Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is "multiculturalism" just another word for "tribalism"? The powerful preying upon the fears of the tribe?

Playing one closed, rigid, violent tribe off against another closed, rigid, violent tribe....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why is Mexico, a wealthy country with lots of natural resources, escalating in terrorism? Out of control immigration destabilizes their society

It's not about money, folks, or the lack thereof.

The middle class is fleeing and destabilizing society, giving the bad guys more and more power.

Stop all immigration and Mexico will be forced to deal with their problems and solve them.

Mexico is stuck in a teenage gang tribal mentality, where their vulnerables are brainwashed with hatred and blame of the USA, and terrorism thrives.

It's not about the throwaway foot soldiers of the tribal mentality, it's the tribal warlords who sit in safety and splendor while the stupes and dupes blow their own brains out along with the brains of non tribals.

What is fueling the immature terrorist tribal mentality of grievance and revenge, moral depravity, where the powerful prey upon the vulnerable, using the vulnerable to do it's dirty work, allowing the powerful to sit in safety and splendor?

Time to grow up, Mexico, stop blaming others for your self created problems, and take responsibility, both individually and collectively.

Sure, the drug problem is part of it, but what underlies the mentality that encourages and rationalizes criminal behavior?

Take away the drugs and the immature tribal warlord mentality remains. Prey on the vulnerable, destroy those who aren't in the tribe..........

The entire third world is held hostage by the immature tribal warlord mentality that blames others for self created problems, uses one sided historical revisionism to enrage their footsoldiers, cares about no one but themselves, takes no responsibility for anything, hangs onto long dead grievances, whines and snivels and lies.........

Gunmen dump 35 bodies on busy street in Mexico
Motorists watch as corpses are left near a shopping mall

Police and members of a forensic team stand around bodies on a motorway in Boca del Rio, on the outskirts of Veracruz Sept. 20. The bodies of 35 people with suspected links to organized crime were found in two abandoned trucks on a highway underpass Tuesday, the local prosecutor said.

MEXICO CITY — Masked gunmen blocked traffic on a busy avenue in a Gulf of Mexico coastal city Tuesday and dumped the bodies of 35 slaying victims as horrified motorists watched, authorities said.

Veracruz state Attorney General Reynaldo Escobar Perez said the bodies were left piled in two trucks and on the ground of an underpass near a shopping mall in the city of Boca del Rio.

Police had identified seven of the victims so far and all had criminal records for murder, drug dealing, kidnapping and extorsion and were linked to organized crime, Escobar said. He didn't say to what group the victims belonged to.

The Gulf and Zetas drug cartels have been locked in a bloody war for control in Veracruz state over the last year.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where are the orphans of Haiti? Are they being turned into hate crazed assassins?

Does the evil legacy of the historical muslim assassins live on in the world of islam?

Are the same tactics of abducting children and turning them into psychotic murderers of their relatives live on today?

Anal raping of tiny boys turns them into enraged, easily controlled adults?

Plus rigid mind control rituals

Plus keeping them functionally illiterate and brainwashed with hatred and blame?

The orphans of Haiti are crying out to Black America, the only ones on the face of the earth with the power to save them.

Wake up, Black America.

The ancestors of those who sold your ancestors into slavery are still plundering the world

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