Monday, July 25, 2011

Sharia law is the law of terrorism. Terrorism will never cease until sharia law is banned worldwide

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Socialism, like Islam, is a horrible ideology hiding behind phony doubletalk of victimhood and hatred and false blame and false equivilence

Grand Old Partisan
celebrating the heritage of the Republican Party

The stinging defeat of Jane Corwin last month could well prove to be a small price to pay for victories nationwide in 2012. Will the GOP adjust its strategy in light of the election result in NY-26?

What is the best lesson from history about learning from the special election?

During the Second World War, the allies faced the immense challenge of saving Europe from national socialism. How to prevail against such a strong, experienced, well-entrenched foe? The troops hitting the beach on D-Day achieved victory, to a great extent, because of lessons learned from a small-scale invasion of northern France two years before, at Dieppe.

Of the disastrous raid, a future Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower, observed: "We learned a number of lessons that we later applied to our advantage." Army units must be well-trained. Fire support must be overwhelming. Air attacks must be relentless. Naval forces must be well-organized. Innovative weapons and tactics had to be developed. And, all resources had to work in close cooperation.

The allies knew they had to seize and hold the initiative, learning the lesson the hard way at Anzio. There, overly-cautious commanders allowed the enemy to throw them on the defensive...............

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