agencies, were able to build thousands of schools, but did not have the manpower to guard them. In response, last Fall, parents pressured their village and tribal leaders into organizing a guard force for the schools. This was a risky business. Most villages have fewer weapons (often mainly bolt action rifles, pistols and shotguns), to use against up to a hundred heavily armed (with AK-47s and RPGs) Taliban.

But this action across the region was sending a message to the Taliban; attack our schools and you'll have to fight the parents. While many of the tribes in the region contain many pro-Taliban members, the majority of the people wanted to protect their schools. The Taliban responded in two ways. First, they said they would spend several million dollars to build dozens of new, Taliban approved (mainly religious subjects) schools, most of them in villages where schools had been burned down. Second, the Taliban campaign against the schools withered. The number of schools attacked each month declined by 90 percent. But the after effects of this remain to be seen.

For the moment, the Taliban are much less tolerated in many parts of southern Afghanistan. But the fathers of children are not happy about spending several nights a month taking their turn guarding an empty, and usually unheated, school house. However, the police are being promised more cooperation (that is, information about any Taliban activity in the neighborhood), when Spring, and Taliban gunmen, begin roaming the hills again.

It's time for leaders in the west to demand that islam's moderates DO SOMETHING.

It's time for leaders in the west to demand that islam's moderates DO SOMETHING. Radical islam is spiraling out of control and millions are going to die

Mobilizing Islam's silent majority

We are also busy expanding on LibForAll's success in Indonesia to export the smiling face of Islam, by linking "moderate" Muslim leaders "in a network of lighthouses within the Muslim world that will promote tolerance and freedom of thought and worship." As a result, LibForAll's field of operations has expanded to include South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States.

The key to success in this global struggle is encouraging Muslim opinion leaders in all walks of life to join in proclaiming that "the emperor has no clothes" (that is, radical Islam has no theological validity), and thereby mobilize the "great silent majority" of Muslims to reject the extremists' ideology of hatred and violence.

The analogy of the emperor with no clothes is apt, and key to LibForAll's strategy. For despite efforts to legitimize their ideology of religious hatred by draping themselves in the "mantle of the Prophet" radical Muslims are in fact the heirs of the Kharijite movement - a violent, heretical sect that murdered the Prophet's own son-in-law, Ali, for being "insufficiently Muslim."

Our goals were aptly summarized by President Wahid when he wrote: "Muslims themselves can and must propagate an understanding of the 'right' Islam, and thereby discredit extremist ideology. Yet to accomplish this task requires the understanding and support of like-minded individuals, organizations and governments throughout the world. Our goal must be to illuminate the hearts and minds of humanity, and offer a compelling alternate vision of Islam as a religion of Divine love and tolerance that banishes the fanatical ideology of hatred to the darkness from which it emerged."

The writer is chairman & CEO of the LibForAll Foundation,, an Indonesia and US-based non-profit organization that works to reduce religious extremism and discredit the use of terrorism.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Denmark is leading the cultural war that MUST BE WON

Sneaking Islamization

by Baron Bodissey

I’ve previously written about a Danish counterjihad group called SIAD, “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”. SIAD has been harassed and even subjected to violence in its opposition to creeping sharia within Denmark. It is being vilified as a reactionary and racist hate group.

And now SIAD has become a political party. Anders Gravers, the founder of the group, emailed me today with the translation of SIAD’s mission statement and the “who we are” section of the SIAD website.

I’ve often said that Denmark is way ahead of the rest of the West, and can serve as a model of how to handle an aggressive and expansionist Islam. The model can’t be applied in all respects — Denmark is a tiny country with a homogeneous native population — but some of its strategies can be adapted by other countries.

Denmark is a representative democracy with a written constitution and the rule of law. It respects the rights of free speech and assembly. Under those constraints, SIAD is proposing a series of steps to deal with the encroachment of Islam.

You can read what SIAD has to say below.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Our mission

Although it should be unnecessary to mention it, we do so for the sake of clarity: We believe in our mission!

Our conviction is not based on naive imagination, nor on arrogance, nor on a lack of realism. On the contrary, it comes from a deep feeling of responsibility for our children and descendants, and for our country in general. We are of the opinion that our country is in peril, as stated in the old poem about Holger Danske. To us this famous poem means that when our country is faced with a real dilemma, the Dane (the personification of the original people) will show his true face and rise from his chair and do what has to be done.

We feel this vocation very deeply, hearing the call for help from our ancestral home. Someone has to do something before it is too late. Now is the time, as it is five minutes to twelve! Unfortunately, we cannot count on any help or leadership from our governing politicians, and therefore we have decided that this “someone” should be us, SIAD. Nobody else seems to have thought about getting involved.

A winning cause

Another important reason for us to be sure of our mission is that we know we have a winning cause. We are convinced that justice will be done, if not today, then tomorrow.

In this way, we are exactly as decisive and firm in our fight for Denmark as are our opponents among the Islamists (and their tools, the useful idiots) in their fight against Denmark. We know the forbearance and kindness of the Danish people. “We want peace in this country” — as we sing on the Midsummer eve — but there will come a time for all of us when we cannot put up with any more. And that time has already come! Thus we have decided to ignore all the divisions normally separating public movements into political parties, and rise up in a common front against the Islamic occupying power. Therefore we urge the Danish people to join the Danish Unity Party, the ideal of which is to recreate the same sense of community that they experienced during the former occupation of this country.
- - - - - - - - - -
Consequently, SIAD has no political profile except for the fact that we want to stop the process which leads Denmark toward an Islamic dictatorship.

Such an ambition is certainly not non-political, but it does not include any defined positions on financial, cultural and environmental politics, or any other conventional political doctrines. We trust the politicians with such subjects, since they are much more qualified than we are to sit and talk for hours at meetings. However, what we intend to do is to get into Parliament in order to secure the basis for the discussions about environmental, financial, cultural topics, etc., because such topics will not be allowed under an Islamic theocracy. When that day comes one will simply be required to ask the leading imam about the principles of the sharia on the subject in question. Any subsequent discussion will be understood — and punished — as heresy.

An arrangement as described above shall never be tolerated by the Danish people. Of this we are certain. Therefore we also know that we are right — on a totally democratic basis — and if we win we do it by way of democracy.

read more at gates of vienna:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Important cultural law

Choosing sex of gynaecologist to be banned
The Local (Sweden) ^ | 27th January 2007

Posted on 02/10/2007 5:48:03 PM CST by Lorianne

Women in southern Sweden will in the future not be able to choose the sex of their gynaecologist. Allowing them to choose discriminates against male gynaecologists, it has been ruled.

The new practice has been introduced by clinics in the counties of Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Kronoberg. Gynaecological patients in those areas will now be assigned a doctor of either sex, Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

Women with less specific reasons for wanting a female gynaecologists may be turned down.

The changes have been brought in because many male gynaecologists have felt discriminated against.

Claes Lindoff, head of female healthcare at Helsingborg Hospital, said that the problem existed all over the country, but admitted that it only applied to "a hundred cases a year of our 15,000 visits."

Allowing women to refuse treatment by male gynaecologists also causes problems for clinics, for instance when there are no female gynaecologists on duty at the time or when a man on duty is better qualified than a female colleague.

Exceptions will be made in some cases, such as for women who come from parts of the world with 'patriarchal traditions' or for the victims of sexual assaults, the paper reported. These women could insist on a female gynaecologist.


Meet Britain's Izzadeen: Sharia Law Will Conquer The Infidels

Meet Britain's Izzadeen: Sharia Law Will Conquer The Infidels
by Adrian Morgan

Izzadeen, a convert to Islam, has been drawing media attention to himself for some time. A video from 2004 which showed him preaching in Regents' Park Mosque was recently broadcast on British TV. He said: "He who joins the British Army, the American Army, he is a mortal kaffir and his only hukum (punishment) is for his head to be removed. Indeed, whoever changes his deen (Muslim code of life); kill him."

On Saturday July 2, 2005, five days before four suicide bombers killed 52 people on London Transport, Izzadeen said to a group of followers that Muslims must "instill terror into the hearts of the kuffar (non-Muslims)." He also said: "I am a terrorist. As a Muslim of course I am a terrorist."

Read more at ...

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In the end, the antiwar appeasing democrats and moderate muslims will get far more people killed than those who stand up to the butchers

In the end, the antiwar appeasing democrats and moderate muslims will get far more people killed than those who stand up to the butchers

British Newspaper Headline: Anti-Americanism in Europe ‘Helps Al-Qa’eda’

Just imagine if you opened up tomorrow’s paper and saw a headline “Anti-Americanism ‘Helps Al-Qa’eda.’” Would have to be the Washington Times, or the New York Post, right?

Well, The Daily Telegraph ran a story Thursday entitled “Anti-Americanism in Europe ‘Helps Al-Qa’eda,’” and frankly, the American media along with the politicians they so revere could learn how a strong U.S. ally feels about slamming Uncle Sam in public (emphasis mine throughout):

Anti-American feeling in Europe is playing into the hands of al-Qa'eda and unwittingly encouraging terrorism, Australia's foreign minister said today.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Alexander Downer urged European politicians to weigh the consequences of their words before they "leap out there and attack America".

Not exactly a popular philosophy here in America, is it? The Telegraph continued:

Mr Downer gave warning that criticism of America's conduct in Iraq could – inadvertently – provide an incentive for terrorist attacks.

"People in the West, and not only in Europe, blame America for a suicide bomber in a market in Baghdad," he said.

"That only encourages more horrific behaviour. Every time there is an atrocity committed, it is implicitly America's fault, so why not commit some more atrocities and put even more pressure on America?"

Makes sense, right? So why don’t people on the left in this country see what a foreign minister from Australia does? Regardless, the piece continued:

Mr Downer added: "The al-Qa'eda leadership has said on many occasions that more than 50 per cent of the battle is a battle in the media. The more you can get media denigration of America, the more that the war against terrorism is seen to be an indictment of America, the better for those who started this war."

Speaking during a visit to London, Mr Downer, who has served as Australia's foreign minister for almost 11 years, said that European critics of Washington were not aiming to help terrorists, but this could be the unintentional consequence of their words.

"It's very rude to say these people want to help al-Qa'eda. They don't. But obviously America's enemies take comfort from continual attacks on America by America's friends," he said. "Before you leap out there and vigorously attack America, think about what you're saying and the consequences of what you're saying."

Seems like sound advice that many on Capitol Hill and in pressrooms across our nation should heed.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Iran Spreads a 'Culture of Death'

Iran Spreads a 'Culture of Death'
MEMRI/Al Hayat

Columnist Hassan Haydar: Iran Spreads a 'Culture of Death'

In an article published February 1, 2007 in the English edition of the London daily Al-Hayat, columnist Hassan Haydar denounced the "culture of death" that Iran is spreading in the Arab world by means of the resistance movements in Lebanon and in Palestine.

The following are excerpts from the article, as they appeared in English: [1]

"According to a Reuters news report from Monday, a little Lebanese girl who appeared on a... children's show on Al-Manar - Hezbollah's TV channel - said that she had often prayed for her father to be martyred in battle with Israel, and that she was very proud that he was killed in the war last July, and that she was 'very happy for him,' because she felt that God had heard her prayers.

"The mother of the Palestinian suicide bomber who blew himself up in Eilat three days ago also told Agence France-Presse that she was happy her son was martyred. She revealed that she had said goodbye [to him] before he left for his mission and had wished him success, and that she was happy that 'God had heard her prayers.'

"These two examples are no different from the Iranian 'human waves,' in which the victims wore keys to Paradise around their necks as they marched through Iraqi minefields. They are also no different from the majority of operations that have been carried out by the Lebanese and Palestinian Islamic resistance movements over the last two decades."

"[The Culture of Death] Reflects a State of Collective Psychological Detachment, in Which a Child Can Celebrate the Loss of a Father and a Mother the Loss of a Son"

"Most important, such examples confirm the growing influence that Tehran has today, and the extent to which the culture of death and the glorification of martyrdom have proliferated in more than one Arab country. [Tehran spreads this culture by] exploiting its sectarian affiliation... with Shi'ites in Iraq and Lebanon, and [by means of its support of] the Palestinian Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements.

"The culture [of death] is not limited to local professional fighters engaged in armed conflict with an enemy, but has spread to affect entire communities - including mothers and children, schools and television, newspapers, poetry, art and music. The significance of this [lies] in distorting the concept of struggle itself, denying people the right to make rational and mature choices, and demeaning everything other than martyrdom, including political and social efforts aimed at improving the conditions of these communities and their members' living standards.

"It is also a culture that reflects a state of collective psychological detachment, in which a child can celebrate the loss of a father and a mother [can celebrate] the loss of a son, which [goes] against human nature and culture.

"But in stark contrast, the media apparatuses of the same Iran-affiliated movements express admiration for American anti-war groups and for mothers of American soldiers demanding the return of their children, just as they emphasized last summer's protests by Israeli mothers who opposed the Israeli army's involvement in a ground war in Lebanon, praising the influence of such actions on society as a whole and on the Israeli decision-making process.

"In doing this, these media apparatuses essentially condemn the very same concepts that they try to advocate, since the American and Israel anti-war protests promote the sanctity of life and the desire to protect life in face of all the justifications of the American and Israeli governments.

"The validity of the reasons behind the animosity toward Israel cannot be disputed, and opposing its repeated aggression often means accepting the eventuality of death and destruction. A problem arises, however, when death becomes the only weapon and deterrent, and a goal in itself, while [the taking of] life should be the last card resorted to, and [should be resorted to] only if fighting is the only way to improve the standards of this life.

"We might ask: How will this child, who was raised to exalt and glamorize death, be able to conform to the rules of a work place, or comply with public law, or harmonize with a civil society later in life?

"How will such a child be able to appreciate the value of a tree, a house, a field, a road, a bridge, a public square, or any of the normal things... that surrounding him?

"What Lebanon went through last summer and what is currently taking place in the heart of Beirut and in its alleys - are these not examples of what a child nurtured on the culture of death is capable of doing?"

It's not about Israel or the jews

Youssef Ibrahim: Solving Arab-Israeli conflict won't solve region's major problems

The New York Sun January 11, 2007

A maxim in Middle East affairs to Europeans and many American advocates of convoluted solutions is that settling the 100-year-old dispute between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs is a sine qua non to resolving other Middle East catastrophes. Indeed Secretary of State Rice is reinvigorating this view with a new round of diplomacy in the Greater Middle East, which means inevitably putting pressure on Israel to accommodate Palestinian Arabs and Syrians with withdrawals from the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

But something doesn't click here, like the whole argument. It is a red herring from start to finish. The catastrophes in the Middle East lie in five areas: . Internecine conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon and among Palestinian Arabs; . Absence of representative governments for 350 million Arabs; . Uneven distribution of wealth and corruption; . Widespread illiteracy, poverty, and illness; . Disenfranchisement of women.

Why does resolving any of these depend on good will in the Palestinian Arab areas?

Read more at ...

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A cultural nightmare for the future

Pupils aged five 'poisoned' at Islamic school that 'teaches hate' [In London!]
The Evening Standard

An Islamic school is poisoning the minds of pupils with lessons in hate, a former teacher claims.

Colin Cook, 57, says textbooks used by children as young as five at the King Fahad Academy in Acton describe Jews as "repugnant" and "apes" and Christians as "pigs".

Pupils have allegedly been heard saying they want to "kill Americans", praising 9/11 and idolising Osama bin Laden as their "hero".

There are fears that it could become a breeding ground for terrorists with Mr Cook warning: "The school could produce a dangerous harvest."

Its sister school of the same name in Bonn has been singled out by the German intelligence services as a meeting place for activists linked to terrorism.

Mr Cook, a Muslim convert, taught English at the school for 19 years until he was sacked in December last year.

He claims he was fired after blowing the whistle on the school for covering up cheating by children in GCSE exams and is bringing a tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, race discrimination and victimisation.

He also alleges that when he complained to school management about the content of the curriculum and questioned whether it complied with British laws, he was told: "This is not England. It is Saudi Arabia".

He said that the school was "very good" until the majority of British teachers left in 2005. He said: "Since then, there has been a move towards a pro-Saudi agenda.

"It is clearly racist and very divisive. I understand now why the pupils express anti-Western views at school. It is deeply immoral to put such ideas into the heads of young children.

Mr Cook's solicitor Lawrence Davies said: "Faith schools are legitimate but they must not be used to propagate a racist agenda. Every faith school must be properly inspected. And those that promote the terrorist mindset must be called to account."

Mr Cook, a father of three, was earning £35,000 a year and is seeking £100,000 in compensation.

The school denies all his allegations and claims he was rightly dismissed for misconduct. Opened in 1985 for the offspring of Saudi diplomats in London, it is named after the former Saudi king and funded by that country's government.

But the overwhelming majority of its 750 pupils are now the children of British Muslims. The school - which teaches pupils up to the age of 18 - devotes around half of lessons to religious education and teaches almost all classes in Arabic, with boys and girls following different curriculums.

In the past, parents have claimed that the school is teaching British children fundamentalist Islam while giving girls an inferior education.

Ofsted, which inspected the school in March 2006, made a series of criticisms of its performance and refused to give it full registration as an independent school.

It warned that while the quality of teaching was good, there had been "major changes in staffing" which led to disruption, and told the school to improve the curriculum.

In papers submitted to Watford employment tribunal, Mr Cook says that most of the school's teachers are Saudis who speak little or no English.

Mr Cook's lessons formed part of a British curriculum while a second Saudi curriculum was taught in Arabic. Mr Cooks claims that textbooks used on the Saudi curriculum, which are published by the Saudi government's ministry of education, prove that the academy "is institutionally racist".

He said: "The textbooks apparently state that the Jews are cursed. Pupils are asked to ' mention some repugnant characteristics of Jews'."

Mr Cook said pupils are taught that religions including Christianity and Judaism are "worthless". He said: "The teachers on the Saudi curriculum presumably either endorse this racist viewpoint or teach it without complaint."

Mr Cook claims he was sacked after he reported pupils cheating to exams board Edexcel. He said that staff allowed pupils to refer to their own, heavily annotated course books during an English language GCSE exam.

He said: "The Academy knows that cheating occurred. The boys who did cheat and those who probably cheated were not investigated or sanctioned.î Mr Cook was fired in December after being accused of gross misconduct.

He said: "It was unlawful to sack me for whistle-blowing in these circumstances. A Saudi national would not have been treated in this adverse manner."

The school claims that Mr Cook was rightly dismissed for misconduct connected to the exams procedure. His tribunal is due to take place later this year.

Bloodless cultural laws needed

from the SundayMirror



POLICE holding the Birmingham terror suspects have seized secret TV footage of an Islamic preacher praising the death of a British Muslim soldier in Afghanistan.

The mystery cleric - now being urgently hunted by detectives - ranted about the dead serviceman at a meeting in a Birmingham mosque. He said: "There was an individual killed in Afghanistan recently. Do you know what was written in a newspaper? Hero of Islam! The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders!"

The hate-filled speech at the meeting in Jamia Mosque in the mainly Asian neighbourhood of Sparkbrook was secretly filmed by an undercover reporter for an edition of the Channel 4 series Dispatches screened last month.

During the session the preacher hailed the death of Jabron Hashmi, 24, a British Muslim Lance Corporal killed by the Taliban in Helmand Province in July last year.

Tapes of the programme were seized on Thursday in the week nine men were arrested over a plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier. A West Midlands Police source said: "These tapes could be crucial to the investigation.

"Not only is the death of a British Muslim soldier applauded, but there is talk of beheading.

"Considering the mosque is only a stone's throw from where some of the arrested men lived, it is important we analyse the footage."

A Channel Four insider said: "All tapes, including filming that was not transmitted in the broadcast, were called in by police and can no longer be released to the public.

"Police are investigating allegations of incitement of racial hatred and a claim made on the programme about killing a British soldier."

There is no suggestion any of the arrested suspects attended radical meetings at the mosque.

But relatives of one, Azzar Iqbal, have confirmed that he did worship there. A cousin, Abdul Khan, 38, said: "Azzar did worship regularly at this mosque.

But he gave no sign of having any belief in terrorism. He couldn't possibly behead anyone."

The Dispatches documentary Undercover Mosques also showed preacher Dr Ijaz Mian spouting anti-Western hatred.

Saudi-educated Dr Mian, 65, has for years toured British mosques giving controversial lectures championing extreme Islam.

In one talk - also shown by Dispatches - he raved: "King, Queen, House of Commons. If you accept it, you are a part of it.

"You don't accept it, you have to dismantle it. There will be no House of Commons. Muslims must grow in strength then take over."

Sunday, February 04, 2007

a moderate muslim group stands up to the cultural extremists

Muslims To Pay School's Legal Fight To Uphold Niqab Ban
The Telegraph (UK)

Muslims to pay school's legal fight to uphold niqab ban

By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor

A Muslim group has offered to help fund a school's legal battle over its refusal to let a pupil wear the niqab in class.

Veiled woman: The niqab, which covers the whole face apart from the eyes

In an unprecedented move, the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford (Meco) has written to the head teacher to say it is prepared to contribute to a fighting fund.

Taj Hargey, Meco's chairman, said he was also willing to organise a campaign among Muslims nationally to resist "this largely Saudi-driven campaign to make the niqab a compulsory requirement for Muslim women".

Dr Hargey's offer comes as the school, which cannot be identified because of a court order, faces the prospect of an expensive legal fight without any backing.

Buckinghamshire county council, the local authority for the school, is unwilling to underwrite a challenge which it believes could cost as much as £500,000.

A court on Thursday is due to decide whether the school's decision not to allow the pupil, aged 12, to wear the veil should go to a full judicial review. The school, which already allows girls to wear head scarves called hijabs, drew the line at the niqab, which covers the whole face except the eyes.

It is insisting that the family accepts the uniform policy but the father has been given legal aid to fight a human rights case.

Last year the law lords ruled that a school in Luton, Beds, was justified in barring Shabina Begum from wearing a jilbab, a long loose gown, to classes but it took a long and expensive legal fight.

The judges made clear that their ruling applied only to the Luton case and it is unclear whether other courts will consider the judgment to have established case law.

If the court allows the case to proceed, the school may be forced to back down, potentially rendering any policy on uniform unenforceable at any school threatened with legal action.

The case is complicated because the girl's sisters were allowed to wear the niqab when a different head was in charge. A new policy has been introduced which the father is challenging. The girl has not been excluded, but has been out of school since early October.

In his letter to the school, Dr Hargey said the father's insistence on his daughter wearing the niqab was a "non-Islamic imposition upon your institution".

He added: "We are strongly committed to offering you our full and unequivocal support in banning face-masks at school. We trust that you will continue to resist any move to implement this kind of minority ethnic obsession, which has no foundation whatsoever in the transcendent sources of Islamic law."

Dr Hargey said that since the school's dress code already allowed the option for Muslim girls to wear the hijab, there was no need for full-face covering.

Paul Goodman, the Conservative MP for Wycombe, has pressed the county council to back the school. But although it says it supports the school's right to decide its own dress code, the council has not promised to fund a legal defence.

Mr Goodman said: "My own view is that we don't want veils in our schools. Veils are a sign of separation."

The school has sought to stay out of the wider cultural issues involved and has taken a stand for "educational and security reasons".

The Department for Education is said to be watching the case closely because of the potential for wider implications if the school has to back down or loses a human rights case.

All moderate muslims must immediately stop this

Taliban campaign targets girls' schools

By Massoud Ansari in Dara Adamkhel and Gethin Chamberlain, Sunday Telegraph

The notice pinned to the board outside the Mohammed Hussain Maila girls' school in Dara Adamkhel was uncompromising: "We have decided to bomb the school building. If any of the students shows up and dies as a result, she will be responsible for her own death."

It was a warning the young pupils at the school in Pakistan's North-West Frontier knew should be taken seriously. Four other schools in the lawless tribal region area had already been bombed. Within a matter of days, half of the 506 pupils at the school had been withdrawn.

Parents of young girls are fearful to send them to class

Across the border in Afghanistan, the Taliban's antipathy towards the education of girls is well-documented, and has led to the murders of at least 61 teachers in the past 18 months and the razing of 183 schools. But now hard-line Islamists in Pakistan - known as local Taliban - have launched their own campaign against girls' schools, claiming the pupils are being "westernised".

Parents have been warned to keep their daughters home and drivers who transport pupils to schools have been threatened with dire consequences unless they desist.

"We always wanted our daughter to acquire education, but we are scared," said Baaz Khan, a businessman, who took his 11-year-old daughter from the school.

"It is really awful not to educate our daughters, who have the challenges of the modern world ahead of them, but for me and my friends, the very thought of having to carry the dead bodies of our young daughters out of the wreckage of a bombed school is equally unnerving."

Lateef Afridi, a former member of the national assembly, said that with only 1 per cent of the women in the frontier region receiving an education, the future was gloomy.

"If the situation prevails and people are forced to keep their daughters uneducated, the future is certainly bleak and we are all doomed," he said.

Other schools in Dara Adamkhel, a town of 100,000 people about 40 miles south of Peshawar, have suffered the same fate and some are contemplating closure.

People in the town say militants have taken a cue from Waziristan, the tribal region bordering Afghanistan, where most of the girls' schools - including 180 community schools for girls set up with the assistance of the Norwegian government - have been closed.

There has also been an increase in militant activity in the past year. Barbers have been told not to shave off beards, music and video shops selling Hollywood and Bollywood movies have been bombed, and slogans have appeared on walls urging support for the militants. "Martyrdom is a shortcut to heaven!" one reads. "Rise! Rise, you who yearn for heaven," says another.

The campaign is frustrating attempts by the Pakistan government to win over the population of the tribal areas. "They are going back to the dark ages," said one senior American diplomat in Islamabad. "Schools are being built in the tribal areas but they kill the teachers and assassinate tribal leaders and people who criticise them."

The diplomat said the government of Pakistan was struggling to maintain order. "There is a big contest for the hearts and minds of the local people," the diplomat said. "Give the government credit - it is trying to bring back law and order by empowering the tribal leaders, but Pakistan law is not in effect in the tribal areas."

In November, two people were killed as they tried to plant a bomb at a girls' school in Sheraki, but three other school buildings in Pirwal, Sunikhel and in Haji Noor Ali Kili were all badly damaged in attacks. At least eight people were injured when a bomb exploded at the al-Noor school during a workshop on health awareness run by the UK-based charity, Response International.

Notices have also been posted around the town warning people not to co-operate with international organisations, including the World Bank and the Red Cross.

A decree issued last week by Mufti Khalid Shah, a religious leader, said: "All these NGOs are working on the agenda of Zionists; it is a duty of every Muslim to destroy their offices, attack their vehicles and to kill its members."

He added: "It is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction against these -infidels."

The Pashtun tribes of the area are traditionally independent-minded and many disagree with the edicts. But there is widespread fear about the threat posed by the militants, who appear highly organised and resourceful.

"We have got squads of fedayeen [suicide bombers] and if anyone tries to harm any of our members, these fedayeen would attack them from right, left and centre," one warning notice read.

Far from standing up to the militants, officials in the town appear to be toeing their line, ordering female teachers and students of government schools to wear the cover-all white burqa on their way to and from schools.

At a meeting with headmasters of the girls' schools last week, Kohat Abdul Ghafoor, a political official, said that the female teachers should replace their "fashionable black" burqa which does not cover the full face with the traditional white burqa.

Human rights activists have criticised the local authorities. "This approach of the political administration to the problem is quite amazing, showing their helplessness in which the female school teachers and students, even those as young as eight-years-old, are being threatened if they do not wear the burqa," said Imran Khan, of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

The culture that denies truth is a culture in trouble

Teacher sacked over religion row

Mr McLuskey said the school was too quick to sack him
A supply teacher has been sacked from a secondary school following complaints from Muslim pupils.
Andrew McLuskey was sacked from Bayliss Court Secondary School in Slough after a Religious Education lesson discussing the pros and cons of religion.

Pupils at the predominantly Muslim school claimed Mr McLuskey said most suicide bombers were Muslim.

But he rejected the allegation and said the school was too quick to sack him without giving him right of reply.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

moderates are the only ones who can stop the increasing out of control islamic violence

Muslim televangelist points the way to moderation
The Australian

by Greg Sheridan

In the battle for the soul of Islam, we must strongly support preachers such as Indonesia's Aa Gym, who brings a Protestant ethic to his calling, writes foreign editor Greg Sheridan


If you're surprised to find art deco in the tropical highlands of West Java, there are other, much more significant surprises in store. I met one of the greatest surprises, the estimable Aa Gym, a person of extraordinary consequence for Australia.


His distinctive doctrine is one of taking control of yourself and thereby taking control of your life and your fortunes.


Recently I spent a few weeks in Malaysia, where the stamp of Islam is more conservative, though less violent, than in Indonesia. In the office of one conservative Islamist organisation (though one that certainly did not support violence or terrorism), I saw, apart from the Islamic texts, the books you always see in such Islamist offices: Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and a slew of other American leftists denouncing the US.

Extreme Islamist movements have at their core a paranoid view of the world. Much of this paranoia reduces to the proposition that the US is persecuting Islam. And many of the more florid conspiracy theories come from the US. Indeed it seems to me about half the anti-Americanism in the world starts with The New York Times and works steadily leftwards to Chomsky and the outer fringes of the larger lunacy.

So I was intensely interested to see Aa Gym's bookshelves. And there I saw, in overflowing profusion, shelf after shelf of American management and self-help books. Indeed, all through Aa Gym's pesantren there are such formulations: seven steps to a positive life, five must dos, three secrets of success, that sort of thing.


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