Monday, January 31, 2011

Foreign "aid" is aid to "foreign terrorists". End any and all foreign aid that trickles into the pockets of demagogues, terrorists, and thugs.

Foreign "aid" is enabling terrorism to accelerate, while the demagogues are working behind the scenes, using cutsey language like "freedom" when they want a pagan totalitarian theocracy of hatred blood and death

read about brilliant cultural warfare. Time to end all aid and time for all the failed state hellholes to take responsibility, man up, and solve their self created problems.

Throwing money at third world hellholes simply doesn't work

Why doesn't the money toss work?

Because "poverty" isn't the problem.

Chaotic social problems are the problem.

Not money or lack thereof. The middle east is awash in oil money, and uses it's oil money for terrorism around the world.

Stop all foreign aid and all immigration.

Sen. Rand Paul: We Should End All Foreign Aid To Countries, Including Israel
Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN’s Situation Room and Wolf Blitzer asked Paul for specifics about where government spending could be reduced. Paul, unlike most of his colleagues in both parties, refreshingly did suggest specific ideas, one of which was ending all foreign aid.

After suggesting liberals need to give up some welfare spending and conservatives need to give up some military spending, Paul did not shy away from suggesting all aid to foreign countries should also be eliminated. When Wolf asked whether he was suggesting aid to Israel and humanitarian aid to African countries also be cut, Paul said yes and confirmed that he does not joke around when he uses the word “all” aid.

Given that Paul believed foreign aid is often stolen by corrupt leaders in Africa or used to fund an arms race on both sides of a conflict (in the case of Israel and its neighboring countries), Paul asked since we’re broke anyway, why keep wasting money overseas with such aid? Although this might be a controversial proposal to some, at least Paul deserves credit for suggesting something to cut, as opposed to most who just say throw out meaningless statements like “it’s time for an adult conversation” or “everything is on the table.”

Jackie Robinson, the great baseball player, was a Republican

Read about a great Republican

Whining sniveling article that ignores the FACT that muslim countries are creating their own problems by following Sharia law and islam itself

Read about clueless whining sniveling responsibility abdication of the Middle East's nihilistic belief system that murders any and all who tell the truth about islam. It's not about poverty, folks. It's about islam and sharia law itself. The "Middle East" must face up to it's truth, and must face up to the fact that their problems are self created by Sharia law, polygamy, responsibility abdication, and expelling of unwanted males by the old bulls of polygamy. The worst possible thing is to allow unfettered immigration of unwanted males, thus allowing the stunning dysfunction of muslim societies to escalate, while endlessly whining and blaming others.

Face of Mideast Unrest: Young and Hungry for Jobs

AP DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Just days before fleeing Tunisia, the embattled leader went on national television to promise 300,000 new jobs over two years.

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak did much the same Saturday as riots gripped Cairo and other cities: offering more economic opportunities in a country where half the people live on less than $2 a day.

The pledges-under-siege have something else in common: an acknowledgment that the unprecedented anger on Arab streets is at its core a long-brewing rage against decades of economic imbalances that have rewarded the political elite and left many others on the margins.

The startling speed - less than two months since the first protests in Tunisia - underscored the wobbly condition of the systems used by some Arab regimes to hold power since the 1980s or earlier. The once formidable mix of economic cronyism and hard-line policing - which authorities sometime claim was needed to fight Islamic hard-liners or possible Israeli spies - now appears under serious strain from societies pushing back against the old matrix.

Mubarak and other Arab leaders have only to look to Cairo's streets: a population of 18 million with about half under 30 years old and no longer content to have a modest civil servant job as their top aspiration.

One protester in Cairo waved a hand-drawn copy of his university diploma amid clouds of tear gas and shouted what may best sum up the complexities of the domino-style unrest in a single word: Jobs.

..........(Islam is the problem, the only problem)............

"Many people have degrees but they do not have the skill set," Masood Ahmed, director of the Middle East and Asia department of the International Monetary Fund, said earlier this week.

"The scarce resource is talent," agreed Omar Alghanim, a prominent Gulf businessman. The employment pool available in the region "is not at all what's needed in the global economy."

The muslim world must deal with their self created problems, and not be allowed to destroy the rest of the world in their nihilistic sado sexual spiral of hatred and responsibility abdication.

WOW! Trump understands bloodless cultural warfare! #1 prob with economy is billions thrown out of economy by crybabies Trump/West 2012

Trump: Mideast Explosion Could Destroy OPEC, Lower Oil Prices

Donald Trump is mad as hell — and he’s letting everybody know it.
In a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV on Friday, the billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star lashes out at China, OPEC, Obama’s Middle East dealings, the president’s State of the Union address and more.

Trump takes aim at America’s “horrible” trade agreements, declares that the Middle East is going to explode, warns about “catastrophic” oil prices, and charges that Obama’s Afghanistan policy is “dangerous and stupid.”
He also complains that the United States is a “laughing stock” throughout the world — and confirms that he is seriously considering running for president in 2012.

Asked directly about a possible run, Trump tells Newsmax: “I’m thinking about it. I’m looking at what’s happening with this country and frankly, it’s very sad. I see what’s happening left and right, how we’re being abused by other nations, and I don’t like it. I don’t like what’s happening with jobs. I am seriously thinking about it.”

Trump says if he does run it will be as a Republican and not as a third party candidate, and explains why he would run.

“I love the country. I’ve done well in the country. My businesses have never been better because I’ve made some good decisions. It shouldn’t be good. It should be terrible because a lot of other businesses are terrible. But I’ve made some very good decisions.

“I love the country and I hate what’s happening to the country. In 12 years China will take over as the world’s leading economic power, if not sooner, and the way we’re going this country will not be a great country as it was anymore. That’s so very very sad to me.”

Trump has a lot more to say about China.

“I’m a big buyer of products, and I’m also unfortunately a big buyer of Chinese products,” he says. “It’s very hard not to buy Chinese products, including sheetrock, which has destroyed many a development and many a life.

“I’ll say this: We make better products than China. The problem is they manipulate their currency so badly that it’s almost impossible for a person like me to buy outside China.

“I want to buy an American product. The Chinese products come in, they’re cheaper. They’re not as good but they’re cheaper. And it’s not because of their workers, it’s because of their manipulation of their currency.

“Another thing: If you try to do business in China, it’s almost impossible. They want all your technology. They want you to build your plants in China.

“We have a very weak policy. Whether it’s China, or the horrible agreement just signed with South Korea, or any of the other horrible deals that we make, we don’t have the ability to make good deals with other countries.

We’re like a whipping post for other countries. We are standing there and being beaten by South Korea, by Mexico, by China, by India. If you have a problem with a credit card and you call somebody up, that person is based in India.

“And then they wonder why we’re not going to have jobs for another five or six years.

“Ben Bernanke said recently it’s going to be at least five years before our jobs really come back. And I say, why? All our jobs are going to China. We’re rebuilding China and other places.”

Trump insists the United States needs to change its trade policies with the People’s Republic.

“If we ever taxed Chinese products coming into this country, we would pay off the debt so fast. More importantly, we would start creating jobs in our country.

“They cheated at the Olympics with their gymnasts, they’re cheating us with their manipulation of the currency. They’re not our friends. I know them very well. I do business with them. I’m not angry at them. I just can’t believe that they can get away with it.

“My friends from China said to me just recently — they didn’t know that I might be thinking about running for president — we cannot believe how stupid your politicians are to allow us to get away with what we’re getting away with.

“They thought they were talking to me as a business guy and they were all laughing and smiling. We are a laughing stock throughout the world.”

Referring to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, Trump says: “He didn’t talk about the deficit, he didn’t talk about how to pay off all the debt that we have. Instead he’s telling everybody what a great country China is, that China has the fastest computer in the world. That should be for the president of China to talk about, not President Obama.

“Unless we get tough, and smart, and unless we stop having dinners for people that are destroying us, like when the president of China came two weeks ago to this country and we gave him a great state dinner, we’re going to have big problems.”

Trump has a surprising response to speculation that the turmoil in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East could push oil prices to as high as $200 a barrel.

“It also could go the other way. Frankly, the Middle East is a tinderbox. It’s going to explode. OPEC will probably be destroyed if it explodes, and oil prices could go the other way.

“I understand economics. You break up what would normally be an illegal monopoly, OPEC, and break it up very strongly. The Middle East is exploding, and I’m saying that could have a positive impact on oil prices.

“If you look at oil right now, it’s soon going to be $100 a barrel. Far too high. It’s set by OPEC. I think OPEC would explode with the Middle East and that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

Trump has especially harsh words for OPEC and its grip on oil prices.

“I think it’s unfair. I think it’s illegal,” he declares. “If you have a store and I have a store and we collude and set prices, we go to jail.

“Here you have 12 men, in this case all men, they sit around a table and they set the price of oil.

“We have so much oil. There’s so much oil out at sea. I see $3.50 for a gallon of gas. Cars are lined up trying to get it, and at $3.50. It’s a shame. It’s a ridiculous shame.

“Plus we don’t use our natural gas. We have more natural gas than anybody. Why we not using it is an amazing thing.

“Abu Dhabi, which has plenty of oil, just went to all natural gas for transportation because they want to sell us the oil at exorbitant prices. When you tell me about Obama and what he’s doing in the Middle East, I don’t think he’s doing anything in the Middle East.”

Trump warns of the dangers to the United States posed by OPEC and high oil prices.

“We have to do something about OPEC because that’s the life blood of the country. Right now, until we get on natural gas and other things, they really have us, and they’re sitting around inflating the price.

“When we had our problem not so long ago, a few years ago, oil was almost $150 a barrel. They’re blaming the banks, and the banks were terrible, and lots of other things were terrible, but I give a lot of the credit for the almost collapse of this country to the price of oil. It’s going to be up there again very soon and you’re going to have another catastrophic problem.

“By the way, any time a country comes up with oil they invite them in. Join OPEC. The United States is stupid, the people who represent the United States are really stupid, so join us and we’ll take advantage of the United States, sell them oil at inflated prices. They’re draining our life blood. We cannot allow that to continue. What kind of power do we have over OPEC? They wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for us.”

Asked where he thinks the price of oil is headed, Trump responds: “I think it could go, with proper leadership, down to $40 a barrel. I think if we continue the way it is, it’s going to go up to $150 a barrel.”

Turning to Afghanistan and the timeline President Obama has proposed for withdrawal of American troops, Trump tells Newsmax: “We should be out of there as soon as possible. At the same time, when Obama announced that he’s going to be out at a certain date, these militants are just sitting back saying, ‘He gave us a specific date. This is fantastic. We’ll just sit back and then we’ll take it over the minute they leave.’

“So for him to give a date was a very dangerous, stupid, and foolish thing to do.”

Trump tells the truth. Obama is doing dangerous, stupid, and foolish things every day that he's not on vacation.

There is ample evidence that the #1 prob with the economy is billions upon billions being thrown out of our economy by fools and crybabies. Hillary just fatuously delivered half a billion American taxpayer bucks to Mexico. Egypt is getting huge bucks etc.
Read more of this brilliant 100% cultural warfare!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Democrat uses classic islamofascist tactics of third world demagogues to hate monger America to incense third world vulnerables to violence

Democrat Rep slanders America to the Arab world

Democratic representative Jim Moran of Virginia went the Arab television network Alhurra and blamed his party's November election losses on racism.

I offer representative Moran's statement that "a lot of people in this country ... don't want to be governed by an African-American" as proof that liberal politicians have lost the policy argument.

Liberals have a curious habit of smearing their opponents when reality doesn't support their position. The more facts don't jibe with their position the stronger the calls are of racism or hate speech. This tactic has been used from Tea Party to Sarah Palin and has been around since Reagan tried to get Bork onto the Supreme Court.

read more about how "liberals" use classic fascist techniques to enrage and control third world vulnerables who need to face up to their self created problems, instead of allowing demagogues to shift blame onto America and/or Israel

The best thing that could possibly happen to the world of islam is to face up to it's truth

Read what happens to those who tell the truth about islam

The truth about islam is not hate speech

The truth about islam is not racism

The truth about islam is not islamophobia

Islam must face it's truth

Islam must stop the lies and the liars

Truth sets people free

Lies enslave both the liar and the lied about

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why is the islamist world exploding? Because Obama says and does nothing?

Evidentally ever more muslims are leaving darkness, death and hatred behind, and finding the power of light and love

read moreabout the horrors of being a Christian in Iran, more and more muslims are seeing the light of love and forgiveness rather than the bloodsoaked darkness of lies, hatred, grievance, and revenge....

Even as Iranian Christians face intensified persecution, arrest and potential execution, an increasing number of Iranians are turning to Christianity and other religions...........In a series of government raids, Grassroots Christian groups and organizations have been targeted for posing a threat to the government, which suspects these groups of attempting to convert Muslims and spreading Western influence.

The roundups have been specifically targeted toward Christian converts, one of Iran’s three major Christian communities, consisting of the Armenian Christians who migrated to Iranian Azerbaijan in the 11th century, Assyrian Christians who have lived in Iran since the time of the Assyrian Empire, and a large and growing web of Christian Converts who have left Islam and have converted to various sects of Christianity.......

The mullahs of madness and hatred and lies and darkness realize in their hearts that their days are numbered. Their pagan belief system is an empty house of bloodsoaked cards that will tumble down around their ears if only the tin eared fools in the West would pass strict bloodless cultural warfare laws and stop all immigration so that the monsters are forced to face up to their truth.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The stunning similarities between radical islam and the radical left

The radical left and radical islam use the same fascist tactics, they prey upon a societies vulnerables by stirring up old hatreds and grievances, they both use historical revisionism to a point of outright lying, and have the same objectives: annhilation of civilization with hatred and responsiblity abdication via blame shifting of self created problems onto others

Is the "liberal" media using the exact same tactics as Radical Islam?

The Menace of Radical Islam and the Radical Left

“We knew that once there was no moral confusion…once good and evil were kept separate, the Soviet Union’s days were numbered.”
Natan Sharansky

In the above illuminating quote, former Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky reveals the satisfaction, triumph and elation he felt as a prisoner in the notorious Soviet Gulag after he learned President Ronald Reagan had called the now defunct Soviet Union “an evil empire.” He and other incarcerated dissidents, he relates, were “ecstatic” when Reagan dispelled with his unqualified statement, once and for all, the “moral confusion” existing between freedom and democracy on the one hand and “the most fearsome totalitarian empire in human history” on the other.

It is this dispelling of moral confusion that also emerges as the outstanding characteristic and purpose of Jamie Glazov’s new, captivating and very informative book, Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror, in which the Sharansky quote appears. In 29 highly interesting interviews with prominent writers and thinkers, Showdown With Evil deals smashing blows to civilization’s implacable enemies: Islamic extremism and its radical leftist ally, the book’s main targets. Divided into eight parts, the last entry being an interview with Glazov himself, Showdown With Evil’s bare-knuckle, head-on approach to the weighty problem of liberal democracies’ maintaining their freedom in the face of these dangers is both refreshing and one of the book’s high values.

This twin menace, radical Islam and the radical left, provided Glazov’s work with its title. As the book’s interviewees make abundantly clear, Islamic extremism and the radical left are both evil and tyrannical. And while the “terror” in the subtitle concerns radical Islam, after reading the book one would agree Glazov could easily have added the word “treason” for the hard left. And it is between the book’s covers that the hard-hitting and merciless showdown with the evil they represent takes place.

read about the stunning similarities

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All over the world, including America, people are being murdered, threatened, intimidated, lawsuited to ruination, for telling the truth about islam.

Lars Hedegaard, a Danish critic of Islam, is on trial in Denmark for remarks he made regarding dysfunctions and abuse within Islamic family culture. Under Denmark's law 266b dealing with alleged hate speech, defendants are not allowed to prove the truth of their comments and all that is needed for conviction is whether any one person feels offended.

Read his final words about the legal terror tactics against all who tell the truth about islam....

Time to stop the lies and the liars

It's time that islam faces it's awful truth

Predicted here months and years ago: Obama will make up some whining, sniveling, total responsibility abdicating excuse of victimhood for not running in 2012

Arizona to pass POTUS eligibility requirements including legal BC

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Detroit turned into a third world hellhole after decades of totalitarian fascist responsibility abdicating policies of the democrat party

The abyss formerly known as Detroit a few winters ago
The ruination brought onto Detroit by the responsibility abdicators, the passive aggressives of the politics of victimhood, otherwise known as the democrat party.

It's too bad that Stalin was mean to some Chechnyans but it's no excuse to turn vulnerables into war criminals 70 years later

'Terrorist Attack' at Moscow Airport Leaves 35 Dead

Once again, the old bulls of polygamy dredge up one sided historical grievances to brainwash throwaways with long dead grievances, hate mongering, blame shifting, and the absolute and total responsibility abdication of the passive aggressive politics of victimhood. Vacant eyed sexwiththedead crazed sociopaths commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, along with the ever so convenient suicide.

The professional liars and lunatics of islam are busy busy bringing the same grievance driven atrocities to America, the Philippines, helpless black Africa, native America, black America, Haiti, and all over the non muslim world. It's not about "elshapeepee" or "elshapoopoo" or Alquada, or Hamass, or any of the other phony titles of Sharia law islam. It's about islam itself. A false, plagarized from the Jews belief system, that has been mass massacring for 1400 years.

Throwing Israel to the slavering beasts of islam will only accelerate the carefully crafted stealth genocide of the non muslim world.

Every ethnic group has grievances, some legitimate, some manufactured with one sided half truths.

There are two sides to every grievance.

Did the descendants of my religious prisoner ancestor who was hauled in chains from Edinburgh Scotland to America in 1680 sit around and whine and hate monger and blame the old world elites? No, they got busy making a life for themselves and, in the greatest of all religious traditions, forgave and forgot and moved on to a glorious future. The descendants of my religious prisoner ancestor were busy contributing to the greatness of America.

Why are so many muslim countries at the top of the failed list of third world hellholes? Polygamy, Sharia law supremacism that preaches lying to all non muslims, endless passive aggressive victimhood, total responsibility abdication, and the necessary need for polygamous societies to rid themselves of unwanted young bulls. Why young women are murdered for marrying non muslims and young muslim males expelled to the West to wreak havoc with their diabolically crafted dysfunctional belief system.
It's time for islam to face it's truth and stop the lies and stop the grievance driven crimes against humanity.

It's time for islam to face it's truth and stop the immature passive aggressive politics of victimhood and assume adult responsibility.

It's time for all muslims to take responsibility for all crimes against humanity preached worldwide by the crafty old bulls of polygamy.
If Republicans think that they swept elections with a mandate to repeal Obamacare they are in for a rude awakening. IMO they swept elections with a mandate to stand up to Sharia law, and stand up to the brutal belief system that has obviously bought and paid for the democrat party.

The entire left seems committed to giving political power to muslims before the muslim world has earned it by stopping worldwide Sharia law terrorism and occupying of the lands of non muslims with lies and grievances.

Giving political power to any muslim anywhere is giving political power to terrorism and supremacist sharia law.
An argument can be made that billions of American taxpayer bucks so naively thrown at third world muslim countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq trickle down to support, enable and contribute to the crimes against humanity that murdered in Moscow yesterday. Not only do the billions of American taxpayer bucks belong in the American economy, but the taxpayer bucks are going to murder our soldiers and citizens all over the world.

Monday, January 24, 2011

If McCain or Bush refused to release their legal long form birth certificate, the entire left would go frothing crazy

Limbaugh: Obama must release birth certificate

Norway waking up to the fact that inviting muslims to their country is like inviting Ted Bundy to date your daughter in hopes of reforming him

Read about Norway waking up to the evils of Sharia law, while muslims are seeking to impose Sharia law on all of Norway.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The fascist nihilists who are flooding helpless small communities with unvetted, unassimilated third world muslims will allow islam to seize political power in America, like islam has seized political power in the UK an many parts of Europe.

Allowing islam to seize political power in America is nihilistic insanity.

Islam destroys wherever it seizes political power.

Watch the horrifying video of UK schoolgirl threatened with rape daily by predatory muslims. Why do the nihilistic Brits do nothing? Because their nihilistic "leaders" have allowed muslims to seize political power in the UK. Once islam seizes political power, the destruction, intimidation, whining, responsibility abdicating and the eventual genocide of the non muslim culture begins.

Britain's helpless little girls are being threatened with rape on a daily basis. Are these out of control muslim males the result of a polygamous culture where the filthy old bulls must continually rid themselves of unwanted young bulls? What are the UK "leaders" doing about this? There was a terrifying gang rape by young muslim "youth" in Minesota recently. Why is there a total media blackout? Are the unwanted, excess young bulls of islam flooding the West with ragingly angry, dysfunctional, sexual degenerates?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New York Times takes money from violent video game maker. While whining blaming vilifying Sarah Palin with classic fascist techniques

Does anyone have guesses on how predatory makers of violent video games vote?

Does anyone have guesses on how predatory porn shop owners vote?

Does anyone have guesses on how predatory owners of prostitution "ranches" in Nevada vote?

New York Times Takes Money From Violent Video Game Maker, Puts Bullet-Riddled Ad On Op-Ed Page

There I was this morning at the New York Times online op-ed page, the scene of so much self-righteous hand-wringing in recent weeks over the violence in our culture and rhetoric. I was deciding whether to subject myself first to Gail Collins or Charles Blow, when my eye was drawn to the ad you see here for something called "Project Blackout." A busty babe wields an assault rifle the Times surely wouldn't want in private hands. And look: the ad is peppered by bullet holes.

Click through to learn more about the violent video game, and you'll see the image of a man . . . in a crosshairs.

Note also the legend under the ad image that appeared on the op-ed page "Advertise on".

So the Times points a finger at our culture with one hand, takes bucks from the purveyors of violent video games with the other. Got it.

Read more:

If the reps don't take charge of this critical assault on our job market, they are in big trouble

America's medical services are swamped with people who can't pay.
America's social services are going bankrupt with huge payments to immigrants
America's job market is falling apart

Over a Million Immigrants Landed Jobs in 2008-10

Over the past two years, as U.S. unemployment remained near double-digit levels and the economy shed jobs in the wake of the financial crisis, over a million foreign-born arrivals to America found work, many illegally.

Those are among the findings of a review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data conducted exclusively for Reuters by researchers at the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston.

Read more about an absolutely critical problem for our economy, our economy is doomed if immigration isn't halted until all citizens have jobs

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why is intellectually dishonest hatred endemic not only to muslims but to the "liberal" left

Why is hatred and hate mongering always coupled with lies and liars?

Why is hatred and hate mongering with lies and liars essential to both islam and liberalism?

Why is the hate so attractive to the young and vulnerable?

Why Hatred is Endemic to the Left

My favorite sign at Tea Party gatherings reads something like “It Doesn’t Matter What This Sign Says, You’ll Still Say It’s Racist.” Well, it doesn’t matter what Jared Loughner’s motives were, the Democrats will still blame it on a “climate of hate” supposedly created by the Right.


But a quote more important to understanding the utter shamelessness of the Democrats in using what they saw as a wonderful opportunity to silence dissent comes from arguably the most beloved and influential Modern Liberal (read: radical leftist) of all, Howard Zinn, who declared that “Objectivity is undesirable.” Zinn declared the facts to be “undesirable” because “if you have any kind of a social aim, if you think history should serve society in some way; should serve the progress of the human race; should serve justice in some way, then it requires that you make your selection on the basis of what you think will advance causes of humanity.”

Those who seek to inflame hatred for the Right don’t care one whit about the facts – they find the facts to be undesirable because they get in their way of their “social aim.”

Thus, it doesn’t matter what the Tea Party attendee’s sign reads, the Democrats will still say it’s “racist” because their “social aim” requires them to fire up hatred for those who question their policies.

Hatred is the goal of Modern Liberalism because hate will blind their followers to the objective fact that the “social aim” of the Modern Liberal – the dominant force in today’s Democrat Party and the ideology that rules academia and the news media, is infantile folly.

read more about this perceptive article, why intellectually dishonest hate mongering always needs to be supported by lies and liars.

One sided historical revisionism and ancestral hate mongering, coupled with blame shifting and total responsibility abdication always need to be supported by a web of escalating lies and liars. One lie begets the need for more lies. On and on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for all immigrants and all immigrant children to take cultural sensitivity training.

...................Somali gang in MinneapolisEvery single one of these "youths" must receive intensive cultural sensitivity training.

Any and all who participate in any gang activity must spend intensive cultural sensitivity training

Time for all these "boys" to receive intense cultural sensitivity training regarding personal responsibility vs. always blaming others for your self created problems, respect for other religions, respect for all females.....

It's time for all religious "leaders" to preach and use some personal responsibility

Perhaps it's time for all religious leaders to go back to the basics of preaching spirituality and get the @#$%^ out of politics.
Are tax exempt religious "charities" using donated, tax exempt bucks to flood communities with immigrants who have enormous chaotic social problems?

Are tax exempt religious "charities" using donated, tax exempt bucks to flood communities with immigrants when our citizens have no jobs?

I can personally verify that our medical facilities are flooded with illegal and legal immigrants who are totally unable to pay.

Our medical services, our social services, our communities and states are in danger of bankruptcy?

Read how our communities are in danger of going bankrupt:

Why are our communities going bankrupt?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who is bringing unvetted, unassimilated Somalis to Minnesota? Nihilistic liberal charities?

Who is bringing unvetted, assimilated Somali muslims to Minnesota? Bankrupting our communities? What kind of nihilistic liberal fools are gushing double talk?

I have a second hand report that a local news show spoke of Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and another out of control "charity" are busy busy using donated taxpayer free money to flood formerly peaceful neighborhoods with Somali "refugees" and other troubled, easily manipulated immigrants.

Do nihilistic Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and other out of control "charities" realize they are cementing political power in America for those who seek to destroy them?

Giving political power in America to troubled, easily manipulated, third world immigrants is exactly what "AlQaida" and the other "extremists" are trying to get. Britain has turned over political power to the monsters who believe they must destroy Britain under the guise of Sharia law.

Do nihilistic Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and other out of control "charities" realize they are encouraging and enabling "extremism" and "terrorism" brought by a political ideology that wreaks havoc and destruction wherever it seizes power?

Do nihilistic Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and other out of control "charities" realize they are giving political power to those who are fanatically dedicated to genociding Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, throughout the world???

Do the nihilistic "Christians" realize that by giving political power to muslims, they are giving safe haven to the likes of AlQaeda, Hamas, Al shabbib, and all the other shape shifting genocidal terrorists out there, much like Cambodia was used as a safe haven to murder our soldiers in Vietnam (i.e., Kennedy's War)

Do the nihilistic "Christians" realize that they are enabling the cold blooded murder of possibly millions? Once islam seizes political power in America, they know that no one else anywhere will have the guts to stand up to them.

Are the nihilistic "Christians" using tax free money to give political power to those who rationalize murdering Americans in cold blood? Do the nihilists realize they are enabling the Sharia law power structure of "extremism" that depends on expansion into enemy territory (i.e., America)? The troubled minorities are kept so busy with their obsessive/compulsive defecation rituals, their wiping with bare hands fecal rituals, their urination rituals, that they are in a state of permanent vacant eyed trance.

All you researchers out there get busy

Perhaps it's time to cut out all donations to all Catholic and Lutheran nihilists.

A ban on Sharia law would save millions of muslim women from unspeakable atrocities

Read how the EDL, an organization dedicated to saving civilization from the barbarism of Sharia law, is on the receiving end of the blood-libel left and the blood-libel muslims in an insane spiral of vilification

The EDL, the English Defense League, picked possibly the most clueless, idiotic, worst possible cultural warfare name they could possibly pick, throwing raw meat to the slavering hyenas, a name that smacks of European elitism.

Sharia law is used daily to beat, rape, castrate, blind with acid, torture to death with stoning, murder and brutalize muslim women all over the world of islam and all over the civilized world as well.

Sharia law is the law of 9/11. Sharia law is the law of the 1993 World Trade Center attack. Sharia law is the law of 7/7, the Mumbai massacre, and countless war crime atrocities. The "leaders" of islam are busy busy rationalizing ever escalating war crimes as we speak, using the pseudo religious language of Sharia law to justify satanic evil.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Non muslim requests volume of banshee loudspeakers turned down, gets intimidation, threats, legal threats.....time for bloodless cultural warfare laws

Mosque gets apology from lawyer

KUALA LUMPUR: A lawyer, who last month sent a letter of complaint to the prime minister’s office and requested that the volume of the azan at a mosque in his Pantai Dalam residential area be lowered, has apologised for his action.

Ng Kiam Nam tendered yesterday an apology for sending the letter, which was also forwarded to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais), and admitted his lack of knowledge in the religion.

“I am sincerely sorry for the excessive move. As a non-Muslim, I admit that I could not differentiate between azan and subuh religious talk (kuliyyah subuh),” he told a press conference at the Lembah Pantai Umno division office.....

Read more: Mosque gets apology from lawyer

Bloodless cultural warfare opportunity: outlaw all loudspeakers that broadcast over any and all residential neighborhoods. No exceptions.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Powerful bloodless cultural warfare from Mark Levin

Mark Levin Threatens to Sue Chris Matthews, Others

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said he would file a lawsuit against anyone in the media who tries to link him to the shootings in Arizona, as Chris Matthews did earlier in the week.

On MSNBC’s “Hardball” Tuesday night, Matthews essentially blamed Levin and talk radio host Michael Savage for creating a climate of hate that led to the Tucson shootings that killed six and injured 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

On Wednesday, Levin — an attorney — told his listeners: “I’m waiting for an allegation that is very specific against me because I’m going to sue. I don’t care if they’re bloggers, I don’t care if they’re television hosts, I don’t care if they’re radio hosts. I’m going to drag your a** into federal court. Oh, you’ll have due process. It’ll all be nice and legal. I’m going to personally depose you. I’m going to drag you in front of a jury, and I’m going to get your assets.

read more about fighting back against the intellectually dishonest, journalistically dishonest, glorify evil, vilify good, blood-libel of the "liberal" liars on the "left"

Is the liberal fascist left blood-libeling America to further their own political agenda? Has the liberal fascist left perfected the blood-libel techniques, using them not only against Israel, but against conservative America, America's glorious history, and just about anyone who stands up against them with the truth? Frightening parallels with the blood-libel liars of islam, who are busy 24/7 inciting their throwaways to unspeakable war crimes.

Is the liberal fascist left preying on minorities, vulnerables, illegals, and using blood/libeling hate mongering, blame shifting lies to incite them to violence? Rather than promoting responsibility and truth?

More to come, I'm getting up a head of steam............

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Palin death threats spark outrage!

Bloodless cultural warfare badly needed.

The media is spewing violence 24/7. And the blood libel media has the gall to blood libel Sarah?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The blood libel blame game partners with total responsibility abdication to destroy good and promote evil.

Blame Sarah Palin, blame pot, blame Rush Limbaugh, blame poverty, blame America, blame Israel, the blood libel blame game partnered with total responsibility abdication, is escalating out of control

Video games for small children are violent and sadistic

Palestinian children watch blood libel supremacist racist videos that glorify suicide, genocide and brute violence.

The media glorifies the brute violence of organized crime with cutsey mini series and arrogant violent films.

The demagogue in Venezuela blood libels America for his own failures and political gain.

The bloodlust supremacist demagogue in Iran blood libels America and/or Israel to further his own racist supremacist political agenda.

The sadosexual bloodlust, blood libel agenda of the professional liars of worldwide Sharia law islam bring unspeakable racism, violence, intimidation, hatred and murder wherever they gain political power. They turn formerly peaceful countries into chaotic failed state hellholes, using idiotic phony quasi-religious justification of war crimes. Always preying upon the most vulnerable to use for their murderous rampages, the Phillipines and Haiti are next on their blood libel agenda.

Are we going to wait until Haiti is sending out sado sexual zombie butchers to commit war crimes throughout the Caribbean??? And blood/libel blame it all on America and the Jews??? Is Haiti going to be turned into a Halal butcher shop where Christians and non muslims are tortured to death like animals?

Are we going to wait until the Phillipines is turned into a Halal butcher shop that butchers Christians and non muslims like they are animals to be tortured to death???

Hey, guys, it's responsibility time.

Note: Is Mexico blood libeling America, thus creating ever increasing violence and one sided historical revisionist arrogance?

Palin is gearing up for her first extended interview since the weekend’s shooting. On Monday, she’ll sit down with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity – a wise choice for Palin given she is herself a Fox contributor.

Perfect opportunity for Sarah to go after the out of control bloodlust violence and mayhem on the media, hard core porn available everywhere, violent predatory games for children....the list goes on and on.........

Sarah Palin's "blood libel" claim is absolutely brilliant cultural warfare.

Sarah Palin's "blood libel" claim is absolutely brilliant bloodless cultural warfare. And I predict that putting "blood libel" into the lexicon is going to have far more far reaching effects than most of the big thinkers out there realize. The abomination of "blood libel" is being used by racist demagogues to whip up naive sheeple into hate crazed nihilistic terrorist rages. Once people realize that the "blood libel" is 100 percent racist lies and racist liars, the dominos will start to fall in the other direction.

Note: All the pro Israel supporters would do well to keep "blood libel" in the media forfront by continually using the term when racist muslims are libeling Jews with intellectually dishonest vilification. It is a term that most ordinary people don't have any knowledge of. It's time to make it a commonly used term. Will save millions of lives bloodlessly.

Lexicon adjustment: Are "progressives" really nihilistic "regressives" who want to turn America into a third world hellhole?

Detroit a few winters ago, after decades of democratic totalitarian rule, has been turned into a third world hellhole of hatred and fascism.

Lexicon adjustment: Are "progressives" really nihilistic "regressives" who want to turn America and Western civilization into third world hellholes?

Third world hellhole where demagogues rule with hatred and fear?

Third world hellhole where demagogues control the internet? Where totalitarian nihilists use the internet to intimidate, threaten, and ultimately destroy all who dare speak up against them?

Nihilists who want to give political power to those who will use political power to silence and destroy all who dare stand up to them?

read great article about "regressives" regressing America back to third world tribal warfare barbarism...

Four years of a Democratically-controlled Congress, coupled with two years of the Obama administration, gave the American progressive movement more power than it had ever achieved before. Not Democrats, progressives. Democrats have had control of the White House and substantial majorities in both houses of Congress prior to 2008, but never with a party comprised of people tilted so far to the progressive side of the ledger. Thinking they had achieved what political strategist James Carville referred to as the beginning of a “40 year ascendancy,” they began implementing their agenda with little regard for public concern. On November 2nd, a concerned public thoroughly rejected them.

So what do far-left ideologues do when they have recently endured a clear-cut rejection of their ideology? Apparently a good number of them take to the airwaves and tell the American public–with smug certainty, no less–what motivates a madman. Facts, as demonstrated by progressives who have sought to tie the tragedy in Arizona to anything and everything conservative absent a shred of evidence, do not matter. Alleged shooter Jared Loughner has become the “vehicle du jour” for a progressive movement in utter denial of reality.

These are the exact same tactics as muslims use the world over to destroy all who dare criticize them. These are the tactics that Palestinians use to libel and terrorize Israel with the demonic lies and one sided twisted revisionism of "blood libel".

These are the tactics of terrorism.

These are the tactics of soulless nihilists who care about nothing but seizing power.

Terrorism comes with many faces, and the terrorists who control the media are just as dangerous as the troubled vulnerables the world over who are turned into nihilistic madmen by the soulless madmen liars of the most violent belief system the world has ever seen.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The democrat party is using the same cowardly, intellectually dishonest tactics of victimhood as the Palestinians use to falsely vilify Israel.

Read how
the democrat party is using the same intellectually dishonest tactics of victimhood to vilify conservatives as the Palestinians use to falsely vilify Israel.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Democrats want to give jobs to illegals and trillion dollar benefits while our citizens have no jobs and communities are going bankrupt.

To House GOP, Illegal Immigration Is Jobs more...

The survival of America is tied to the jobs issue, and how the democrats are consistently undermining the maintenance of jobs for all Americans.

The democrats are as good as muslims in using phony half truths to undermine America.

Monday, January 10, 2011

"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."

- Ronald Reagan
Brainwashing tiny children to pray to commit suicide and murder and insane racist hatred of Jews is the ultimate proof that islam is not a the satanic video

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Re: AZ shooter: Are liberals using exact same classic fascist blame shifting, revisionist techniques as Palestinians use to blame Israelis

The passive agressive liberal cabal whines and blame shifts, totally abdicating responsibility, and avoiding any interest in the truth: that the AZ shooter was described as an extreme liberal by those who knew him

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was Jewish, a supporter of Israel, and the passive aggressive left has been blame shifting responsibility for worldwide islamofascist butcher terrorism onto Israel in typical fascist fashion.

Is the cowardly, phony, intellectually dishonest, anti israel rhetoric from the left to blame for the culture of violence?

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Nancy Pelosi takes a page out of the Sharia law playbook of muslims blaming jews, and blames the dem loss on Bush!

Watch video of Nancy Pelosi whining, sniveling, totally abdicating responsibility, and blaming the dem loss on Bush!

Why are long time dem areas turning into third world hellholes?

Do the dems seize power, exactly like muslims, by hate mongering America, blaming America, and totally abdicating responsibility

Friday, January 07, 2011

Are the Sharia law "leaders" of islam sending out brainwashed thug murderers to murder all muslim moderates?

Glorified murderer of a moderate muslim who dared to speak out?Is the muslim world becoming more and more violent? Because of the Sharia law that justifies and glorifies murder, rape and genocide of all non muslims?

Who Are the Real Hijackers of Islam?

Maybe the hijackers are the peaceful ones.

For years, we’ve heard how the peaceful religion of Islam has been hijacked by extremists.

What if it’s the other way around? Worse, what if the peaceful hijackers are losing their bid to take over the religion?

That certainly seems to be the case in Pakistan.

Salman Taseer, a popular Pakistani governor, was assassinated this week because he was critical of Pakistan’s blasphemy law.

Specifically, Taseer was supportive of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who has been sentenced to death for “insulting Muhammad.”

Bibi had offered some fellow farm laborers some water. They refused to drink it because Christian hands purportedly make water unclean. An argument followed. She defended her faith, which they took as synonymous with attacking theirs. Later, she says, a mob of her accusers raped her.

Naturally, a Pakistani judge sentenced her to hang for blasphemy.

And Governor Taseer, who bravely visited her and sympathized with her plight, had 40 bullets pumped into him by one of his own bodyguards.

Read more about the glorification of the first degree murderer of a moderate...

What leaders are behind this sex crazed orgy of hatred and murder?

Is this more Sharia law madness and mayhem?

More proof that Sharia law must be banned in the civilized world

Time to reclaim the glorious true history of the Republican from the liars and usurpers

Read Michael Zack's great cultural warfare defense of the glorious history of the republican party.

Lincoln-Reagan Day speaker

Michael Zak has given speeches to conservative organizations in thirty states. His message of opportunity is that Republicans would benefit tremendously from appreciating the heritage of our Grand Old Party.

Among his speech topics are:

Reconciling the Tea Party and the GOP
Barack Obama, the Worst President Ever
Socialism, the new Slavery
Appreciating the Heritage of our Grand Old Party
Returning to the Founding Principles of the United States
The Women's Rights Achievements of our Grand Old Party
Abraham Lincoln, Republican
Frederick Douglass, Republican
Martin Luther King and the Republican Civil Rights Legacy

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sharia law turning troubled Black Africans into terrorized monsters. Why Sharia law brings hatred and terrorism wherever it is in power.

Vicious muslim sharia law sadists cut off limbs of a 19 year old! In an act of unspeakable horror. Locals forced to watch act of demon possessed madmen.

Al-shabab fighters amputate limbs of 19 years old Mogadishu

BAIDOA –Al-shabab fighters controlling Baidoa, a stronghold of Islamist militias in southern Somalia have forcibly amputated limbs of 19 years man in the town of Bay region on Tuesday as he was charged for banditry.

Residents told all voices office in the Somali capital Mogadishu that a court belonging Al-shabab had publicly cut off hand and leg of the young man in the town adding that they were ordered to come together for watching how they carried out the sentence there.

Read more about the predatory horrors of Sharia law that spread unspeakable evil wherever it is in power

Smirking muslim child carrying amputated limbs.
The last thing troubled vulnerables in Africa need such predatory barbarism

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sharia law muslims chopping off limbs according to the dictates of Sharia law. More proof that Sharia law must be banned

Read about the horrors that Sharia law brings wherever muslims are in power. Read about the brutality that Sharia law inflicts on troubled minorities and helpless vulnerables the world over. Sharia law preys on troubled minorities the world over, turning troubled minorities into vacant eyed war criminals to do the dirty work of political islam.

The liars of Sharia law hide behind manipulative, diabolically crafted pseudo religious double talk to justify first degree murder, lying, gang rape, genocide and suicideforsex.

Sharia law is man made political law for money and political gain, and has nothing to do with true religion and spirituality.

Taliban cut off man's hand for theft

The Taliban chopped off a man's hand after he was found guilty of theft by a 'Shariah' or Islamic court set up by them in the restive Orakzai tribal region of northwest Pakistan, a day after beheading a fellow militant who was accused of spying for the government. Abdul Khaliq's hand was cut off by members of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan at Qureshan Chowk in Mamozai area of Orakzai tribal agency.

The act was witnessed by local residents, the Dawn newspaper reported today, adding that Khaliq was found guilty of theft by the Taliban.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

More proof that the sharia law burka must be banned in all schools, govt buildings, the workplace, public transportation, and street demonstrations

Read how muslim girl wants to be a normal Aussie teenager, her thug muslim father threatens to kill her.

All muslim girls must grow up free of the burka and free of the thug culture of Sharia law that brutalizes and destroys wherever it goes.

More proof that the burka must be banned in all schools.

The cultural power of a burka ban is underestimated by the appeasers and enablers and glorifiers of third world thug cultures in the West.

Monday, January 03, 2011

This is not about "al-Shabaab", this is about Sharia Law war criminal muslims brutalizing women. More proof that Sharia Law must be banned

Sharia law islam is preying upon troubled black Africa, hiding behind and using one sided historical grievances, turning vulnerables into raging suicidal, hate crazed, sex crazed Sharia Law war criminals who murder rape and genocide all who get in their way.

Using lies of sado sexual imagery to promote and rationalize gang rape, along with mind numbing defecation and urination rituals, has nothing to do with true religion.

Sharia law is political terrorism, and has nothing whatsoever to do with true religion in any way shape or form

Who are the "leaders" who are turning vulnerables into raging war criminals? Who is behind the "leaders"? Who is funding the "leaders" in their rampage of hatred and death? The "leaders" are war criminals who hide behind and use religious double talk to rationalize their evil acts.

Sharia law promotes war crimes of terrorism

Al-Shabaab imposes strict orders on Somali women

Somalian militant group al-Shabaab, which has links to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror movement, has imposed strict new orders on refugee women currently living in the Afgoye corridor.

Somalian militant group al-Shabaab, which has links to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror movement, has imposed strict new orders on refugee women currently living in the Afgoye corridor. A female refugee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told a local radio station that women were ordered to wear full-length body coverings even when they are in the privacy of their own homes, adding that any one seen violating the edict would be punished.

Early Sunday morning, pick-up trucks mounted with loudspeakers could be seen in the villages KM 13, Siinka Dheer, Elasha, Lafole and Arbska where thousands of displaced Somali civilians have taken refuge. Residents expressed a deep concern about the new rule that also forces women to stay home unless escorted by an adult male (Muhrem).

Al-Shabaab intends to impose a strict version of Sharia Islamic law throughout war-devastated Somalia. The group routinely carries out abductions and violently punishes people for all types of crimes.

Read more

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Professional muslim liar lies and blames muslim war crime on the Jews! All muslims are responsible to stop lying about muslim war crimes

More proof that islam is nothing but lies and liars:

Read about outright lies by one of islam's professional liars:

Lebanese Sheikh on Alexandria Bombing: "This Terrorist Act Bears the Mark of Zionism"

The Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shi'ite Council in Lebanon, Sheikh 'Abd-al-Amir Qablan, denounced the bombing which occurred in front of Saints' Church in Alexandria, in northern Egypt, and which led to the death of 21 people.

Qablan said in a statement: "This terrorist act bears the mark of Zionism, which is accustomed to destroying religious holy places, and is in the interest of Zionism, which seeks to sow fitna, and foment sectarian and ideological differences."

The truth matters.

The truth and only the truth sets people free

Lies enslave and destroy. The lies and professional liars of islam are 100% responsible for "extremism" and "terrorism".

Saturday, January 01, 2011

More proof that the burka is a critical building block of sharia law muslim terrorism.


The rector of the Cairo University, Hossan Kamel, has been fired and sentenced to three months in prison for having stopped a teacher wearing a burqa from entering the campus, according to sources within the judiciary.

Banning the burka is a critical step in moderating sharia law terrorism.

There are tiny girls on the streets of America that are bagged from head to toe in the burka.

Ban the burka and any and all religious headdress of males as well as females in all govt offices, schools, the workplace and all public transportation and all street demonstrations. (including the menacing "prayers" of hatred and death in streets of America)

Every single female in the West must be freed from being forced into wearing this menacing monstrosity

The best thing that could possibly happen to moderate muslims is a ban on the burka, any and all moderate muslims should welcome a ban.

Happy 2011 New Year. The murder cult of hatred is already murdering, whining, and blaming their murders on lies of phony one sided grievances

The clueless jackasses of the left are busy busy blaming America with lies and liars in a seething frenzy of absolute responsibility abdication

Hey, Reps, you're in a cultural war with the party of the KKK. The party of the KKK has never ceased it's voter fraud, gang warfare, and general all around cheating and lying. It's time for the party of the KKK to clean up it's act and be held accountable instead of endlessly shifting blame with historical revisionism.

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