Friday, February 29, 2008

The headscarf is central in the culture of extremism - why banning it would start the dominos falling

Wife accused of insulting Islam for removing veil
Egypt goalie slammed for move to Swiss club

....... a picture of Hadary's wife appearing in public in Switzerland without the veil has also drawn criticism back home.

Religious watchdog group Hamasna ("Our Enthusiasm"), which led the International Campaign for Defending Hijab a week ago, issued a statement urging Hadary's wife Sabrine to put the veil back on.

"We understand that the situation of Muslim women in the West is a special case, but she has to amend what she did before other players' wives follow her example," the statement read. "She must realize that her husband is a player in Egyptian national football, and they are a religious team."

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar has issued a fatwa – religious ruling – saying that Muslim women living in the West can take off the veil if required under local laws. The fatwa, issued in the context of the ban on the veil in educational institutions in France, sparked much controversy at the time.

Hamasna said it supports Hadary and wishes him luck in his new club. It added that he should continue to kneel in prayer when his team scores a goal and not feel awkward about performing the religious act on the field even with his new Swiss team.

"The God of Switzerland is the God of Cairo and the God of [Ghanaian city] Kumasi, the God of all the people," the group said.

Hamasna recently declined to add Egyptian Coptic (Orthodox Christian) businessman Naguib Sawiris to its list of "Enemies of the Hijab," saying he retracted his attack on veiled women and said he is not against the Islamic head cover or Islam.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why gender apartheid is a integral part of extremism, and laws against gender apartheid will moderate

Saudi tutor gets lashes for meeting student

A married university professor has been sentenced to 180 lashes and eight months in prison for having coffee with a female student.

The professor of psychology at Umm al-Qra University in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, was caught in a "honey trap" operation after angering members of the religious police during a training course, his lawyer said.

The academic is said to have received a call from a supposed student, who asked to discuss a problem in person; he agreed, provided she brought along a brother as a chaperone.

When the man arrived at the meeting place, the girl was alone, and he was arrested for being in a state of khulwa - seclusion - with an unrelated female.

The professor, who has not been named, was reported to be a married man in his late 50s with children.

Contact between unrelated men and women is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, where religious police patrol public places to enforce Islamic law on behalf of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The trappings of extremism must not be allowed to flourish in the West

Muslim medics refuse to roll up their sleeves in hygiene crackdown - because it's against their religion

Health officials are having crisis talks with Muslim medical staff who have objected to hospital hygiene rules because of religious beliefs.

Medics in hospitals in at least three major English cities have refused to follow the regulations aimed at helping tackle superbugs because of their faith, it has been revealed.

Women medical students at Alder Hey children's hospital in Liverpool objected to rolling up their sleeves when washing their hands and removing arm coverings in theatre, claiming it is regarded as immodest.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fascist apartheid hiding behind phony language of victimhood - encourages extremism and discourages assimilation and moderation

To accommodate Muslim students, Harvard tries women-only gym hours

Harvard University has moved to make Muslim women more comfortable in the gym by instituting women-only access times six hours a week to accommodate religious customs that make it difficult for some students to work out in the presence of men.

Men have not been allowed to enter the Quadrangle Recreational Athletic Center during certain times since Jan. 28, after members of the Harvard Islamic Society and the Harvard Women's Center petitioned the university for a more comfortable environment for women.

Harvard Islamic Society's Islamic Knowledge Committee officer Ola Aljawhary, a junior, said the women-only hours are being tested on a trial basis. The special gym hours will be analyzed over Spring Break to determine if they will continue, she said.

Aljawhary said that she does not believe that the women-only gym hours discriminate against men.

"These hours are necessary because there is a segment of the Harvard female population that is not found in gyms not because they don't want to work out, but because for them working out in a co-ed gym is uncomfortable, awkward or problematic in some way," she said.

Though the policy was in part initiated by the school's Islamic group, Aljawhary said women-only hours are not a case of "minority rights trumping majority preference" and said women of different faiths have showed interest in the hours.

"We live together in one community, it only makes sense for everyone to compromise slightly in order for everyone to live happily," she said. "This matter is simple: Can't we just display basic decency and show tolerance and inclusion for people not a part of the mainstream majority?"

Monday, February 25, 2008

To allow laws of apartheid for women is to encourage "extremism" and to discourage "moderation"



MUSLIM radicals have demanded Sharia law across Britain “without compromise”.

Extreme Islamics said the hardline system – where people are punished by stoning and beheading – is the future.

Speaking at a meeting in Birmingham, Abu Ibraheem said: “Let us make this absolutely clear. Islam is not subject to dilution, compromise or relegation.

“The behaviour of some Muslims is failing miserably to meet these commands.”

About 50 activists held the meeting in the same town where terrorist Parviz Khan, 36, plotted to behead a British soldier.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Polygamy is an integral cultural part of extremism: incest, forced marriage, exploited unwanted excess young males, etc.,

Multiple wives will mean multiple benefits

UK: Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Should multiple wives get recognition from the state?Even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, the decision by ministers means that polygamous marriages can now be recognised formally by the state, so long as the weddings took place in countries where the arrangement is legal.

The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife, as is permitted under Islamic law. Ministers estimate that up to a thousand polygamous partnerships exist in Britain, although they admit there is no exact record.

The decision has been condemned by the Tories, who accused the Government of offering preferential treatment to a particular group, and of setting a precedent that would lead to demands for further changes in British law.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saudi Arabia: Airline refuses to hire female flight attendants

Jeddah, 21 Feb. (AKI) - Saudi Arabia's national carrier Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) said that women will not be hired as flight attendants, reported the Dubai-based daily Gulf News.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The iron fisted control that leads to "honor" brutality MUST be moderated


Here we have another example of a "courageous and well assimilated" band of muslim thugs kidnapping and beating a 14 year old British lad. What was the "offense" that spurred these five grown men to kidnap, punch, and kick the boy's face, stomach and head so hard that a footprint was left on his forehead??? Why the boy had the audacity to talk to a classmate - the muslim's female cousin.

Contrary to the idiotic comment by Prosecutor Jeremy Grout- Smith, the motivation behind this hideous attack is clear - it is yet another example punishment being rationalized and dished out because one or more muslim men felt that an action had occurred which caused them to feel dishonoured. Their egotistic feelings being of tantamount importance and their narcissism being buoyed up by the teachings of the Religion of Peace.

If you search the web you will find hundreds of examples of so called honour violence happening around the world - indeed, 17,000 women, in the UK, are subjected to honor violence that often includes murder - EACH YEAR!

So perhaps this 14 year old boy should consider himself "lucky" to have not been slaughtered by these muslim thugs? Should we warn our male children that they may be beaten or killed if they talk to a female muslim classmate?

Has anyone seen the girl cousin lately???

A TERRIFIED schoolboy was bundled into the back of a car by a gang, driven to a remote spot, beaten up and dumped there, a jury heard.

Burnley Crown Court was told the 14-year-old, from Nelson, was punched and kicked. He was left injured, bleeding and with a footprint on his forehead.

When he took police to the scene of the attack they found his blood on the road.

Five men have admitted assaulting the youngster last April in Nelson. The court heard the victim was said to have been accused of talking to the female cousin of one of the gang at the school they both attended.

Prosecutor Jeremy Grout-Smith told the jury: "Whether this was the motive for the attack remains to be seen."

Imran Yousaf, 18, of Howgill Close, Nelson, Zeshan Ali, 22, of Vulcan Close, Padgate, Warrington, Mujahid Ansar, 18, of St Paul's Road, Nelson, Imran Ali, 19, of Carr Road, Nelson and a Nelson 17-year-old all admitted assault occasio-ning actual bodily harm.

Mr Grout-Smith said the boy was pushed into a car as he walked home from a takeaway on Larch Street.

He said the victim met Yousaf in the takeaway and was told "I hear you have been talking to my cousin."

The boy said he had not and he was told "you're coming with us."

The prosecutor said the teenager was taken to waste land near Lomeshaye Industrial estate. The boy was pulled from the car and punched in the face. He was also struck with a weapon, which the court heard was possibly an anti-theft car lock.

Mr Grout-Smith said the youngster was knocked to the ground before being kicked repeatedly to the face, head and stomach.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Sharia law should not be allowed in the West

Sharia law is first and foremost aimed at the subjugation of women; cultural linchpin laws would be so effective in moderation rather than extremism.

Sharjah shops told to 'behead' mannequins

Sharjah: Mannequins in Sharjah shops should be headless and only model “decent” clothing, a Sharjah Municipality circular has stated.

The municipality has urged shopkeepers to abide by a ban that prohibits the display of mannequins with facial features, said a senior Sharjah Municipality official.

“The only clothes on display now should be decent and the mannequins should be headless,” said Khalid Al Jaberi, head of market control at Sharjah Municipality.

A circular was recently sent to all shops stating the heads of mannequins be removed and that they are forbidden to wear underwear, to uphold the traditional and religious values of the emirate.

“We reinforced the ban because it was a religious issue that raised many complaints from residents, who were against shops displaying men and women’s undergarments on realistic mannequins,” said Al Jaberi.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

linchpin laws of moderation badly needed to start a ripple effect

Iran: Four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking dog in streets

Tehran, 19 Feb.(AKI) - A 70-year-old man has been sentenced by an Iranian judge to four months in jail and 30 lashes for going out on the street with his dog.

The incident took place in Shahr Rey, a suburb of Tehran when the owner of the dog was caught by a police who quickly handcuffed the man. He was later charged by an Islamic judge for "disturbing the public order".

The sentence, seems to want to panic the owners of dogs that despite repeated warnings by the police, continue to defy the authorities by taking their dogs outside their homes.

President Ahmadinejad recently provoked debate in Iran about dog ownership when he took possession of four guard dogs, bought in Germany at a cost of 110,000 euros each.

The dogs are at the centre of a theological controversy because Islam considers dogs to be impure.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Extremism spiraling out of control until the dominos of moderation start falling

Iranian faces execution for drinking alcohol

TEHRAN -- A young Iranian man has been sentenced to hang for repeatedly drinking alcohol which is strictly banned in the Islamic republic, the Etemad newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old, identified only as Mohsen, was handed down the death penalty by a criminal court after being found guilty of drinking alcohol for a fourth time, the daily said.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Non assimilation will encourage extremism, assimilation will encourage moderation

Klein Verzet

Some days ago we raported Recip Erdogan, Turkish PM, shamelessly suggesting that Germany should allow, and presumably pay for, schools where pupils are taught in Turkish, instead of German, and declaring assimilation a 'crime against humanity'.

Now we have the government of Morocco similarly trying to frustrate the efforst in EUnion member countries to integrate their immigrant citizens.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great cultural move for Wikipedia - the cultural dominos of moderation must start to fall

Wikipedia defies 180,000 demands to remove images of the Prophet

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, is refusing to remove medieval artistic depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, despite being flooded with complaints from Muslims demanding the images be deleted.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It should by now be evident to all that the "headscarf" is a political symbol of subjugation and brutality and supremicism

It should by now be evident to all that the "headscarf" is a political symbol of subjugation. supremicism, and brutality, used by the "no sex unless you're a dead murderer" mullahs.

Pepsi’s headscarf attitude sparks protests

A condition in a photo contest run by Pepsi stating that photos with people wearing a headscarf will not be accepted has triggered numerous protests.

Calls to boycott the company's products are becoming widespread, despite the fact that Pepsi removed this condition following earlier complaints.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Women and children living in slavery in the West - why banning the headscarf would be so powerful against extremism-

Women and children living in slavery in the West - why banning the headscarf would be so powerful against extremism - all moderate muslims should be actively insisting to ban the headscarf.

Italy: Muslim women literally living in chains claims rights activist

Rome, 14 Feb.(AKI) - Association of Moroccan Women in Italy president, Souad Sbai, claims that some Muslim women in the north of Italy are being kept chained up in their homes.

"In northern Italy, there are women that live chained at home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, without being able to open the door," said the leader of the women's group.

"In the North,[of Italy] there are 4 and 5 year old girls that wear the [Islamic] veil in the summer, and in the winter. This is the culture of male chauvinists, of fundamentalists - and nobody is shocked," said Sbai.

Sbai also claims that Egypt's Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organistion is slowly 'infiltrating' Italian politics.

Sbai also pointed the finger at many "imams that are ignorant, that are butchers, and have harmed the community."

Her declarations took place during the presentation of a new book by Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, 'The cost of the veil - Islam's war against women'.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Appease extremism, you always, always get more extremism - the dominos need to start falling

The Archbishop's ideas on Sharia and autonomy for faith communities are badly misguided

You say,” said Lord Napier (confronted as Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in India by locals protesting against the suppression of suttee) “that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”

The present Archbishop of Canterbury is no Napier............

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bloodless cultural linchpin laws would protect young women from horrors like forced incest under threat of death

I was forced to marry my cousin - it's normal in my culture, but SO WRONG

Living in fear: Having escaped an arranged marriage, Khaleda Begum may never see her family again

These days Khaleda Begum, 25, hardly leaves the confines of her one-bedroom flat.

And when she does, her heart thumps and she looks over her shoulder in terror. For, in the eyes of her Muslim family, Khaleda has done the unthinkable.

Disgusted by her arranged marriage to a cousin - a suitor found for her by her father - she has fled her family home and now, fearful of reprisals, lives under police protection.

Khaleda's story makes shocking reading for anyone who is under the misguided belief that such marriages do not regularly go on in Britain today.

For Khaleda, who was born in Britain and took GCSEs and A-levels at her British school in the hope of becoming a teacher in this country, was forced by her father to go to Pakistan and marry his cousin - a man 20 years her senior, who spoke no English and whom she had never even met.

And according to Khaleda - who today, having escaped "the marriage from hell," lives in hiding with her British partner, Phil - she is far from alone.

She says: "Virtually every Asian girl I have ever met has an arranged marriage and the vast majority of them are to their cousins.

"It is well known within the community that such marriages do produce deformed babies. No one talks about it, but it is one of the reasons why I found such a marriage to someone so closely related to myself to be so very repugnant.

"Just before I was forced to marry I heard of one of my cousins who'd been forced to marry her auntie's son.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In the final reckoning, the appeasers always, always get more killed than those who stand against violence

A question of honour: Police say 17,000 women are victims every year

Ministers are stepping up the fight against so-called 'honour' crime and forced marriages. Detectives say official statistics are 'merely the tip of the iceberg' of this phenomenon.

Bloodless cultural assimilation laws are absolutely critical in the fight against extremism


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan added yesterday fuel to the fire of the polemics recently sparked off in Germany on the integration of the Turkish immigrants in the country, warning the German Turkish community against an excessive adaptation to the national culture. "Assimilation is a crime against humanity", Erdogan said in Cologne, during his visit in Germany, in front of an audience of 16,000 people, the majority of whom Turkish immigrants.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Polygamy encourages incest, child marriage, forced marriage, welfare parasites, child abuse, extremism

Polygamy encourages incest, child marriage, forced marriage, welfare parasites, child abuse, extremism, not to speak about the problem of the old bulls in polygamous societies needing to get rid of excess young males..........bloodless cultural linchpin laws needed against polygamy

Harems pay off for MuslimsIslamic leaders: Hundreds in GTA get extra welfare for polygamous unions

Hundreds of GTA Muslim men in polygamous marriages -- some with a harem of wives -- are receiving welfare and social benefits for each of their spouses, thanks to the city and province, Muslim leaders say. Mumtaz Ali, president of the Canadian Society of Muslims, said wives in polygamous marriages are recognized as spouses under the Ontario Family Law Act, providing they were legally married under Muslim laws abroad. "Polygamy is a regular part of life for many Muslims," Ali said yesterday. "Ontario recognizes religious marriages for Muslims and others." He estimates "several hundred" GTA husbands in polygamous marriages are receiving benefits. Under Islamic law, a Muslim man is permitted to have up to four spouses.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Once again, the forced wearing of the headscarf is front and center is a tool of extremists instilling fear and intimidation in the population

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

Story Highlights
Crimes against women in Iraq's south have included killings and amputations

Police chief: "Two women were killed in front of their kids"

Not wearing headscarves, other violations of "Islamic teachings" bring crimes


"We thought there would be freedom and democracy and women would have their rights. But all the things we were promised have not come true. There is only fear and horror."

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cultural linchpin law that would instantly moderate and liberate

Dutch cabinet wants to ban burkas in schools, government offices

The Dutch cabinet said Friday it wants to ban burkas from all schools and prevent government employees from wearing the head-to-toe Islamic robes, but said it was impossible to outlaw them altogether.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Cultural capitulation to extremism will just make extremism spiral out of control

Turkey army chief reaffirms headscarf stance

ANKARA: Turkey’s top general on Wednesday tacitly reiterated the army’s opposition to women wearing the Muslim headscarf at university, a day after the religiously oriented government proposed easing a ban on the attire.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

There IS an explicit link between islam and terrorism - denial and pretending something isn't true when it is true just leads to escalating violence

Islamist terrorists rebranded as 'criminals'

Islamist terrorists have been rebranded as "criminals" in a new guidebook for ministers and civil servants to help them talk about terrorism without offending Muslims.

The book has been issued to all government departments and says that people should no longer refer to Islamist extremism or jihadi fundamentalism.

Instead, they should refer to violent extremism and criminal murderers or thugs to avoid any implication that there is an explicit link between Islam and terrorism.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Extremism" thrives on subjugation of women - cultural linchpin laws must stop this in the West

Starbucks leads to strip-search for Saudi woman

RIYADH -- Saudi Arabia's religious police detained and strip-searched a woman for sitting in a Starbucks coffeeshop with a male work colleague who is not a member of her family, Arab News reported on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old financial consultant, named only as Yara, told the paper she was arrested on Monday by members of the powerful Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

She was holding a business meeting with the man in a branch of Starbucks in Riyadh, in a section reserved for families as is the rule in Saudi Arabia where unrelated members of the opposite sex are segregated in public, she said.

Yara said she was taken to a Riyadh prison, strip-searched and forced to sign a confession to having been caught alone with a unrelated man -- an illegal act in the kingdom which enforces a strict Islamic moral code.

"I had no other choice" but to sign, said the married mother of three. "I was scared for my life... I was afraid that they would abuse me or do something to me."

She said the religious police, known as the Muttawa, released her several hours later after her husband, Hatim, intervened. "I look at this as if she had been kidnapped by thugs," said Hatim.

The paper said the man with whom Yara had coffee, an unnamed Syrian financial analyst, was also arrested and remains in custody.

Saudi Arabia's 5,000-strong religious police have been investigated over a number of deaths that occurred while they raided homes or kept people in custody.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Escalating muslim violence against women across Europe

Malmö: Girl killed, honor murder suspected

The two suspects are 38 and 19 years old.

Police spokesperson Lars-Håkan Lindholm says that the first police car at the scene suspected the men, among other things due to reports by witnesses. He says that this might be an honor related act of violence. It has not been substantiated, but this is one of the theories the police are working with.


Two men have been held in connection with the death of a 16-year-old girl in Malmö.

The girl believed to have been pushed from a balcony in an apartment block in the city's Hermodsdal district on Sunday evening.

The suspects, both of whom are related to the victim, were arrested near the building and taken in for overnight questioning.

On Monday morning the public prosecutor ordered for them to be detained in custody on suspicion of murder or manslaughter.

"They deny committing an offence," police spokesman Lars Karsten told TT.

Neighbours questioned by police said that there often appeared to be trouble in the fourth floor apartment.

"A lot of people have complained about noise and screaming," one neighbour told Sydsvenskan.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Appeasing cultural sensibilities allows actions like this to spiral out of control

Family of teen Muslim invited men to rape her

A GIRL of 15 was tricked into a "telephone marriage" ceremony to a Sheffield man with a mental age of five in a ceremony recognised by sharia (Islamic law).

When the girl arrived from Pakistan expecting to meet the handsome man she had been shown in a photograph, she found that he was 40 years old, unemployed and disabled.

To make matters worse, her mother-in-law decided to exploit her attractive looks by forcing her into prostitution.

The family invited men to the family home to rape her before she managed to escape to the police by bolting through the front door. She was taken into care and now lives in a refuge.

The case is highlighted in a report by the Centre for Social Cohesion, which has found that policemen, councillors and taxi drivers are turning a blind eye or even conniving in enforcing the Asian community's strict "moral code" on young women.

The girl's marriage last April was not recognised by the Home Office but was approved by the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain. She is typical of the runaway brides at risk of an "honour killing". According to official figures, 10 to 12 women are murdered in Britain in honour killings each year, but the government has been warned by MPs that this is a serious underestimate. Police often record the deaths as cases of domestic violence, while other girls are driven to suicide or taken away to their family's country of origin and never seen again. Many Asian parents would rather resort to violence against their children than see their reputation tarnished by the perceived dishonour of allowing them to become "westernised".

The report, Crimes of the Community, claims the problem is no longer an issue of first-generation migrants importing attitudes from "back home" but is "indigenous and self-perpetuating" because it is sustained by third and fourth-generation immigrants.

The study reveals the case of Saamiya, a 16-year-old girl from Birmingham, whose parents were so angry when they discovered she had a boyfriend that they flew her to Pakistan and told her they had arranged a marriage two hours before the ceremony.

"During the Islamic ceremony my dad was standing behind me with one hand on my shoulder and with his other hand he had a gun which was pointed at my back so that I didn't say 'no'," Saamiya said.

"To everyone else it looked natural — he was just standing there stroking my shoulder — but just before he had told me that he would shoot me if I didn't go through with it."

She was rescued from Pakistan by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's forced marriage unit and now lives in a refuge in the Midlands, but has been told that she will be murdered by her brothers. The girl told investigators: "I haven't been back home since then. My brothers say that they want to take me back to Pakistan so they can kill me basically. They'll just pay the police there to keep quiet... I don't want to be killed. I'm only 16. I want to live my life."

The think-tank's report comes after Gordon Brown, the prime minister, said last week that he was extremely concerned that too little was being done to prevent honour crimes.

The study criticises the police and schools for failing to take action in a misguided attempt to avoid offending cultural sensibilities.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Terrific article by Rich Carroll and Chris Allen

One Nation Under God?
by Rich Carroll and Chris Allen

The 232 year chronicle of American history is rather
short. We, like all new societies throughout recorded
history were too busy working and building to get
ourselves into mental trouble; that cultural malady of
having so much free time you begin examining your
existence or indulging your lazy facade of
superiority. The initial desire to break away and
begin something new came from unwillingness to endure
an oppressive situation, and starting from scratch was
a task that consumed every facet of the colonists'
life. Our great leap forward began in the 19th and
early 20th centuries when immigrants were huddled in
cramped tenement apartments but continued coming,
working hard, contributing, blending-in to the melting
pot we call 'The United States'. We were a mix of
Indians, blacks, Irish, English, German, Dutch; the
list continues. No one knew the word "diversity" or
"multicultural", because we were all... Americans.
Coming to America meant coming to BE American. We were
a group of diverse people forging one 'national
identity'. Everyone worked and took pride in doing so.
Fifty years later economists would call this mix of
blood and sweat "The Affluent Society".
How could Adolph Hitler and the Nazis have come to
power in such a highly educated, industrially
developed country, and in such a short time? How were
the Nazi's able to seize control of the media, the
courts, the local politicians so easily?

Hitler had a plan selling false hope to a people
facing bad economic times and a culture unsure of
their place in the world after being soundly defeated
in WWI. Germany was struggling, searching for some way
to regain national pride and identity. Distracted and
needy, his audience was captive to him and his clever
manipulation of all media sources. Caught with their
guard down, the brilliant German population, far, far
ahead of Americans in mathematics, philosophy,
physics, chemistry, engineering and science, fell for
this maniacal prophet hook, line and sinker.

People believe what they see. Hitler made sure (by
controlling the radio and newspapers) they saw glowing
results from his efforts. They also saw with crystal
clarity that all their heretofore problems were caused
by Jews. A nation of self-absorbed people became
apostate and atheist, blaming every aspect of their
hard times directly on the Jews. Germany forgot about
God. In the name of self interest, they clung to a
murdering tyrant.

We are America. The country who prints "in God we
trust" on our money. We proclaim to be 'one nation
under God" in our national pledge. But our wealth and
our success have allowed that 'cultural malady' we
never had time for to creep back into our midst. We
have become lazy, and the ease of our existence has
allowed us to become more accepting of failure;
personally and as a nation. Our poor are wealthy
relative to the rest of the world. Our youth are
uneducated and egotistical. Our society has lost the
cohesion that held the 'doers' together at our
country's inception. We now think in more
'individualized' terms; less "we" and more "me". All
of these shortcomings have resulted in some moral and
ideological struggles of the highest degree.

Now WE are the ones needing to rebuild our national
pride and identity. WE are the ones unwilling to
fulfill our place in the world. Sadly, some of us are
falling prey to the carefully orchestrated and
willfully carried out plans of a cult of murdering

Islam continues its assault on the world. Our
grappling with ourselves exposes cracks in our culture
that Islam is all too anxious to exploit. Americans
meekly allow our laws to be changed to accomodate
people who openly go against our culture, who have no
intention whatsoever of becoming American. Americans
cast aside our national identity in favor of
'multiculturalism' and honor anyone and everyone who,
while denegrating us, whines "what about me?" We allow
things and change ourselves in ways that would not be
allowed in other countries, all the while
congratulating each other on our 'openmindedness'. We
have already taken the first steps toward removing God
and faith from our national conscience. America is
becoming Godless, and as we do, we skip down the path
of manipulation of Muslims carrying out jihad by
methodically following the game plan of Hitler and the
Third Reich. Media exploitation, legal manipulation,
control of our culture and the placing of blame (yes,
LOTS of blame) form the battlefield of this 21st
century war. Liberalism has fractured us, and Muslims
have noticed our weaknesses; our tendency toward
complete self-indulgence. They appeal to our liberal
philosophy of "acceptance", which has risen to an
absurd level. The Islamists are convincing us our
problems with them are OUR fault! We are being told by
some of the worlds biggest losers that we are the ones
who need to change. Worse still is that we are doing
just that.

For a country such as ours, to become Godless is to
lose our way. If we cannot find and cling to our
American spirit, if we cannot honor our American
identity and say 'This is ours, this is who we are and
who we will always be", then we have nothing to
defend. We will buy every lie, every manipulation,
every insult and every horrific degradation Islamic
maniacs throw at us. What makes this particularly hard
to justify is that WE haven't learned from history;
this type of takeover has occurred before. But the
Muslims learned. They know how Adolph Hitler attained
power; they're doing it to us.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Central to the "no-go zones" are the brutalization, castration and subjugation of the women of islam.

In the "no-go zones" women MUST wear headscarves or risk rape or worse! The nogo zones will escalate in violence and extremism unless strict bloodless cultural linchpin laws are passed and enforced!

Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, faces death threats

The Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, is under police protection after he and his family received death threats over his claim that parts of Britain had become “no-go areas” for non-Muslims.


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Dr Nazir-Ali was in India when staff at his home in Rochester took a number of phone calls threatening his family and warning him that he would not “live long” if he continued to criticise Islam. He has been given an emergency number at Kent Police, along with other undisclosed protection measures, and said that the threats were being taken “seriously”.

Speaking to The Times, Dr Nazir-Ali, who is on the conservative evangelical wing of the Church and is Britain’s only Asian bishop, said: “The irony is that I had similar threats when I was a bishop in Pakistan, but I never thought I would have them here. My point in saying what I did was that Britain had lost its Christian vision, which would have provided the resources to offer hospitality to others.”

He said that this absence of a Christian vision had led to multiculturalism. “Everyone agrees that multiculturalism has had disastrous consequences, and that segregation and extremism have arisen from this.”

The Bishop said in an article in The Sunday Telegraph that Islamic extremists had created no-go areas across Britain where it was too dangerous for nonMuslims to enter. He said that people of a different race or faith faced physical attack if they lived or worked in communities that were dominated by a strict Muslim ideology.

Dr Nazir-Ali told The Times: “I have had 1,000 letters, and 95 per cent have been supportive. There is no point in being in denial. We have to face the consequences.”

Friday, February 01, 2008

Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family by Karen Tintori

Another book to read.

There are parallels with the Mafia's violent rule and the struggle of "moderates"....the moderating of the Mafia started with the women of the Mafia obtaining their freedom

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